If I Were a Doctor Essay in English

If I Were a Doctor Essay in English, My mother is a doctor and every year she visits rural areas to offer healthcare to people living there. When I was ten years old my mother took me along with her to a village. There I saw people suffering from different types of health conditions. For one month my mother was there to educate people about cleanliness and to provide them with medical care. My visit to that village was an eye-opener for me.

I saw thousands of people suffering. In that village people used to village small clinics to seek medical help. There was just one doctor and a couple of nurses for thousands of people. The village does not even have proper management. Sick was lying on the ground outside that clinic open in the sun. There were also children who needed help. 

That sight was heartbreaking and it put a huge impact on my little mind.  I have all the memories fresh now in my mind. I know my country is advancing. I know the government is doing so much for the people living in villages but being a citizen of India I also want to help my fellow citizen. That day I decided that I am going to become a doctor like myself and I am going to open a proper hospital in the areas where it is required the most.

if i were a doctor essay in english
if i were a doctor essay in english

If I Were a Doctor Essay in English

Essay on If I Were a Doctor

I don’t want to be a doctor because my mother is in the profession. I want to take the doctor’s pledge because there are many areas in India where people have nil hospital facilities. People are uneducated and they live a very simple life. They don’t know anything about good nutritious food or the importance of hygiene in life.

There are many areas in our country that need desperate help. There is no other profession than a doctor in today’s world where people are dying from a disease that can be easily cured. The problem is they are not getting timely help. There are many villages in India where there are no roads or medical help is miles away.

Many women in India die while giving birth to a child because of the lack of medical facilities and doctors in that area. This is a serious issue because every life is important. In 2022 when people are living lavish lives in urban areas people in rural areas are dying in their dwellings.

Being a doctor is a very Nobel profession and doctors are no less than god. We need more doctors in villages than in cities.  In cities, we have hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinics. There is a clinic on every street. Is this fair to other people?

I Am a Doctor Essay

If I were a doctor I would have the power to raise this question and ask for help from the government and fellow citizens. There are many nonprofit organizations working for people in villages but this is not enough. We need more doctors and medical practitioners in these areas. I would have done everything in my power to provide help to these people.  No one should die this way and I would have been able to save many lives.

What can be more beautiful than saving lives and giving good news to their relatives that their beloved is going to live? Many mothers in villages lose their lives due to a lack of medical treatment. Many infants lose their mothers while giving birth to them which is heart-wrenching. They don’t have enough time to reach hospitals or clinics which are miles away from their villages. They have traditional methods to ease their pain but they are also dangerous. These people have no other way to get medical assistance. 

If I were a doctor I would have never stopped helping people. I know the job of a doctor is not easy especially when they are working in rural areas. I have seen my mother working day and night for people and I am proud of her. People in the villages used to touch her feet for saving them from the pain and discomfort they were facing from illness. They used to bless her for her deeds. This is very beautiful for a child to see for their parents. 

Everything I have seen and felt inspires me to become a doctor. From that experience, I always think if I were a doctor I would have done more and more. I don’t wish to stop no matter what happens. In villages, people live simply.

They don’t have money to seek medical help from big hospital facilities. This is also one reason many people die due to sickness. If I were a doctor I would have opened charities and created a huge network of volunteers so that altogether we can provide help to these people. 

Not only villages but also in metro cities like Maharashtra has huge slum area. People there are facing the same issues. They live in unhygienic conditions. They die due to malaria, dengue, and illness that can be treated if they would have help from people who are a fortunate.

The problem with humanity is that it is selfish.  No one cares for other life. We need to change this.  I would have created awareness about good health and hygienic conditions. People listen to those who offer help and this is how we can help the world.

Hospitals are corrupt these days. They are making money from dead bodies. They handle you with hefty bills for even regular treatments. I would have done the opposite to it. My hospital is going to be just for the deprived and poor. I know that there are huge responsibilities on the shoulders of a doctor.

They have to go through a huge amount of stress dealing with sick and angry relatives. According to me, every pain is worth it when there is another life at stake in front of you. If I were a doctor I would have helped as many people as I could and one day I am going to fulfill my goals.

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