Kargil Vijay Diwas Essay in English

Kargil Vijay Diwas Essay in English, India is a country that has confronted many challenges and the beauty of our country is we have beaten each of them. First, we dragged the British army out of the country after struggling for 200 years, and then we had to face the pain of partition. Since then Pakistan is our biggest enemy. War is always on the verge of our boundaries and our brave soldiers are always ready to fight them back.

Kargil Diwas is a day every Indian celebrate on 26th July. This day is dedicated to the Kargil war martyrs. In 1999 when the Pakistan army infiltrated our borders in Kargil a war was initiated between the Indian army and Pakistani troops.

Hundreds of brave soldiers lost their lives that day to keep the Pakistani troops out of our borders. It was a very difficult time for all but we have never lost a war against Pakistan. Every Indian stood together and this was the time when a perfect example of patriotism was seen.

kargil vijay diwas essay in english
kargil vijay diwas essay in english

Kargil Vijay Diwas Essay in English

Essay on Kargil Vijay Diwas

Kashmir is the crown of India. This region is less than heaven. It has beautiful mountains and landscapes that can take our breath away. Some of the highest peaks are present in Kashmir. This beautiful land is also the most unfortunate part of India. It has never seen the sunshine of freedom. The beautiful green land is drowning in the blood of Indians and our brave soldiers. 

A major part of Kashmir is with Pakistan and this is the pain of every Indian. There is a constant fight between the two countries India and Pakistan. Kashmir is beautiful but it is also a battleground.  Sounds of guns and military operations quos can be heard from miles away coming from the mountains.

The dispute between the countries started with Kargil war 1947-1948 and this was the time when a line of control was established to protect our boundaries from the enemies. LOC is still standing that divides Kashmir between our nation and the enemy nation Pakistan. At the time of partition, both countries were burning in hatred. Lakh of Hindus and Muslims turned against each other.

An agreement was made in the year 1972 which is known as Simla agreement. This agreement stated that both countries would not contest the borders by initiating any military operations.  After this agreement came into play both countries agreed and started protecting their borders heavily.

Essay on Kargil Vijay Diwas in English

Till now we are protecting our borders and our brave soldiers are standing at LOC day and night to protect our land.  In the cold winter months both the armies abandon their posts and return back to protect the borders in the spring, but this scenario is changed because Pakistan is a country India can never trust.

The proof was that in the winter of 1998-1999 Pakistan attacked LOC and crossed it and stepped into the portion that falls under the Indian Territory. They gradually entered and also captured our outpost and held their position in Kargil. At the same time as the winter invasion, the Lahore declaration was signed between the two nations which was totally based on peace.

It seemed like nothing can stop Pakistan and when they respected nothing the Kargil war took place between India and Pakistan. All this resulted in a brutal battle between the countries. It was a challenge for our Indian army because this fight was to be fought in the mountain terrains which is very difficult.

There is no shelter for the Indian army but we know our soldiers very well. No challenge stopped them to get their land back and fight Pakistani troops.  Many soldiers died in the Kargil war and the Indian army successfully dragged Pakistani troops out of the line of control.

Both countries faced heavy causalities. The sacrifice of Indian soldiers never go in vain and Kargil war martyrs are the ones who protected our lands by giving their precious life.  Every Indian knows the story of the Kargil war. We have pain in our hearts and huge respect for each and every soldier who died in the Kargil war.

The Kargil war was a very sensitive time. There was huge nervousness and tension everywhere. No one was afraid but we had a feeling of pride. It was the time when every Indian showed unity and was ready to fight back along with Indian soldiers. It was a huge opportunity to connect with every Indian. There was no religion, color, caste, or language that was standing between the Indians. Kargil war is the biggest war between India and Pakistan and we won.

Documents reveal that there was a complete involvement of Pakistan in this war. Pakistan did everything to prove us wrong but it is impossible to prove a lie as a truth. Pakistan had a strategic advantage at the time of the Kargil war because they were safe in the mountains. Our brave heroes managed to recover many Indian troops. 

It was a long battle of eleven hours. On 4th July Indian soldiers captured tiger hill and after that recovered Dras. It was a major breakthrough for the Indian army on 5th July Pakistan announced the withdrawal of their soldiers. The success of Indian soldiers in the Kargil war was called operation Vijay.

On 14th July A. b. Vajpayee announced the victory of the Indian army. Every Pakistan infiltrator was dragged out of our holy lands and on 26th July Kargil war came to an end. India got its victor but unfortunately, we lost 527 Indian army tigers in the war, and 1363 soldiers were wounded badly in the war.  India can never neglect the sacrifice of our Indian soldiers and we are grateful for their sacrifice to date.

Kargil Diwas is a day when we remember all the soldiers who died in the war. On this day many cultural and social events are conducted. Shradhanjli is paid to the soldiers we lost in the war. On this day patriotism and pride come to life. 

“Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure” – Captain Vikram Batra.

Jai Hind!

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