Gudi Padwa Essay in English

Gudi Padwa Essay in English, Gudipadva is one of the popular festivals of India celebrated in the state of Maharashtra. Gudipadva is the new year of the Marathi people. Not only Maharashtrians but Gudipadva is celebrated everywhere in India and this is the beauty of our country. We like to participate in every festival no matter whether it is celebrated in our state or any other. India is a place where anyone can meet diversity.

India is a beautiful and unique place that can be experienced through its festivals. The southern states especially Maharashtra start their new year on Gudipadva. Padwa is a word that originated from a Sanskrit word that means the day after the moon. 

The actual meaning of Gudipadva is Chaitra Shukla pratipada. The mainstream of Gudipadva is a Shivaji Maharaj who symbolizes the winning Vijay dhwaj. This day signifies harvest in the nation. At this season the Rabi crops harvest is complete.

gudi padwa essay in english
gudi padwa essay in english

Gudi Padwa Essay in English

10 Lines on Gudi Padwa in English

It is a significant festival in Maharashtra because on this day New Year starts. On this day people get ready wearing traditional clothes and celebrate this day like it is in tradition for years.  It is also a special day for farmers. People also like to invest in property, buy new vehicles or start a new business. Farmers plow their fields on this day wishing that they will have healthy and quality crops.

Farmers expect good production of crops and people wish for success and happiness in their lives. It is a colorful festival like any other festival in India. People decorate their houses, exchange gifts and blessings, and make their bond stronger. It is a festival of joy and blessings. Every little thing in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm and Gudipadva is a festival of delights.

Gudipadva falls in the Chaitra month and marks the New Year. The significance of twigs of mango leaves, Neem leaves, and sugar is kept along with flowers on their doors. Leaves represent immortality. A water pot is also kept which signifies purity and completeness. On this day people wear clothes of different colors.

The colors are saffron which represents the sun. The turban of males is saffron. Red color clothing signifies Sato guna. Women wear green saree which signifies Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma in the Hindu religion is the one who created the earth. There is also red flowers decoration that represents dedication against the elements which are negative.

Gudi Padwa Festival Essay in English

Marathi people make Gudi at home. Gudi is made using a bamboo stick and placed at home. The bamboo stick is thatched to a green and yellow color that has a golden border at the end of the bamboo stick. The complete process of making Gudipadva resolves around it. 

A cloth of red or green color along with Neem or mango leaves is attached to a garland of beautiful flowers. Sugar crystals are also placed at the top of the stick. This Gudi is placed at the entrance on the right side of the main door. Gudi is a banner of Lord Brahma. Gudi is worshiped to take blessings from Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

There are stories behind this holy festival celebrated in India. It is believed that Lord Brahma himself created planet earth on this day. Another story states that Gudi prepared on this day as a symbol of victory. 

Lord Rama’s victory over Ravan and Rama returned to Ayodhya after a 14-year exile. The people see Gudi as a symbol of the victory of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Gudi signifies the end of evil and it is placed at the entrance to welcome fortune and prosperity into the house.

On this day we see Gudi hanged in every house of Marathi people. People make preparations the day before Gudipadva. They clean their house and prepare Gudi the day before.  At the arrival of Gudipadva people do some deep cleaning. In villages, people plaster their houses with cow dung which is sacred in the Hindu dharma. 

Rangoli is common to see at the entrance of the earth. This sight makes the surroundings colorful and beautiful. The colors represent the spring season. This is the season when old leaves shed and new leaves take their place. Spring is the season of prosperity and new birth. Everyone shop for new clothes and wear them on this day to get ready for the Gudipadva celebrations.

On this day people make shrikhand at home or buy from sweet shops. Shrikhand and puri is the traditional meal of this day. Every home prepares this traditional meal and enjoys it with their family and friends.

A variety of Kheer is made from jaggery, flour, coconut milk, and potato. The festival begins by eating Neem leaves which are bitter in taste. To make it sweet tamarind and jaggery is mixed with the Neem leaves. This gives a bittersweet taste. This paste strengthens the immune system by which several diseases can be prevented.

Gudipadva is also celebrated in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as their New Year celebration. Gudipadva is known by different names according to the state. Ugadi is another name for the Gudipadva festival. Gudi is the flag of victory. It is a local holiday on this day and celebrations can be seen all over India. It is a significant festival in India and every citizen celebrates it with great enthusiasm. This day is very auspicious in the Hindu religion.

This day is also special because weddings, Naam Karan, and many other auspicious works are completed on this day. It is an auspicious time for Hindus and they like to buy new things on this day. People also shop for household items on the same day. Traditional meals are prepared, and people perform traditional dances and enjoy this festival.

Gudipadva is celebrated on a huge scale in southern countries, especially in Maharashtra. Gudi is a beautiful festival of prosperity. I am lucky to be part of this beautiful country where every state has its own festivals.  People forget all their differences in religion and come together to celebrate festivals. Our festivals bring us together and this is the beauty of our nation.

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