My Village Essay in English for Class 10

My Village Essay in English for Class 10 On the earth, I think The Village is the perfect place, where we can live. India is full of villages. There are about 600 thousand villages in our country. So now we can say that Most of the population of our country lives in villages. The village gives us lots of importance to our life. Through this, I will share details about my village and try to express how much I love my village, as they are a perfect place to live peacefully without any Traffic, noise, and pollution.

The name of my village is Vijaypur. Vijaypur is a small village located in Uttarpradesh state of India. Vijaypur village is 30kms far from the city. Vijaypur is small But a very beautiful Vijaypur village that contains about 200-220 families.

my village essay in english for class 10
my village essay in english for class 10

My Village Essay in English for Class 10

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Most of the people living in Vijaypur are poor and they make their earnings by working in the fields, working in shops, or working as day labor in any Mills. We are a family of 5 members, who live in Vijaypur village.

My father works as a construction laborer and my mother is a housewife. I am very sure that you will like the environment here in Vijaypur village. There is a pond near our village. The pond is very beautiful. While I was a small child, I use to go to the pond regularly to Play on the banks, bathe there and catch fish.

At this age also, I go to the pond with my friends and do all the activities I used to do there before. All the people In the Vijaypur village, from all religions, live here together. There is Unity in Diversity in Vijaypur village.

Most of the people in Vijaypur village are peace-loving, but many among them are illiterate. Though being illiterate, The People of Vijaypur village are well aware of education and the importance of studying. The children are sent to schools for a better future. This is a very important thing about the mindset of the people of Vijaypur village.

Here in Vijaypur village, Most of the children go to school for basic education. We have 3 schools. All the education provided by 3 schools in Vijaypur village is totally free of cost, which will make less burdens to parents from the poor background. The quality of education in the schools is very nice and good quality.

All children go to school regularly. There are several schemes are provided to the children from the government, which will attract many children to go to the schools. Midday meals are given in the schools which are provided by the Akshay Patra Foundation.

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Vijaypur village has a small market. From other villages, People gather here to sell and buy different varieties of fruits, vegetables, cereals, crops, and many more. Because I like the market and I often go to my market with my grandmother. I eat sweets from the market which are very tasty.

During the festival, we all celebrate together, perform poojas and distribute sweets to each other. We pray before God for a good and healthy life for our families and fellow village people. There will be a fair organized in our village. I go to the fair along with my friends. I play on giant wheels, rope jumping, eat lots of sweets and buy toys.

As Vijaypur Village is a great place to live, we have many advantages in our Vijaypur village. First is, you find very fresh air, which is important for a person to live. The second is the environment. You will find the environment very pretty and livable here. Here you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere village.

There are no factories near the village; hence there is no pollution of any kind. The most important part is food. As you can get the vegetables directly from fields, The Food will be very tasty, healthy, and fresh to eat. People here are very friendly. I spend my time with friends, with whom I play all types of traditional games, which you will never find in the cities.

As Government has planned better schemes in Vijaypur village, it is now possible to get all the facilities like better electricity, better roads, Internet connectivity, and Shopping malls. I hope every Village in our country should be like My Vijaypur village.

In a nutshell, My Vijaypur village is a great place to live in. My family and my entire friend lives here and take care of each other every time. We don’t feel lonely here. I feel very comfortable with other villagers in my villages as they are welcoming.

The life of the village gives us a lot of appreciation and peace of mind. Hopefully, I am going to spend the rest of my life in this village. I am lucky that I have a good experience living in my village.

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