My Vote My Right Essay in English

My Vote My Right Essay in English, All democratic nations have come up with the concept of voting. The reason is that most of the things are decided and selected through elections. When it comes to the selection of political parties, it is through the voting system that they get elected. Different mayors, judges, governors, and presidents are all chosen by the public via the voting system. Sometimes, they are decided by elected officials.

my vote my right essay in english
my vote my right essay in english

My Vote My Right Essay in English

Essay on Voting

The concept of My Vote My Right should be understood by every person living in a democratic nation. He or she must this power to select the right candidate for the development and betterment of their nation. I personally believe that voting plays an important role in a democratic country like India. Everyone should vote as all people have different opinions.

And if we talk about Indian democracy, we are given the right to select the right candidate who can preside over the office. It means that the country has given us a chance to reveal our opinion in front of others. In this political world, the decision of the public is the first and final decision in selecting the right person for a party.

It states that we are completely free to select any person, whom we consider better and suitable for a party. The whole motive of democracy is to be capable of having a say in the political scenario. And this is why it is important for us to use our right to vote so that our voices can be heard. We should participate in the voting process.

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Paragraph on Election

We need to understand the concept of ‘My Vote My Right.’ It is not just our right, but even it is our duty as well. By using the right to vote in a democratic country, we will be going to prove our responsibilities as citizens of the country. In order to ensure we citizens take good care of our country, we should make use of our right to vote.

Many times, most people take too much time to believe that a single vote would not make much of a difference. But it is not the reality that people should understand very soon. This is why we should not misuse our right to vote. In India, a person can vote if he or she is above 18 years.

When there are elections in a particular assembly, people are allowed to vote because the decision of people matters a lot as it is our country, we need to run it and our decision is of greater importance.

Our choice of voting can have extreme effects on the people from different parts of the world who mostly do not possess the right to vote. It is important to understand that there are many lawmakers in different nations, who are responsible for many laws, policies, and infrastructure of the country in the upcoming years as they do not give their people the right to choose.

But in our country, India, we are given the privilege to select the leaders of the political parties or the right candidate who will be going to contribute to the development and enhancement of the nation. It is all done through the process of voting.

There are many things happening in the country when people want to raise their voices and want to make changes to the laws, but they are not capable because they are not given the right. This is how the concept of voting comes into effect. In India, the right to vote is assigned to us as we are people of a democratic country.

Essay on Right to Vote

My Vote My Right is one of the most important pillars of democracy. This is the main reason why a person should use his or her right to vote if they are 18 years or above and want to contribute to the country. There is not a specific reason we should consider while considering My Vote My Right. It is the compulsive duty of a person in a democratic nation. To fulfill our duty to vote must come from within.

The concept of voting is related to the process, in which individuals can express their political opinion. The citizens of democratic nations express their political views by selecting the desired political leader. It is important to know that the political leader they are going to select, will have a big influence on the way the country will run currently, as well as in the future.

This is why it would be important for us to know that we must pick up the right leader in a time when the political behavior and climate are changing in a constant manner. We should prove ourselves as responsible citizens of the country by casting our votes. While voting, a person should not feel pressurized at all to select a particular leader. It is his or her own will to select any leader whom he or she considers the right person.

When elections are conducted, it is important to have suffrage, meaning the right to vote in elections. In India, there is a My Vote My Right concept that we can use. In India, the age for voting is achievable only at the age of 18. Similarly, most countries all over the world where people have the right to vote have almost the same voting age limit.

To select an ideal leader, the process of voting is followed right from scratch to end. There are many steps involved in the process of voting handled by the government.

In the end, I can say that My Vote My Right is a vital thing to understand. Most people still are not aware of their right to vote in many undeveloped areas of the country. To awake them, there must be awareness programs to be conducted at different places so that they can realize the concept and come up with the decision to use their power to vote. So, My Vote My Right must be understood and used by every citizen of the country.

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