Van Mahotsav Essay in English

Van Mahotsav Essay in English, Our earth is known as the blue planet because 70% of the planet contains water, and rest we have forests and deserts. If we eliminate forests earth will still be beautiful but it will be hard for us humans and animals to survive. Though oceans produce the maximum oxygen we produce but with plants and trees, the earth is going to be dull and boring. 

Plants and trees make our earth heavenly and they are also important for the life form on earth. Except for humans, every life form like animals and birds lives on trees. Trees are very important for our survival whether it’s humans or animals. Humans not only take oxygen from plantations but every little thing like papers and medication comes from plants. Nature has blessed us with everything. 

In the ancient period, there used to be no hospitals or huge buildings. Humans used to take everything from plants. They used to make shelter in trees, used to make clothing out of leaves, used to treat their illness from herbs that grow in forests. We can live without modern life but the human species will not survive without forests. The problem today is that humans are taking forests for granted. We don’t have any respect for nature. We are hungry for luxury and we are blindly cutting trees.

van mahotsav essay in english
van mahotsav essay in english

Van Mahotsav Essay in English

Short Essay on Van Mahotsav in English

Forests are vanishing and concrete jungles are taking their place.  We are the ones responsible for pollution causing forest fires. Forest fires are so dangerous that it can burn huge areas in just minutes.  Animals living there are burning alive and we humans are responsible for this.  Very few realize the importance of forests and this is why Van Mahotsav is being celebrated so that more and more people can be made aware of the importance of planting trees.

Van Mahotsav started in 1950 with the objective of planting more and more trees and saving our precious forests. It takes minutes to destroy forests but when we plant a tree it takes years to grow and give us what we want. This is why it is the right time to plant trees so that our upcoming generation can to enjoy the blessings of forests.

Van Mahotsav is an important day and a day that reminds us about the importance of planting trees. Humans are definitely not that conscious and they hardly bother about what is going around.  We don’t know how much bad impact we put every day on nature. Van Mahotsav is just one day to create awareness and it is very little for the damage we are creating.

Van Mahotsav is celebrated in the month of July and schools, nonprofit organizations and even politicians plant trees on this day. The best thing about this day is that the majority of the organizations come forward and plant trees. A Crore of tress is planted on this day to celebrate this beautiful festival. There is no history behind it or any special story. It is just a little step to pay back mother earth. 

We are cutting thousands of trees every day to make furniture, buildings, and items that are of no use. Instead, we must concentrate on planting more and more trees if we wish to have pleasant life on earth. If the forest will vanish it will take other life forms along with it. God has blessed us with many wonderful things but humans have taken it for granted. If deforestation will go at this speed soon we will lose our precious planet.

Our upcoming generation will not know what green earth looks like. It will only be in the pictures. Humans will still manage to survive but the life without greenery will be depressing. Thousands of species that live in jungles will be extinct. Even today because jungles are being cut down animals are forced to come in the territories of humans.

We are the culprits and it is the right time to realize what is going wrong. Van Mahotsav is a reminder not only to plant more tress but also to save with what is left.  Cutting trees must be totally banned but it is hard for humans who are so desperate for advancement.

Article on Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav was an initiation taken by KM Munshi who was the agriculture and food minister. The idea behind it was to remind common people about the significance of jungles and to inspire them to plant more trees. Van Mahotsav is a festival of trees and in 1947 it was started by our great leader Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Earth has many rare plants which would have been extinct if this initiation was not taken.

On this day rare species of plants are arranged so that people can plant them. Forest departments along with locals plant trees and take pledges to conserve plantations in the areas. Planting trees is important for humans and other life. If there will be no trees soil will be eroded and there will be a threat of floods. One severe flood can take millions of lives and destroy the area completely.

It takes years to settle everything down so before anything happens like that we must celebrate Van Mahotsav every day and at least plant one day in a week or a month. If everyone will start planting a tree it will be a blessing for the next generation. We would be able to give a legacy of green to the generations ahead.  Planting more trees will also reduce global warming and will give us fresh air to breathe.

The clear message to people through this essay is that no one should wait for Van Mahotsav and celebrate it every day. There is no excuse to plant a tree it is our responsibility. Planting trees can save the humanity as well as other life we share our beautiful planet with.

Trees give us food, medication or anything we need to survive and the most important is the fresh air to breathe. Plant a tree and help the environment become better. Every day must be a Van Mahotsav so that we never lose the glory of our mother planet.

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