National Voters Day Essay in English

National Voters Day Essay in English, People in India celebrate different national holidays because of some festivals, or other special days designed by the government of the country. One of the special days in the history of India is National Voters Day. There is a special meaning and significance behind every day celebrated in India. National Voters Day is celebrated on 25 January to mark the establishment of the Election Commission of India.

There are many reasons to celebrate this day, but the primary purpose of National Voters Day is to motivate the population of India to vote.

national voters day essay in english
national voters day essay in english

National Voters Day Essay in English

Essay on National Voters Day

This is how the enrolment of voters can be maximized with the help of National Voters Day. This is why National Voters Day plays a vital role in Indian history. Voting is the right of people in India as we are living in a democratic country. Voting acts as the central pillar of any functioning democracy and our democratic country gives this right to every citizen of India.

There is the main condition to vote, which is none other than age limitation. A voter must be 18 years or above only then he or she will be entitled to vote in our country.

In India, people tend to vote once every 5 years so that they can elect representatives to the state, local, and national legislative bodies. Voting is one of the extremely important exercises to be followed because people in India have direct control or the right to choose the right people and elect them to the positions of governance.

National Voters Day is Celebrated On

national voters day essay in english

National Voters Day has been begun on 25 January 2011. Since then, this day has been celebrated every year. This day is celebrated on 25 January with the aim to encourage the youth and even adults to take participation in the electoral procedure.

Importance of the National Voters Day

Why it is important to focus on National Voters Day every year? There is a particular reason behind it. This day is celebrated on 25 January with the aim to encourage the youth and even adults to take participation in the electoral procedure.

National Voters Day is not only important for the electoral process, but even it also lets us remember that it is our basic right to vote and we should not misuse or waste this right and give the power of the country to incompetent hands. When we choose the right candidate after voting, we feel safe that our country is in safe hands.

Only the right and competent candidate will think about the development, growth, and peace of our country. This is the main reason why National Voters Day is being decided to celebrate. On this special day of National Voters Day, people use it to send quotes or themes to their loved ones. They can also put slogans as their status on smartphones.

Essay on Voters Day

National Voters Day has been begun on 25 January 2011. Since then, this day has been celebrated every year. In the meeting of the Union Cabinet, chaired by Sr. Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, approved the proposal by the law ministry and the National Voters Day has come into effect.

On this day, rallies on the government campus were taking place. When the new voters were observed, who have achieved the age of 18 years, they were showing less interest in enrolling in the electoral rolls. At that time, the level of enrolment was as low as 20-25 percent in some cases.

The government wanted to deal with this problem, but how? The Election Commission has taken a decision to take up a vigorous plan to detect all eligible voters who are at the age of 18 years as of January 1 every year in 8.5 lakh polling stations in different parts of the country.

Such qualified voters would get enrolled on time and hand over their EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card) on January 25 every year. With this initiative made by the government, it is anticipated to provide the youth with a sense of pride, and empowerment, and motivate them to plan their franchise.

The best part is that the new voters would be given a badge with its logo such as ‘Proud to be a voter – Ready to Vote.’ This is how National Voters Day has begun to boost the number of voters in the whole country. And this initiative has helped the government to a great extent.

Celebrations on the National Voters Day

When this day comes every year, there is a celebration in different parts of the country. People love to celebrate National Voters Day in different ways. Some set some particular themes, in which they deliver speeches and competitions are to be held. The winners of these competitions are given some prizes or rewards.

With this, people not only get encouraged to participate in the electoral process but even, they pay attention to their basic rights. One of the basic rights of Indian citizens is the Right to Vote. This year, we have celebrated the 10th National Voters Day.

Every year, this day is celebrated in New Delhi in the existence of the Hon’ble President of India. The president of India is the chief guest of this celebration. There are different activities to be done when it comes to celebrating National Voters Day.

The celebration begins with a welcoming speech. After that, a number of cultural events are being organized like plays, folk dance, drawing competitions on many different themes, music, and many others.

Final verdict 

The main objective of National Voters Day is to make people aware of their basic rights. Some people who are over the legal age of voting in our country do not know their voting rights in the right way. The reason behind it is the lack of education. This is why National Voters Day has been celebrated for many years with the motive to spread awareness among people.

After getting the right education on voting rights, people can choose a representative from a political party of their own choice, who can meet their needs and assist in the development of a specific area. In the end, it can be said that National Voters Day comes with huge importance every year. We should respect it and obey the motive behind this day.

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