My Sister Essay in English 10 Lines

My Sister Essay in English, My Sister name is Ishna and she is elder than me. We are two siblings and we both are females. My parents are very happy to have us, especially my father. He always wanted to have girls but my mother wanted to have one boy child. When I came both my father and elder sister were very happy, especially my sister. My mother tells me stories about how exciting insane was when I was on the way. She used to put her ears upon my mother’s belly to hear me.

My mother used to say that your little baby sister is responding. We had a very beautiful bond since the time I was not even born. When I came to this world my big sister was the happiest person on the planet. She was running around telling everyone that I am a big sister now. She used to help my mother take care of me when I was an infant. 

She used to volunteer for everything even to change my diapers. Having a big sister is no less than a blessing. Yes, we fight with each other but very soon we both get back to normal because we can’t live without each other.

my sister essay in english
my sister essay in english

My Sister Essay in English

Essay on Sister

My sister shares everything with me like her treats, toys, books and even her secrets. My sister is six years older than me and I love her with all my heart. Sometimes she gets bossy but it is okay with me I love her. I taunt her for being bossy and we have great time together. My sister never leaves me alone. 

When she go out for a girls night with her friends that is the time when I have to beg her to take me along. When she is in the best sister mood she agrees otherwise I am left out but I am okay with it because I understand that she also needs privacy. She taunts me that I am being clingy but compromise with me all the time.

My sister is my biggest inspiration. She is very good in her studies in fact she is monitor of her class and favorite of our teachers. We both used to go to same school but now she is in college. It was tough for me to lose her friendship and support but she says whether or not in her presence she is always there for me. 

Essay on My Elder Sister in English

She is world to me because my parents are always busy as they have to take care of our expenses. They are working hard to give us a great life. In their absence my sister takes everything in her own hand and takes care of me. She is also a very good cook. We both are foodie and my sister prepares me great meals.

I love her baking and I always prefer that she bakes. Every weekend she asks me what I want and she grant me with my wish. She prepares meals I don’t even know about thanks to YouTube.  She is a very skilled chef.  She also loves to dance and paint.  She is very spiritual and I have learned meditation and yoga from her. Everything about my sister is very special.

My friends also have sisters but they are so involved in their life that they ignore their younger siblings. My sister is different. She never ignores me. She always picks up my calls and help me even she is busy with her work.

Essay on My Sister in English

My sister is my mother and a dear friend. Whenever I am in trouble I seek help from my sister and she is always there. How many sisters in today’s world are like her, I guess very few. My sister is very much mature than her age. I get to learn so much from her and I never want to lose her side.  She is very special to me and I am special to her.  We are very close to each other and I can’t live without her.

Sometimes she had to take a college trip which is the hardest time for me. I miss her so much and when she gets back we don’t sleep. We talk all night about her trips. Sometimes they are educational trips and sometimes they are vocational trips. She shares everything with me. It is like to live what she has experienced. All the credit goes to our bond. We have a very deep bond. We can connect telepathically. 

When I miss her she calls me at that particular moment. She makes life very easy for me.  I am a little bit naughty and I often get in trouble. My big sister always comes in my support. She always takes care of my parent’s anger when I commit something wrong.  She helps me with my homework and it gets very easy for me to understand tough concepts.

She is intelligent and a very beautiful girl. I can proudly say that she is a beauty with brains. I am the youngest member of my family and a little bit more pampered.  My sister is the one responsible to spoil me. When I want something and no one agrees my sister takes the front line and get me what I want.

Once I wanted a pet but it was very hard to convenience my mother. I was so desperate to have a pet but my mother was disagreeing and on my birthday I got a little puppy. My sister convinced my mother and I got a puppy. We named him Ragner and we both take care of him. My sister is very unique and I love her unconditionally.

I can never imagine my life without her and I always wanted her to be in my life. She has a solution for my every problem and all the love I need.  She is my support system and without her I cannot even take one step.  I pray to god everyday to bless her with all the happiness in the world.

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