Mary Kom Essay in English

Mary Kom Essay in English, Mary Kom is a proud name of India and is also no surprise for anyone in the world. Every human who is connected with sports knows about this powerful name and the person itself. Mary com is a successful boxing player from India.  Women like Mary Kom are very rare and she has excelled herself and made herself a top player in the field of women’s boxing.  Mary Kom belongs to a very simple and poor family.

No challenge was good enough for her until she proved herself. Her dedication and hard work are clearly reflected in her boxing. Mary Kom is an inspiration to all especially youth of India. All those who wish to establish their names in the field of sports must look at the success and passion of Mary Kom. She has made Indians and our nation proud.

mary kom essay in english
mary kom essay in english

Mary Kom Essay in English

Essay on Mary Kom

Full name of Mary Kom is Mangte Chungnejang Mary Kom. She was born on 1st March 1983 in Kangathei, Manipur. Mary Kom belongs to a very poor family and has gone through tough times throughout her childhood. Her parents worked in the jhum fields. Mary Kom had her school from different schools.

She failed her secondary school examinations and decided to drop out. After that, she appeared in the NIOS Imphal and attained a graduation degree from Churachandpur College. Mary Kom fined her inspiration from Digko Singh’s success in 2000 AD and she decided to land in the sport of boxing.  She first started taking her boxing training from M Narjit Singh who was the Manipur state boxing coach at Khuman Lampak Impala.

This was her beginning to be a successful boxer. She first participated in the Manipur State Boxing competition and won this championship.  In 2008 Mary participated in the Asian Boxing Championship and she was a silver medal holder in the game. Next year she took part in the Asian indoor games in Vietnam where she won a gold medal in the year 2009.  

Short Note on Mary Kom

In the year 2010, she bagged a gold medal in the Asian women’s boxing championship. She got her first gold medal in the Asian Games. She participated in the 2012 Olympic Games and won a bronze medal then later in the year 2014 Asian games. Mary Kom is also holder of the four times winner of the Asian women’s championship in the years 2003, 2005, 2010, and 2012. All these achievements did not come easy to Mary Kom.

She did lots of hard work and dedicatedly put herself into this wrecking support. This is a sport that is new to women. Boxing was always associated with men but women like Mary Kom have set an example that when women decide nothing is impossible.

Mary Kom has seen many hardships in her life but today she is proud of India. It was not an easy journey for Mary Kom. There were many challenges in her path. She also had to face much opposition because of her gender. Outcomes which favored Mary Kom who never quit in her life.

Mary Kom was alone in her fight but she never lost hope and never gave up. Mary Kom is a name that is an inspiration we have seen getting successful before our eyes. She is living proof that no matter how hard the challenges are if you are prepared nothing will be able to drag you back. Mary Kom is not only known for bagging gold and silver medals, but she has also received many honors and rewards from our government. He has received rewards like

  • Padma Bhushan
  • Padma Shri
  • Arjuna Award
  • Rajiv Ghandhi Khel Ratna
  • Sahra Khel Award  and many others

About Mary Kom in English

Mary Kom is so inspirational that there is a movie about her life and every Indian has appreciated this movie. There are many things that we children can learn from Mary Kom. Mary Kom is a married woman and also has a child. Apart from being a successful boxer, she is a responsible wife and mother.

Manipur is not an advanced city in India there is always turbulence in the atmosphere, women boxing was also facing political pressure when she was struggling for putting the pillars of her successful boxing career. There are lots of things in her autobiography that show how hardships she has to face in her life.

Mary Kom brought this port to life in a small city like Manipur. She also brought her caste to the international level. It was her dream to build a sports academy in Manipur where boxing can be taught to the willing and deserving poor candidates free of cost.

There are no such people like Mary Kom because they are rare. They come to set an example and we can learn a lot from their life and how they achieved their goals.  One thing which we can learn from her life is that we should never lose hope.  There is always a little ray even when we feel everything is gone.

Mary Kom had strong willpower and today she has achieved all her dreams.  Fighting boxing in the ring is not easy and there is a huge competition that she had to fight from all around the world.  She is a strong lady and has achieved excellence in her sport.  If we have a goal in our life we must be passionate to achieve it. 

No matter what the age of a person is if he or she is willing to face them boldly no challenge is left that hard.  Mary Kom has made our country proud. She has played in international games and bagged gold medals for India.  She has brought new hope to the life of people from Manipur.

The thoughts of people change when you get successful. Boxing is not an everyday sport and this sport itself is a huge challenge. There is lots of physical pain also associated with boxing, but nothing stopped Mary Kom and this is why every Indian is proud of her. she is an inspiration we must all follow.

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