Essay on Monkey in English

Essay on Monkey in English, I live in the Shimla capital of Himachal Pradesh and where we live with monkeys. I have grown up seeing at least twenty monkeys in a day. Here we have jungles and monkeys that even live on streets among humans.  Monkeys are very intelligent animals and we even had a monkey in our family. One monkey used to knock on our door for food. This shows how intelligent they are.

Every day they display their intelligence in my home town. They are also friendly but even very much dangerous. They can get angry anytime but are mostly calm.  We also have a jakhoo temple where monkeys search pockets of people for something to eat. They even take wallets, glasses, purses, and even watches sometimes and return them in return for something to eat. 

Essay on Monkey in English
Essay on Monkey in English

Essay on Monkey in English

Monkey Essay in English

Monkeys are only found in the Asian part of the planet and even in South Africa. There are many species of monkeys and all of them have their own unique traits and way of living. Monkeys are ancient ones and it was even believed that we got evolved through monkeys. Monkeys can live up to 15-35 years.

They are found in zoos, natural habits, towns, and villages. Today monkeys are even reaching cities as man is taking over their jungles. They have become intruders and fighting for their existence.

Monkeys can live on lands but their favorite place to live is the trees. In the jungle, you will see monkeys jumping from one tree to another. They are masters in climbing and some species of monkeys can jump very far. Monkeys make sounds when it comes to alerting their groups. They live in groups and also have families.

Few Lines About Monkey

Monkeys have very brains very similar to humans which means they can understand. They can understand the danger, pain, and behavior of humans as well. The monkey species was the first one to use tools and they can effectively understand the commands of humans. There are many Hollywood and Bollywood movies made about these intelligent animals. They are very close to life. Once monkeys used to live like humans on these planets.

They learned slowly and even history shows how valuable animals they are. Monkeys love to jump around, play and eat. They are fun-loving and also very friendly.  Monkeys come in different sizes and some species like apes are bigger and heavier than an average male or female.  Some monkeys are even the size of a rat.

Monkeys are even funny and they are very good at copying humans.  Another interesting thing about monkeys is that they have unique fingerprints as humans do. We all know their hands are like us and they also hold things as we do. 

When we give a banana to a monkey he is going to peel it first. Monkeys live in families and the female monkey takes care of her child for a very long. Monkeys like to eat fruits but in rural areas, they eat anything they find in the garbage. The IQ level of a monkey is pretty high and that is 174.

Paragraph on Monkey

Monkeys are very curious and they can also understand your emotions. They are also capable of solving puzzles. They can wear glasses on their eyes and can do many interesting tricks. Because of their intelligence, they were also popular animals in a circus. Humans and monkeys are living together for a very long time now. Because of their cuteness, many are also keeping them as their pets.

They can easily adjust to human families and listen to and love them like a child. They are sociable and they are not dangerous to humans. In our Hindu religion lord, hanuman was a monkey who was very strong and was the beloved devotee of Lord Rama.  We have many temples of lord hanuman in India where monkeys live in temples and eat what they get from visitors.

They do no harm to humans and live peacefully among humans. They are loyal and full of love. They can get angry and also fight for their territories. There are males who are the leaders of the groups. In the cities, they have to fight in competitions every day for their territory.  The passion their leadership from one generation to another and even females also lead groups of monkeys.

There are many fascinating things that scientists are still learning about monkeys.  Because of their intelligence and similar traits to humans, they also help us find new medications as they help with laboratory experiments. Monkeys have helped humans in many ways. They have established a bond with us, they have amused us, they share our towns and villages, and they have also learned the ways of humans.

About Monkey in English

There are no other animals on this earth that have such characteristics. There are many different species of monkeys like a gorilla, chimpanzees, langurs, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, tamaris, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, baboons, mandrills, drills, guenons, macaques, wooly monkeys, and capuchins. We can differentiate each of them with great ease because they are totally different from each other.

Some monkey species are very beautiful and even colorful. Baboons are the species that live in rocky areas, rainforests, and grasslands. Monkeys play and travel in the morning and they sleep on trees at the night. They live altogether and they also live in extreme winters. They have strong fur that protects them from snow cold. The majority of the species of monkeys are vegetarian and love to eat fruits, leaves, and branches of trees.

There are some species that also eat insects, eggs of birds, and other small type of animals. A female gives birth to one baby monkey and takes care of her helpless child.  Now there are many species of monkeys that are getting endangered.  Because deforestation is at its peak monkeys are not able to survive against humans.  We must protect our jungles so that we do not lose our precious animal species from which we have learned so much. We must save them.

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