Essay On Tulsi Plant in English

Essay On Tulsi Plant in English, Tulsi is a holy plant for Indians and it has many properties. Tulsi plant is known as basil plant and it has many benefits for humans. If we have tulsi in our surroundings then it makes the environment much purer breathable and also cleanses the environment. There are many therapeutic benefits of a tulsi plant and even its raw leaves are good for our health. One of the major benefits of a tulsi plant is that it gives us a stress-free life. Using tulsi daily keeps us composed and calm.

All those who wish to have a relaxed and stress-free life must use tulsi daily in their lives. In India, we worship the tulsi plant and the majority of the home has a tulsi plant in their homes. In India, we keep the tulsi plant in the front yard and pray in front of it every day.

essay on tulsi plant in english
essay on tulsi plant in english

Essay On Tulsi Plant in English

Few Lines on Tulsi Plant

Tulsi is having a holy place in our tradition and we pray to tulsi ma for better health and life. There are many illnesses and diseases which can be cured using tulsi. It also enhances immunity, has many anti-oxidant properties, relieves from cough and cold, and builds healthy respiratory health.

Tulsi is used in many rituals and cultures in India. There are three assortments of a tulsi plant which are Vana tulsi, which is found in the wild and is known as wild tulsi, Krishna tulsi which is purple in color, and Rama tulsi which is green in color and found in Indian homes.

The leaves of the tulsi plant are very small one to two inches is and the height of the plant goes up to one to three feet. In the majority of Ayurvedic medications, tulsi is a major component. It can cure fever, stomach-related issues, infections, respiratory issues, and many more on the list. Tulsi can pure the air because of its sanitizing properties.

It is a natural source of pure oxygen. It can soak all the destructive gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Tulsi gives us healthy and stress-free life and many issues can be cured by taking this nature’s gift.

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10 Lines on Tulsi Plant in English

Tulsi is rich in detoxification and can also cure skin-related issues such as acne and pimple. Tulsi has a very refreshing taste and is also used in food to enhance its taste. Not only taste is enhanced but it also makes the food much healthier.

Tulsi plant is very popular in the south Asian regions and for 5000 years or maybe more it is being used in India. In ancient times people just relied on plants and vegetation to cure illness and disease. There was no treatment, advanced medication and at that time people used to use the tulsi plant.

Is Tulsi a Medicinal Plant?

Many diseases were cured using tulsi and even wounds were also cured using these beneficial plants. Tulsi is having cell reinforcement properties and it can make our immune system stronger which protects us from bacteria and plants.

In 2022 when humans are struggling to keep their immunity stronger tulsi is a number one immunity booster with no side effects. Tulsi is having very strong rates and calming fragrance. In modern times tulsi plays as important a role as it used to do in ancient times.

Tulsi can be used daily and it is going to make the body stronger to defeat viruses and bacteria which can be life-threatening for us. Taking tulsi daily is going to help us effectively work every day. It can help us cope with anxiety issues and stress. With just one simple single plant there are many issues that can be defeated.

It can help us boost immunity, make our life healthy and happy. Tulsi is having a very good vibe and this is why in Indian homes we plant it to cleanse our home and have god in our yards. It can help us be mentally and physically fit. Tulsi can be used in a liquid form in the morning.  Adding it to tea can help cure respiratory issues.

Taking tulsi daily can provide nourishment to our vital organs. It can help in creating a normal balance between the digestion process and food particles. Humans must take benefits from the holy basil because it can be used in any form. It is just going to deliver the benefits. When selecting tulsi leaves we must look for green and vibrant color leaves.

There should be no patches and dark spots on the leaves. There should be no holes in the leaves as it is going to be the damage caused by the insects.  Today tulsi powder is the most popular form of tulsi and is easily available in the market. It can be used in a variety of recopies making food much healthier.

If one is having a cold and cough which is one major symptom of Coronavirus one must start using tulsi. There are tulsi drops available which is having different types of tulsi in them. The majority of Indian families have started using tulsi daily to shield themselves from the Coronavirus and they are also getting successful in protecting their immunity.

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The most effective way of using tulsi is using its drops in water in the morning. A few drops of tulsi in lukewarm water and taken on an empty stomach can help increase immunity. It is a natural immunity booster and there is no other effective medication compared to tulsi.

Tulsi can also protect us from different types of cancer. There are anti-oxidant powers in tulsi that can save us from cancer and also keep us young. One can also use tulsi in making kadha with ginger, pudhina, and lemongrass is the best kadha with many benefits.

When the world is fighting with Coronavirus it is important that we start taking benefits from the gifts of Mother Nature. Tulsi is a boon of nature and we must be thankful for it. there is no other plant that is so much beneficial for human life than tulsi.

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