Essay on Ugadi in English

Essay on Ugadi in English, In Babylon time the western civilization used to celebrate New Year on21st march which was 4000 years ago. In modern times New Year is celebrated on 1st January since the Julian calendar arrived. Every year we have 365 days in every year and we all celebrate New Year with huge pleasure and enthusiasm. Today western civilization is putting its huge impact all over.

Now everywhere New Year is celebrated on the first of January all around the world. The majority of the nations welcome New Year on the first of January and they start waiting and make preparations for Christmas. In India, we have New Year celebrations on different dates. We have 28 states in India and every state have different dates on which they celebrate New Year.

essay on ugadi in english
essay on ugadi in english

Essay on Ugadi in English

Essay on Ugadi Festival in English

One state of India in Andhra Pradesh and this state celebrates New Year as Ugadi. Ugadi is the auspicious day when Telugu and Andra Pradesh people celebrate New Year. It marks the beginning of the new month, Chaitra of New Year based on the Hindu calendar. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the earth on this day which means the beginning.

Ugadi is one of the most beautiful festivals which we celebrate in India and this celebration starts almost one week before. People start shopping before; they clean their house for this celebration. People buy gifts for their family members and friends. There is lots of happiness and excitement in the air when the Ugadi festival is about to reach.

This is the time of happiness and celebration. Kids are very excited at this time of the month because it is the time of new beginnings. People make lots of preparations to welcome New Year on Ugadi. They make lots of meals, buy gifts, wear new clothes and take blessings from their elders.

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Children are excited and they participate in everything from cleaning the home to making rangoli. There are many rituals that Indians follow for Ugadi. On the day people get up early, take bath, pray to god and start preparing for the festival.

On this day mantra chanting is also done because Indian festivals are all about worshipping God and celebrating their blessings. People worship the god so that they get blessings so that god showers happiness and prosperity.

Short Essay on Ugadi in English

Ugadi is not only celebrated in Andra Pradesh and Karnataka but it is also celebrated in Maharashtra as well. In Maharashtra, Ugadi is known as Gudipadava. Ugadi means new era and every year it is celebrated in the month of March and April. This is the time when spring is welcomed which means the nature is at its best.

Everywhere we see flowers blooming and everywhere we see greenery which is the spring season. This is the time when not only humans are happy but nature also seems to be very happy. The spring is the most beautiful time of the year and Ugadi falls in spring when people welcome New Year in India.

Ugadi is celebrated as a new year and this is why people expect new beginnings. It is a lucky day to fresh start everything a new life, a new phase, a new business, buying a new vehicle and house. This is the time when people make new resolutions and fresh start everything in their life. In India, Ugadi is the best day to begin something.

This is the time when we worship God to get the New Year blessings. Everyone seeks success and pray for success, happiness, and wealth from god. This is one special day for all those who celebrate Ugadi. The festival of Ugadi is all about happiness and leaving behind all the sorrows. Ugadi is the festival of a new beginning, positivity, and leaving every bad behind.

Ugadi is a very holy day for Indians when people perform various customs and rituals. This day people feel love and happiness so that they can welcome New Year and hope for the best in their lives. In every home, special meals are cooked.

One special meal which is cooked in every home this day is ugadi pachadi. This dish is a blend of all tastes and is a special meal which is necessary to cook on this day. People invite their family and friends to their home to have got together and welcome New Year. There is celebration everywhere. Every family performs puja, bow before God to bless them, and wish for prosperity on this day. 

About Ugadi Festival in English

Ugadi is a festival of many shades because not only feasts are enjoyed but kavi sammelan is also held. People showcase their talents on this day. Ugadi is a pure and beautiful festival of India. It has many colors and feelings. It brings people together. This festival is not only celebrated among families but neighbors as well.

No matter we know each other or not we welcome everyone and every good thing on this day in our lives.  People also give special meals in orphanages and old ages. Even animals on the streets are provided with food. This is the time of the year when few states of India welcome New Year. They have their customs and rituals that fill everyone with joy and happiness.

This is the festival that gives us the power to leave every bad thing behind and welcome new things ahead. It is the time of new beginnings and everyone is rejoiced to celebrate Ugadi with one another. People wait till evening when many functions are held.

People dance all evening and celebrate New Year. There are get together and even events managed on this day in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Meals are served on banana tree leaves and shared with everyone around.

It helps us overcome all the sorrow and ups and downs of life. It is time to start new things with enthusiasm. Ugadi is the day in which Indians believe to get success and invite new things in life.  It is a wonderful festival in Indian culture which is celebrated for new beginnings and hope in life.

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