Coconut Tree Essay in English

Coconut Tree Essay in English Coconut grows on one of the most beautiful trees and that is a palm tree. Palm tree grows the most versatile fruit which has many uses and benefits. Palm tree is also called “The tree of life”. Thanks to Mother Nature which has blessed us with so much on which we can flourish as a human race. You will be amazed to know that palm trees is having more than a thousand uses.

A coconut tree is also having its own history. Not many will be amazed at the coconut tree but once going through this essay they will also start appreciating this wonderful blessing of Mother Nature.

A coconut tree is available in about 80 countries, especially it is found in the tropics. 80% of the coconut production comes from Brazil, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. Coconut is a multi-purpose fruit and not only used in food, but cosmetics and medication as well.

Coconut sweets are my favorite; it is having a different and unique taste. It is a multipurpose fruit used for industrial, domestic as well as commercial purposes all over the planet.

A coconut tree is of 2 types the dwarf tree and the tall tree. The best part of the palm tree is that every bit of it can be used in some way. Here are some of its uses.

coconut tree essay in english
coconut tree essay in english

Coconut Tree Essay in English

Uses of Coconut Tree Essay

Inflorescence of coconut is utilized to make coconut tuba/toddy and coconut juice. Coconut juice can be easily fermented and then used in making alcoholic drinks. Vinegar and gin are two other products created from its inflorescence.

  • Coconut fruit is known as functional food has broad uses.
  • Coconut shell is used to make handicraft items like handbags, jewelry, etc.  It can also be used as fuel to make a fire.
  • The leaves of palm tree are used for puso and thatch . its leaves are processed to make paper pulp, hats, brooms, fans, fruit trays, lampshades, and the list is pretty long.
  • A husk of coconut is used to obtain coir which is an elastic fiber that is used to create coarse cloth, matting, and rope.
  • Roots of coconut tree are used for medicinal purposes, dyestuff, and beverages.
  • Trunk of the palm tree serves as durable wood and we can see it in several novelty items and furniture in your home.
  • Coconut Guinit and Spathe are used to make handbags, helmets, and straps.

Coconut Tree Essay 10 Lines in English

All around the world, you will see producers of coconut tree items and it holds economic importance. From toothbrushes to boats everything is made using the parts of the coconut tree. In India, we have many toys made from this amazing useful plant.

The white part of the coconut is very tasty and it can be eaten raw as well its dried form called copra is used in many things. It is rich in vitamins like vitamin A, B, B5, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

It is also high in carbohydrates and fat. All around the planet chefs use it in a variety of culinary dishes. It is also an essential part of the confectionery and desserts.

The sweet taste of coconut makes us instantly realize its flavor and its fragrance is also quite satisfactory.  It is used as the main ingredient in savory dishes and curries.

Coconut milk uses

The milk of coconut is another important part that we obtain from the coconut tree fruit. Coconut milk is extracted from the white part which is the flesh of the fruit. Coconut milk is high in saturated fat and is used in a variety of seafood dishes. 

Instead of using animal fat, many people use coconut milk, especially in Brazil. There are two types of coconut milk which are thin and thick coconut milk. In the majority of the countries, coconut milk is imported and is available in cans. 

In Southeast Asia, it is a staple ingredient and in the basic form of curries, it is a must to have ingredient. In the Solomon Islands, coconut milk is used in making homebrew which is made after fermenting it with yeast and sugar and left for 7 days. You might have heard the name Pina Colada which is a popular drink and this drink contains coconut milk for its best taste.

Few Lines About Coconut Tree

Medicinal uses of a coconut tree

As of now we know that coconut has its presence everywhere and so does it has its important role in making medicines for a variety of conditions. There are many medical benefits of coconut such as:

Eating coconut regularly can give strength to your liver
It can stabilize insulin production and blood sugar level
It can reduce inflammation and pain in a serious condition of arthritis
Eating it regularly can also prevent intestinal disorders
It can kill infections and viruses; can be used in curing the flu
Coconut oil combined with garlic and olive oil can soothe earaches
It can also protect against cancers of digestive tract, breast cancer, and even colon cancer
Coconut can also protect elderly from Alzheimer’s like medical conditions
It can provide relief from the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
It assists in stabilizing hormones in females
It can prevent vaginal dryness and hot flushes during menopause
It improves magnesium, calcium absorption
It can also promote healthy and strong bones

Paragraph on Coconut Tree

Coconut and its parts are used in a variety of medications and even home remedies as well. It will be no wonder if we say that coconut tree is a magical tree with a wide array of uses and benefits. In Indian homes, we have coconut oil and its other forms very common.

It is a part of our daily life routines. Coconut water is a delight and is loaded with proteins, antioxidants, fiber, sugar, minerals, etc. because of all these nutritional elements it is a favorite drink of athletes and sportsmen.

It gives intense energy, endurance, and hydration.  In case of diarrhea and vomiting drinking, coconut water can instantly restore electrolyte imbalances.

Doctors often advise including coconut milk, water, and copra in the diet o cope up with the health well.

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