Essay On Banyan Tree in English

Essay On Banyan Tree in English, The trees on earth have a major role to play and that is to support life on earth. There are millions of species of trees and plants on earth. One tree is the banyan tree which is also our national tree because it represents our history. The roots of banyan trees are spread in a very huge area and their stems are intensely strong.  In different cultures banyan tree is having different names for example in Arabic it is called Katirul Ashajar; in Sanskrit it is called nigroth and bawdy in Punjabi.

The biggest banyan tree is present in the Indian botanical garden in Shibpur Howrah, West Bengal which is 25 m tall and the canopy of this big tree covers around 420mwith 2000aerial roots. This tree is very beautiful.

essay on banyan tree in english
essay on banyan tree in english

Essay On Banyan Tree in English

Banyan Tree Essay in Marathi

The banyan tree holds religious significance to our people and hundreds of animals, insects and even small animals seek shelter in a huge banyan tree. Banyan tree is extensive, it is very high and it can expand even over other trees. It can go up to thirty meters high and it is very important in Hinduism as we worship this tree on several occasions.

In India, the majority of the tree holds spiritual significance. We respect other nature because it gives us shelter, medicine, food, and many other things which are used in industries for the benefit of humanity.

There are many trees like neem, peepal, which we love and worship in India. In Indian culture, the banyan tree is viewed as Brahma. In India, many ladies worship the banyan tree and even marry it to relieve their angry planets. The banyan tree puja is also called tank Savitri puja. On this puja married women worship the banyan tree for the long age of their husband.

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu lives in the roots of the tree, lord Shiva resides in the branches. Not only Indian culture, but even Buddhism culture has significance for the banyan tree.

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Banyan tree is found in the subtropical and tropical regions of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The bark of the tree is brown in color. The branches of the trees are very long and the tree bears the fruit of red–pink color similar to figs. The length of the leaves of the banyan is 10-20cmlong and8-15cmwide. When the tree ages its branches get weak and breaks. 

Banyan trees also have many benefits for health such as the roots hanging from the trees are used to brush teeth. These are small roots that can be used as a toothbrush and they can treat gum and teeth issues.

The extract from the tree is so powerful that it can stop bleeding. There are many Ayurvedic medications made from the banyan tree for treating ulcers, hemorrhoids, and even joint pain.  The roots are also used in medication that can help in beating infertility in females.  The roots hanging from the banyan tree are also used to treat diabetes.

Banyan tree is very attractive and the biggest one in India is very beautiful.  The stem of the tree is very strong and the branches are very long and hang out in the air. In the initial small phase of the banyan tree, the stems and roots are very weak but as the roots grow and spread beneath the ground it becomes very strong. 

As the tree ages, its roots spread in a wide area making it strong.  In the spring season, the banyan tree grows fruits from February month to May month. The fruits are edible and nutritious.

Banyan tree is considered enormous trees which spread their roots to a wide area and make their foundation strong.  The roots are strong as concrete and are established in a very large area. 

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When the tree is small it starts as an epiphyte and it regularly uses other trees which are developed as a host.  Initially, it requires lots of moisture to grow and once they are settled they are also dry season safe.

There are many great things about the banyan tree and I wish we had more and more of them. Banyan tree is useful in every way and we should plant more and more trees like a banyan tree. It gives us shelter, food, beauty, devotion, and much more.

There are many interesting facts about banyan trees which are as follows.

In India, we worship the banyan tree as a god and it is also believed that worshiping the banyan tree and doing its parikrama can eliminate all the wrongdoing.  In case of injury, a glue which is extracted from the branch when applied can stop bleeding immediately.

The glue is also used for many other things.  Ordinary drinking of the rind coming out of the bark can eliminate diabetes. The extract of the banyan tree is also used to eliminate pain.  The most fascinating fact about the banyan tree is that it can live up to five hundred years.

Every part of the banyan tree can be used in making medications. The tree gives us shelter, its hanging roots are used to make strong ropes, its extracted for medication, and its fruits are food for birds and other small animals.

The most important in every part of the banyan tree we see god and bow before it.  Banyan tree is our national tree and everyone must pledge to protect it and plant more and more beneficial trees like it.

Banyan Tree Essay 10 Lines in English

  • The banyan tree is very extensive and can grow up to 30 m
  • In India, Indian women worship banyan tree as her better half
  • The banyan tree is the national tree of India
  • Banyan tree is found in both tropical and subtropical regions
  • The leaves of the banyan tree are light and dark green
  • The banyan tree can live up to 500 years
  • Ficus benghalensis is the scientific name of the banyan tree
  • In Sanskrit it is called nigroth and in Punjabi, it is called tibald
  • The largest banyan tree is available in West Bengal

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