Essay On Transportation in English

Essay On Transportation in English, Man is a social and curious animal who is always on the lookout for new things for the development of society. A man is a man who has acquired the means to fix the expedition of months from his inventions in a few hours. From this thing, it is meant that a way which we use to go from one place to another, it is known as the means of transport. There is a wide range of means of transport in the whole world. There are trains, bicycles, buses, bullock carts, airplanes, etc.

essay on transportation in english
essay on transportation in english

Essay On Transportation in English

Transport Essay in English

Modes of transport in ancient times

How did people move from one place to another in ancient times? At that time, there was not too much development. A man was not so developed, this was the reason why he used to move from one place to another on foot. After some time, he began using animals for transportation.

Since the invention of the wheels, animals were used as a means of transport in the form of bullock carts. Afterward, rickshaws came into existence.

Transport is one of the key necessities for specialization. Transport is the only method that allows manufacturing and consumption of products to take place at different locations or places and this is how the utility of space is being done.

Transport is the movement of goods and people from one location to another. Throughout history, the military power and economic wealth of people or nations have been closely linked to different effective methods of transport.

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Transport is something, which gives access to natural resources and promotes trade. This way, transport allows a country to gather power and wealth. By means of transport, it also defines as a means, in which the movement of equipment, supplies, and soldiers can take place so that a country can wage war.

The transport system is vital to the economy of a nation. When it comes to the key factors in economic competition, it is important to decrease the cost of transporting natural resources to manufacturing sites and move finished goods to markets.

The world has the largest industry of transportation. The economic development of any nation depends on increasing the rationality and capacity of transport with its different modes such as road, rail, water, air, pipelines, cable, and even space.

All these modes have their benefits and demerits. The whole sector of transportation has been categorized into infrastructure, operations, and vehicles. Different types of vehicles traveling on these networks may involve bicycles, automobiles, trains, buses, trucks, watercraft, helicopters, aircraft, and spacecraft.

Means of Transport Essay

There are different kinds of transport, which refer to a combination of networks, operations, vehicles, and infrastructures. These include walking, ship transport, the road transport system, rail transport system, and modern aviation. With time, different modes of transportation have developed. Generally, there are 5 modes of transportation, which are mentioned below:

  • Road transport
  • Water transport
  • Railway transport
  • Air transport
  • Pipeline transport

Road transport

When it comes to road transport, it exists in all parts of the globe. This transport involves the utilization of motor vehicles such as cars, bicycles, buses, Lorries, and trucks. Various types of roads are available based on the size and functions.

Several roads are tarred while others are not. Modern roads are the best roads that link major towns. While comparing road transport with other modes of transport, it is more flexible than others. It is relatively faster and cheaper. This type of transport has a greater capacity for carrying goods over short distances. The major drawback with this mode of transport is its maintenance.

Railway transport

The invention of railways took place during the period of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. At that time, this mode of transport was partly used for political and economic purposes. They were designed to penetrate isolated regions in many countries so that they could promote political unity.

There are different advantages of rail transport, which also includes the provision of reliable services. Through this mode of transport, we can deliver heavy and bulky goods. It is a safe, cheap, and comfortable transport method for transport over a long distance.

Water transport

Another mode of transport is water transport. It is one of the most important transportation methods in the world. It appears to be a cheaper way of moving bulky goods over long distances like from one country to another. There are 2 major types of water transport we can see in the world such as inland and ocean water transport.

  • Inland water transport is the mode of transport via all navigable rivers, lakes, and man-made canals. Different large rivers in the whole world are used by barges and ships for the sake of transportation.
  • Ocean water transport carries a lot of the trade in the entire world. It is because the majority of the materials, bulky goods, and passengers pass via ocean waterways from one nation to another at the most cost-effective rates.

Air Transport

The introduction of air transport took place in 1903, but it was completely developed into complete means of transporting goods and people in the 1930s. After the Second World War, the greatest air transport began. People within or outside the country can travel via this mode of transportation. There are domestic and international flights.

Pipeline transport

It involves the use of hollow pipes in the water transport system for transporting crude oil, gas, and petroleum. This system of transport is considered safer as compared to using trailers or tankers in the movement of these liquids.

There are other modes of transport too, which are:

  • Animal-powered transport
  • Human-powered transport
  • Cable transport
  • Spaceflight


As there are many kinds of transport methods we can use, it depends on our destination and the use of convenience. We can choose the mode of transport according to our will and interests. Distance matters a lot while choosing the transport system.

At the same time, when we are traveling in any mode of transport, it is our responsibility to maintain its rules and regulations, cleanliness, etc.

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