Essay On Music in English

Essay On Music in English, Many things in life are naturally healing, peaceful and energetic and music is one of them. music has powers that nothing else have. Music can be as blurred as a dream and as clear as water. Every group age people love to hear music and the best thing about music is that it has no language. I was always fond of music and it is part of my daily life. I feel incomplete without music because since our childhood we have been hearing sweet melodies.

Lullabies of our childhood give us a peaceful feeling even if we grow older. The sweetest thing about music is that everybody gets mesmerized by healing melodies. Music can eliminate pain and stress and this is scientifically proven for all those who are skeptical.

No matter it is a simple ringtone on our phone or a huge music concert those musical instruments and beautiful voices including the lyrics blended with music can give us Goosebumps. This is the power of music.

Music can cross boundaries; there is no hate in music. From head to foot every nerve and every cell can tap on tunes if heard ones. Happy people are always around the music and they also keep calm all the time. Music is also having medicinal benefits and can be used as a natural pain killer.

essay on music in english
essay on music in english

Essay On Music in English

Music Essay in English

Music is not in just cassettes, DVDs, and on our devices, it is everywhere if you have that spirit in you it is available everywhere. Have you ever heard the birds singing in the early morning? The river flowing is having its rage music and sometimes we can even hear it in our ears though it is not playing anywhere. 

Music is so immense and intense that people keep on singing inside while working, shopping, doing household chores like bathing, and many other things.  It is a part of our everyday life and music is for every age group. Music can take out every emotion from inside us. Music is not new and I think it exits the time when we entered this world.

Even our ancestors used to enjoy music. In the earlier periods, there were many popular musicians. There are carvings on the walls of the tombs, temples, and history shows that music was always part of humanity. Without music, the life of a human is going to be dull. Thankfully we are living in a world where music is everywhere.

Musical Instruments Essay in English

We have different types of musical instruments. There are different types of vocalists, singers, and artists who always entertain us with their talents of music. There are guitars, pianos, flutes, Casio, table, sitar, string instruments which are very soothing and full of rhythm.

There are different categories of musical instruments such as woodwind instruments, string instruments, keyboards, brass instruments, etc.  It takes too much practice and dedication to learn the different ranges of pitches.  The thing about music is that it needs to be good. Ugly music can even run our day sometimes.

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Music and human health

Thankfully there is a variety of music available to humans such as classics, rock, opera, pop, hip-hop, jazz, and many others on the list. These categories are based on how instruments work together and form music. For instance, rock music is all about noise, it is loud and on the other hand, there is string music which is soothing and peaceful.

String instruments like violin are often used in meditation music. The misc can take you to sound sleep, can remove stress, and instantly raise your vibration. Only a person playing a beautiful flute in the mountains can take you to another world.

This is why music is important for humans. Doctors also recommend people to listen to music, singing their favorite songs every day can prevent depression and stress. It will also raise the level of your health.

Short Essay on Music

Music is universal and if you know music or an artist you will be able to make friends everywhere. I have my reasons to love music. Music makes me feel beautiful, healthy; it delivers me pleasure, lifts my mood, and is everything to me.

I think we all have our reasons to be attracted to music. Music is not just tunes and sounds; it is a way we connect with everything available to us as humans. From emotions to healing misc can deliver every virtue.

Music is a beautiful thing and I think every human on this earth must start speaking the language of music. It means you do not have to understand but just connect. This way the world will be a more peaceful and happy place for humans.

When we talk about music we are talking about everything beautiful. It is about musical instruments, voices with depths, and lyrics with meaning. People who love music, I guess never get older. They enjoy every aspect of life and deal with all the challenges positively.

Even the sound of nature can set the perfect mood. It is healing; it is so powerful that we can even connect to our souls, divine, and every beautiful energy present around us. Without speaking words, it can help us develop a connection that is beyond this materialistic world.

One favorite song on the radio and we are upbeat. Music is important for the individual, for families, for societies, and the world.  Music has the power to remove the boundaries and spread love. It makes us feel happy, pumped up, and stress free which is essential in living in the era we live in today. 

I feel healing with music and I think it is the best medication for everyone. I wish to learn some musical instruments one day. I know it is a hard job, but I also know it is a skill that will make me unique. It is understandable even by the babies and animals.

Music is special to us in all the novel ways. Music is passed from one generation to another.  It is our asset and thankfully we are never going to lose music ever on this planet.

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