Essay On Harmful Effects of Tobacco

Essay On Harmful Effects of Tobacco Chewing, Have you ever heard of tobacco smoking? Of course, yes. It is the most common thing to see people smoking tobacco cigarettes. It is not good to smoke, but people still are addicted to smoking. Today, we would be going to talk about tobacco like what is it, what are its effects, etc. So, start reading:

essay on harmful effects of tobacco
essay on harmful effects of tobacco

Essay On Harmful Effects of Tobacco

Essay on Tobacco

What is Tobacco?

essay on harmful effects of tobacco

It is the most common name of some plants in the genus Nicotine belonging to the family Solanaceae. There are more than 70 species of tobacco, which are known in the world. But N. tabacum is the chief commercial crop. The more powerful variant N. Rustica is also utilized in some countries.

We have seen the use of tobacco cigarettes and other addictive products like pipes, cigars, and shishas. In these products, dried tobacco leaves are used for smoking. Tobacco is also being used as chewing the Tobacco, snuff, snus, and dipping Tobacco.

What does Tobacco contain?

Tobacco has the highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine and many other harmful alkaloids. If we talk about the history of Tobacco, it has been used in America for many years, with some cultivation sites located in Mexico. People in the USA tribes grow and use Tobacco in a traditional way.

Historically, people belonging to the Northeast Woodlands cultures have brought Tobacco in pouches in the form of a readily accepted trade item. People used Tobacco smoking both ceremonially and socially like when they had to seal a peace treaty or any kind of trade agreement.

There are several native cultures, where Tobacco is considered a gift from the Creator, with the tobacco smoking in ceremonies carrying one’s prayers and thoughts to the creator.

What’s about Tobacco smoking?

Tobacco smoking is the method of burning Tobacco and consuming the smoke, which is developed throughout the process of smoking. The smoke produced through the use of Tobacco may be inhaled as is performed with cigarettes.

Some people like to release it from the mouth, as is generally performed with cigars and pipes. Tobacco was introduced to Eurasia by European colonists in the late 17th century, where it followed common trade ways.

The practice encountered disparagement from its first import to the Western world forwards but surrounded itself in a certain section of many societies before becoming spread in the entire world upon the introduction of automated cigarette-rolling apparatus.

Smoking is the most common way of consuming Tobacco. The agricultural product is often combined with additives and then combusted. As a result, the smoke is then inhaled and the active substances are absorbed via the alveoli in the oral mucosa or lungs.

Several substances in cigarette smoking activate chemical reactions in nerve endings that increase alertness, heart rate, and reaction time. Endorphins and dopamine are released that give a sense of pleasure to humans.

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As of 2008-2010, Tobacco is consumed by about 49 percent of men and 11 percent of women having an age of 15 years or older in middle income and low-income nations such as India, Bangladesh, Mexico, China, Egypt, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and many others. People in these countries almost use Tobacco in the form of smoking.

Tobacco Essay in English

Health Effects of Tobacco

Most people are addicted to Tobacco smoking. Today, the government has put many initiatives to control the use of Tobacco in smoking products. But still, people who are addicted have a hard time quitting smoking.

This is why it is important to understand the risk effects of Tobacco on health if anyone of us is an avid smoker. Using Tobacco for a long time can boost your risk for many health-related issues in human beings.

Tobacco is a plant and its leaves are chewed, smoked, or sniffed to feel a variety of effects. Due to the presence of the chemical substance known as nicotine, it is known to be an addictive substance.

Apart from nicotine, Tobacco smoking contains a number of other chemicals, which are 7000 in number and at least 70 of which are a reason for occurring cancer and other health problems. Tobacco, which is not burned is known as smokeless Tobacco.

There are around 30 chemicals in smokeless Tobacco that can develop cancer in humans, which also includes nicotine.

Health problems caused by smoking or smokeless Tobacco are mentioned below:

Heart and blood vessel problems:

  • Blood clots in the legs that can reach the lungs
  • Temporarily heightened blood pressure after Tobacco smoking
  • Blood clots, as well as weakness in the walls of blood vessels in the human brain that arises stroke
  • Poor blood supply to the legs
  • Coronary artery disease, which includes heart attack and angina
  • Problems faced by men with erections due to the reduced blood flow into the penile region

There are some other poor effects of Tobacco on the health of a human being. These are:

  • Cancer can take place in various parts of the body such as lungs, larynx, mouth, throat, stomach, esophagus, kidney, cervix, colon, pancreas, nose and sinuses, rectum, and a lot more.
  • Damage to sperm, which may create infertility in men.
  • Poor wound healing after any kind of surgery
  • Loss of sight because of an increased risk of macular degeneration
  • Aging of the skin like wrinkles
  • Tooth and gum diseases
  • Lung-related problems like asthma, COPD, etc. that is not easy to control
  • Reduced ability to taste and smell
  • Problems in women during pregnancy like babies born at low birth weight, miscarriage, early labor, and cleft lip

Health effects of secondhand smoke

If someone is living around the smoke of others known as secondhand smoke, then he/she is having a higher risk for lung cancer, heart attack, heart disease, sudden and severe reactions (eye, throat, nose, and lower respiratory tract).

How to quit Tobacco smoking?

Like any form of addiction, quitting Tobacco is not an easy task, particularly if you are doing it on an individual basis. You can seek assistance from friends, family members, and coworkers.

We can engage in therapy sessions in a healthcare center. There are hospitals, community centers, health departments, and work sites, which can help us quit smoking.

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