Essay on Policeman for Class 6 8 10

Essay on Policeman for Class 6 8 10, We are living in a world where we have to maintain peace, it is our mandatory duty toward the world. There are several laws set by the government of every country in the world. This is why every citizen must obey all these rules and regulations. But at the same time, there are some people living in society who do not obey the rules and regulations decided by the government. They tend to break the laws. This is why they may be punished for their unlawful activities.

To keep an eye on such kinds of people, there are some specific people in every country. These people are collectively known as the police. Every society needs police to maintain the law and order in the country.

This is why the police play a vital role in the growth and maintenance of peace in the country. In this essay, we are going to know about the role and importance of the police in every country. So, let’s get started:

essay on policeman
essay on policeman

Essay on Policeman for Class 6 8 10

Police Essay in English

Every country assigns some personnel to protect the country and maintain the law and order in all cities, or states. There is a police department in every city. The police have a team of police, who are commended with the duty to maintain the harmony and peace of society. They have assigned some authorities and rights, which they can use at any time with orders.

They have the right to arrest people who destroy the law and order in society. They have to control people to maintain peace. This is why there is a police helpline number, on which people can complain of any faulty person. And then the police need to take immediate action to punish the culprit.

Imposing the laws of the land, the police in any country are also equipped with the right to punish people who tend to disobey the law. Under the command of police, we, people, as citizens feel safe and safe in any part of any country. We do not need to take worry about our lives and property. In simple words, it can be said that police seem to be a savior of any society. This is how they help to run society quite smoothly.

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We can identify any police when they wear uniforms as there is a particular uniform at all places. The best part is that they have sound health. They also carry a weapon, which they use to scare people who do some illegal activities. They also wear a belt, on which they hold their weapons. They also have stars on their uniform according to the designation they have. This is how the police are very important to our society.

Understand the role of police: the policeman essay for class 10

To know more about the police, it is also important to comprehend their role of the police. The personnel of police play a wide range of roles and perform duties at check posts or police stations. Specific police personnel gets a posting in any city or town.

Assigning the posting to a policeman is all based on the rate of crime in the area. When public demonstrations and strikes happen, they have to play a decisive role and take some actions to control the situation in any manner.

Sometimes, there are some situations that get out of control and turn into violent situations. They have to take care of these situations. When they witness the crowd who turn violent throughout protests or public gatherings, then here comes the role of the police. It is their duty or responsibility to stop such situations from turning into bigger.

At some point in time, they also have to adopt a Lathi charge approach to control these things. They perform Lathi’s charge on people who get engaged in violent activity. Sometimes if things turn into worse situations, they also start firing, but this activity is only implemented after taking permission from their senior officers.

Essay on Police in English

Only under their guidance, they can start firing to control violent activities. Additionally, the police officers also provide special protection to VIPs and political leaders. Political leaders also belong to the government of a country, this is why they need some protection. If any common man needs protection in some special circumstances, then they can get it from the police.

Hence, you can see the police working day and night with hard work and dedication. They are always on duty round the clock. No matter whether there is a holiday or festival, police officers are always on duty. Their responsibilities and roles are hard to play, but they have to and they try their hard efforts to play them well. Protecting the law is not an easy thing to do. But they have to do it, this is why they are given some rights and authority.

At the same time, it is hard to maintain peace, but the police officers are capable of managing it because they have undergone some sort of training. During training, they are taught how to control any particular situation firstly with calmness and after that, if needed, they have to take some strict action. Even on hot summer afternoons or cold winter nights, the police always stick to their duty. Even in the pandemic situations, the police officers at different places were on duty.

Hence, it is the duty of a police officer to keep an eye on anti-social activities and stop them on a large scale. Police officers act as the protector of the poor and weak. This is how they are important in playing a vital role in the smooth and efficient functioning of society. In the end, we can say that the job or duty of police officers is very tough and long.

They are mainly designed for the protection of society while maintaining peace at the same time. They are the real guardian of society as well as the common man. This is why it is important that they perform their duty well. This is how the police play a vital role in nation-building.

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