Essay on Quit India Movement

Essay on Quit India Movement, The quit India movement also called Bharat Choro and August movement was a very powerful movement that was launched at the Bombay session by the mahatma Gandhi All India congress committee in august 1942. This moment was launched at the time of World War II. This movement demanded the end of British rule in India. The quit India movement is among the most prominent historical movement of India which resulted in building a path for the independence of India.

This is the time. This is the time when Mahatma Gandhi led this powerful and popular ass movement which went through many agitations. This was the time when India was facing many threats.

essay on quit india movement
essay on quit india movement

Essay on Quit India Movement

Quit India Movement Essay in English

When this mass movement was planned the Second World War was going on and India was in the shadow of the Japanese invasion making the sky more cloudy and dark. Indian people were going through a lot and the Cripps mission was also failing. The prices of the commodities were out of control and even the essential things were not affordable to the Indian people.

Sumit Sarkar writes “The summer of 1942 found Gandhi in a strange and uniquely militant mood, ‘Leave India to God or to anarchy” he repeatedly urged the British – this orderly disciplined anarchy should go, and if as a result there is complete lawlessness I would risk it”.

These statements made, in May 1942 are indicative of the restlessness of the leader, who ‘promised’ Swaraj within one year and who is eager and anxious to see that his mission of gaining freedom for India is realized soon. Sumit Sarkar aptly observes “though the need for non-violence was always reiterated, Gandhi’s mantra of Do or Die represents the militant mood of Gandhi”.

Write About Quit India Movement

Mahatma Gandhi is the baapu of our country also called the father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi did everything from initiating movements to fasting for days for the freedom of India. The Quit India movement was also initiated by Mahatma Gandhi and this moment brought all the Indians together. In India, there were many homes where freedom fighters and many other things were taking place.

Gandhi was eager to free his nation and fellow Indians. He gave many slogans though he used to believe in sorting things out in peace rather than using inhumane behavior even against their enemies.  Gandhi made a call which was Do or Die. This slogan came from the quit India speech at the Gowalia tank maidan.

Things were escalating from every side and Britishers were prepared for the war. The entire leadership of the Indian national congress was put in prison without holding any trial. This act was so fast that it happened immediately after Gandhi’s speech. The majority of the prisoners were in the prison or were not in contact with the outside world where masses were protesting. 

There was a viceroy’s council and the British had to support it through the majority of the council members were Indians. There was the Hindu Mahasabha, the Indian Muslim League, the imperial police, the princely states, the Indian civil service, and the British Indian army were members of the Viceroy’s council.

There were many rich people from India as well who were gaining profits in wartime. These businessmen did not provide any type of support to the Quit India movement. There was a younger generation who was patriotic and was willing to understand well from the bad.

They had no motives or greediness in them. The majority of the Indian students got impressed by the speeches of Subhash Chandra Bose who was suffering exile and supporting alliance powers.

In the working committee meeting held at Wardha on 14 July 1942 Congress first accepted the idea of a struggle. The All India Congress Committee that met in Bombay in August ratified this decision to go in for a struggle.

In his speech Gandhi made it very clear “I am not going to be satisfied with anything short of complete freedom. Maybe, he (the Viceroy) will propose the abolition of salt tax, the drink evil. But I will say nothing less than freedom”. Gandhi then followed up with the now-famous exhortation Do or Die. “Here is a Mantra, a short one that I give you.

You may imprint it on your hearts and let every breath of yours give expression to it. The mantra is Do or Die. We shall either free India or die in the attempt; we shall not live to see the perpetuation of slavery”.

Sporadic small-scale violence took place around the country and the British arrested tens of thousands of leaders, keeping them imprisoned until 1945. In terms of immediate objectives, Quit India failed because of heavy-handed suppression, weak coordination, and the lack of a clear-cut program of action.

However, the British government realized that India was ungovernable in the long run and the question for the postwar era became how to exit gracefully and peacefully. The Britishers were responding to the Indian freedom fighters viciously. Many people were getting arrested, many were tortured. Britishers also used to fire unarmed males, females, old people, and even children. 

There were rebels growing due to the inhuman behavior of Britishers towards Indians. During the time of the Second World War many people suffered and many terrible instances also took place where many lost their lives and many had to go through a lot of struggle. The Quit India movement is not just a moment in the History of India. 

In fact, this moment has taken lots of blood, many young lives were shattered, many rebels were rising and the Indian people had to suffer a lot. There was only one reason behind the quit India movement and that was to free India from the empire of the birth. 

On 8th August 1942, this moment ended but it was not successful but was a popular struggle in India that made the path for freedom for India. quit India movement was the biggest movement in the history of India.

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