Village Life Essay in English

Village Life Essay in English, When we say village there are many peaceful things that comes in mind. I can imagine simple people smiling, cows, buffalos, carts, greenery, mud houses and peaceful village life. India has many small villages and they are our pride. People live very simple life in villages without smartphones. They have busy lives but they don’t waste their time surfing internet instead they get out in sun, do hard work every day, eat healthy and simple food and enjoy their simple life.

Villages have no hustle and bustle and the environment villages is clean and calm. This is the reason why village people are much tougher and healthier than people living in cities. There is no junk food in villages instead they have pure and clean food grown in their fields. Two third of the Indian population lives in villages and these are the people responsible for the food on our plates.

village life essay in english
village life essay in english

Village Life Essay in English

Life in a Village Paragraph 100 Words

They mostly depend upon agriculture and we get to eat food from their hard work. Farming is very tough and it requires hard work this is why people are busy producing food instead of wasting time on the internet. 

Farming includes manual labor and they are the most hardworking. They build and repair their own house, they grow food for themselves and the people living in cities.

People live in peace and this is the beauty of villages. They live together and have a bond between them.  I think people living in villages are totally different from people living in the cities. City people are always running and they don’t have peace in their life.  Unfortunately, they don’t even have clean air to breathe.

We see miles away traffic producing smoke. People sitting in their vehicles reaching now where. On the other hand, side villages have mountains,  lakes, rivers,  natural trails  and much more. They breathe fresh air and drink from rivers coming directly from the mountains. They have pure food to eat.  They hardly know anything about junk food.

They grow and cook food on their own which means healthy food. The life of the village is more beautiful than the urban lifestyle. Urban people have no real relationships and everything is fake around them. There is no peace in their lives. 

In villages, people enjoy every little thing. They celebrate the harvesting crops, they celebrate when a calf takes birth, and they celebrate the first rain and every little thing. They have a real relationship and they value everything.  This is life and village life is amazing. They don’t have advanced technology or tools and still, they are more peaceful than people living in cities.

Village Life Paragraph

In villages, there is just one or two houses having a television set. The entire village gathers at one place to watch TV or anything special. Their houses are not filled with advanced items, but they are cozy and have everything to live a peaceful life. In villages, old people gather near a tree and talk to each other.

Children play simple games instead of spending time in front of screens. Women in groups go to rivers to fetch water or wash clothes. They talk to each other and also help each other. If one family in a village has any issue the entire village stands up for them.

In urban area one is not even aware of who is living next to their flat. In cities, people hardly talk to each other. According to me, city life is dull and boring though they have everything. Village life is lively and pleasant because they value things. They are not after money or materialistic things.

They are after love and relationships.  Village people are healthy and have long lives. The elderly have experiences that they share with the next generation. Only in the village life craftsmanship is taken forward by generations.

The only problem with villages is that they lack education and medical facilities. Village people can hardly afford to send their children to schools in the cities. The fee structure is too much for them and even the medical expenses are too much. Still, they are better than city people. Village life appreciates nature and they hardly hurt nature.

They have dances and cultures that keep them close to nature. In their art, their food, and their songs we can feel real life. Village life is soothing though they don’t have many options. The real nature of humans must be humanity and not collecting vehicles or money. 

Humans are going in the wrong direction but village people are close to nature and humanity. They are willing to help each other, and share their happiness and sorrows with each other. They are totally positive people from the people living in the metro cities.

I have grandparents who live in the villages situated in the mountains. They are 80 years old and still healthy. They are my inspiration. Every winter vacation I visit them and enjoy village life. It is very tempting. My grandparents were farmers and still, they grow their own food.

They don’t do farming on a large scale but the food they eat comes from their fields which they sow on their own. There is a river nearby where  I enjoy a peaceful time. I also have friends in villages that go to village schools. 

My village is getting help from the government and now they have better schools and even hospitals where people can have treatment at a very low cost. I don’t like city life and I have plans to move to village life after m education. There is so much we can learn and take our life ahead.

Village life is simple but people here are happy and healthy. I love peace and compassionate people. Everyone is welcoming and full of hospitality in villages. They don’t have too much to offer but whatever they have is from their pure heart and out of love. Village people are not selfish and they have selfless offerings even to outsiders. I love village life and  I wish to settle in the village only.

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