Population Explosion Essay in English

Population Explosion Essay in English, On earth, we live a human life and the number is growing day by day. It is called population explosion and every year survey is conducted in every country to measure the number of people living in that country. Every government is taking serious measures to control the population.  Pollution explosion is a huge threat to humanity because we have limited resources.

If a population is not controlled it can cause serious issues in the country. Today there are countries that are facing issues like drought, lack of food education, medical attention just because of imbalance. Population blast can put damage to the economy of that country because the more the population the more is the demand of the sources.

population explosion essay in english
population explosion essay in english

Population Explosion Essay in English

Causes Of Population Explosion

There are many factors that are responsible for population blasts such as

Literacy Rate

Education is extremely important for the success of any country. The more educated population the good decisions they make for society. Women must get an education because only they will be able to control the birth rate. 

Women must be aware of family planning so that there is no population burst in that country. In the areas where females are less educated they get married at an early age. They have little knowledge about birth control methods and how to control their family expansion. The poor education rate of women is one reason for the population explosion.

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The life expectancy growth

Earlier people used to die early in the age till 60. Today we have better lifestyles, medical facilities and many things which were absent earlier. This has raised the life expectancy of people and humans are growing in number. Today people can live up to 70-80 years and children are also taking birth on the other side.

The infant mortality rate is decreased

Humanity is dancing with technology and we have better things that can save a life that is very sensitive. The infant mortality rate is decreased which has imbalanced the population on earth. The rate is minimized and now only a few deaths take place because technology is able to save infants under 6 months old.

The birth rate is increased

People are getting more and more aware of their health and how to maintain it properly. Humans are getting more advance and awareness is also increasing. Now the gap between death and birth is increased. The birth rate is increased and the death rate is decreased and this has caused population burst in many countries.

Speech On Population Explosion

All these are the reasons for the increasing population. Not all the countries are populated, but the ones which are going to face serious damage in future. For no country population is good. For instance, China is the most populated country and now it has conducted a one-child policy. 

One child policy has totally failed as now china is facing a new crisis. Couples choose to give birth to a boy instead of a girl which has led to the death of many girl infants. Many people are abandoning their girl children.

People from other countries are adopting girl children of china which has also led to the imbalance of male and female populations. There are no female lefts for men to marry in China. Population explosion can cause a huge quos.

India is the second-most densely populated country in the world with 17.5% of the world’s population. The more the population the greater is going to be a burden on the earth. There are many threats that come along with more and more people. 

People can turn on each other for resources that are limited to humanity. There are many other potential threats for humanity that can arise due to population explosion.

We are doing amazing progress when it comes to medical, agricultural, and even outer space exploration, but what will happen if the earth will become too crowded. We have technology but it will be able to serve us to a particular extent only. 

Earth is loaded with many natural resources and we humans are using them every day in our life. Natural resources are limited and one day they are going to be depleted completely. These natural resources are to fulfill the needs of people but in a limited time period.

The more advanced human is getting the more demand for natural resources is already increased. If the population will increase there will be no natural resources left for the survival of humanity.

Paragraph on Population Explosion

If a country becomes overpopulated the one thing that will come in front of us will be unemployment. There will be few jobs, but candidates will be many. India is already suffering from a huge unemployment rate because of the populated country.

When there is unemployment in any country it is also in the list of the countries where more crimes are held. People become desperate to eat and fulfill their daily needs and omit crime.

Poverty will increase when there will be more people in the country and lesser resources to feed them. There will be no work; no job opportunities and people will become more and poorer.

People will have to pay more for the limited resources and this will affect the poor people. Starvation is another threat that humanity will face if the population will keep on increasing at this high rate.

Population Explosion Essay Pdf

Everything is going to be affected if the population is not controlled with time. There are many things that can be done to control the population. Nobody will be able to save the country if the population explosion gets expanded. 

It will raise crime, thefts, and quos in that country. No government will be able to generate resources in time to control the challenges that will come in the future. For India, population explosion is a huge threat.

People are already starving and desperate to get employment. It’s time that we start educating the people about the rapid growth population and how to control it. This challenge is certainly not impossible if strict measures will be taken by the government.

This is a population explosion essay, from this entire article, we cover short note on population explosion the causes of population explosion. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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