Noise Pollution Essay in English

Noise Pollution Essay in English, Sound pollution is one of the biggest enemies of humans which humans have created themselves. People don’t realize but it can be deadly. Not only humans but even animals get hurt due to sound pollution. The problem is sound pollution is increasing day by day. There are more vehicles coming on the roads, more and more factories are establishing and everywhere noisy concrete is totally disturbing the balance of our environment. Today noise level is above normal level and in cities, you just find noise and no peace. High noise is dangerous for every life existing on earth.

People who work in factories where there are too many noise workers experience hearing issues and even mental conditions. Constant noise is dangerous for humans and it is growing at a rapid rate.

noise pollution essay in english
noise pollution essay in english

Noise Pollution Essay in English

Sound Pollution Essay in English

Technology is advancing day by day but one thing it cannot give is the peace of natural environment. No matter how much artificial intelligence we advance natural peace is worth nothing. Today there is technology present everywhere. Kitchen appliances are getting advanced and human lifestyle as well. 

There are many appliances in our home which create noise pollution for instance a broken cooler. Even these noisy appliances fall under the category of pollutants.

There are many factories all around the world that share a huge amount of noise pollutant ratio.  There are different types of machines and equipment present in the factories which create noise. The majority of the industrial area is noisy.

All types of transport like airplanes, trains, and vehicles on the road create noise pollution. There is traffic everywhere and people constantly honk at each other. Some people listen to loud music which contributes to noise pollution.

Then there are even halls, open parties, temples, mosques, and other social events which create noise pollution through loudspeakers. There are many times when people complain to the police because they create noise.

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Write An Essay on Noise Pollution

Creating loud noise is a crime everywhere because it is disturbing. Cities are full of highways and flyovers which are always busting with noise. It is hard for people to live in such noisy places. Humans are adaptable so they can even adapt to high noise but cannot skip its deadly impacts.

The sound is constantly increasing on our beautiful planet and only and only humans are responsible for it. Due to rapid urbanization noise is also increasing. On many social events, people burn crackers which cause damage to the eyesight and hearing of birds and animals.

Many birds die to use toxic compounds in the air after burning crackers. Stray dogs and other animals get badly impacted due to high noise from burning crackers. Many animals also get injured due to the use of crackers on needles events celebration.

People forget that this is also hurting their own health. It is getting difficult to live on earth due to polluted air and too much noise all around. It is hard to find a natural peaceful place in metro cities.  You can only sit in cafés, restaurants, and malls.

There are no natural parks in the cities where you can find peace because they are surrounded by concrete. In the big cities, noise pollution is becoming a bigger problem. Natural balance of the environment is harmed when there is too much of anything. 

It is affecting the natural ecosystem which is harmful to humanity.  Noise pollution directly impacts the well-being of every living being on the planet.

Loudspeakers, equipment, machines, everything produce damaging frequency which is bad for the ears. There are many things in our lives that are concerning but we are not paying attention to at all.  New laws are being implied in India like no noise after 10 pm.

There are even strict laws for the people driving on the road. Though police and people are still not being serious in India. I have seen many people honking unnecessarily on the roads even in night times.

People are educated in India still neglect what is important for them and the people around them. It is the responsibility of every Indian to follow the rules which are made to protect our planet and life on it. We should have controller sounds we produce in the inner and outer environment.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is manmade which means we have the solution to control it. Humans must stop the harmful emissions coming from factories ad industries. The industrial area puts a huge effect on the health of our planet.

The majority of the pollutants are created through factories. In future, it is going to be more problematic. Technology may find some solutions to decrease the noise, but it will not be able to give natural peace with so much noisy concern created all around.

There are many things that contribute to noise pollution and we must know about it. Noise pollution should be a serious topic for the kids in schools. This way they will be able to learn from the beginning to give importance to the health of nature.

Villages are quiet and peaceful because villagers prefer natural life. They walk the distance on foot and there are rare vehicles around. They have greenery and peace in their house and life.

Compared to cities the noisiest towns, vehicles are all around because advancement is being made.  In cities, everyone likes to travel in their own vehicle which contributes to traffic on the highways.

If humans are constantly exposed to loud sounds they can face hearing problems. High pitch sounds can also create a panic attack, high blood pressure-like issues. Constant stress is also caused due to noise everywhere.

All this can lead to stress. Animals like to live away from humans and in quite environment. Humans are not only affecting their own lives but animals as well. It is an individual day for everyone to pay attention to their actions.

People must also stop others from breaking the laws and harming life on earth. Honking and use of loudspeakers must be minimal. There should be more serious laws made in every country to control sound pollution.

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