Essay On Plants And Trees

Essay On Plants And Trees, Without plants, humans can never survive on this planet earth. Plants are important for our existence. Just imagine how boring and dull will look if every plant from earth disappears.  Just one plant was placed in our room and it changes the look of the entire room. Plants are not just for beauty but they give us life. There are millions of different species of plants that exist on earth.

When plantation occurred first on earth there were different types of plants, but with evolution plants also changed their color, size, fruits, and benefits. From an early age, humans are taking benefits from plants. There are plants that give us fruits, water to drink, medication to heal and the advantages of plants are uncountable.

Plants are valuable to us and without them, we will not be able to survive even one minute.  We should plant more and more plants to make our earth green instead of building concretes around them.

essay on plants and trees
essay on plants and trees

Essay On Plants And Trees

Plant Essay in English

Every big tree we see today was once a small plant and today it is cleaning the air for us, providing shelter, and making our earth beautiful. For every human necessity, we depend upon them. Trees flourish without us, but we will not be able to survive with them no matter how much advance we get in our lives.

Societies without parks and plantation is never preferred by humans. In cities plants make the area look beautiful and green. In villages, people have natural plantations around them. These are the people who are much healthier and happy. They always have a relaxed and peaceful mood. People in cities who lack exposure to greenery are living stressed life.

They wish to go on vacation to the hills because they have fresh air and a peaceful environment. Plants are not only essential for humans but insects, birds, and animals as well. Animals are also dependent upon the earth’s greenery in every way.

Birds make their home interests; there are many insects that live on plants. Bees that are important for human existence thrive on flowers. Animals like a cow, horses, and sheep feed on small plants. Plants contain water that is 95% to survive they need sunlight and soil. 

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Earth soil is naturally produced and this is why we find life everywhere which is destroyed by humans to make buildings and societies.

Humans are ignoring the importance of the flora and fauna of the earth. Many jungles and plants are being removed to make the land good for creating a building. Earth is also turning back to us and every year we see a fire in the jungles and floods.

Importance of Plants Essay

These natural calamities destroy a huge part of our earth’s greenery which is important to us. Without plants, nothing will be able to survive on this earth. Cities need to plant more and more trees so that one day these pants can grow into big trees and will be beneficial for our future generation.

We must also teach our kids to plant trees and to take care of the environment we live in. this way we will be able to build beautiful earth full of plants and greenery for our future generation.

There are many studies even conducted on plants till now. There are many properties in plants that are beneficial for humans. We have also discovered new species lately. Plants are able to make their own food with the help of sunlight.

This process is called photosynthesis. The color of the plant green is due to a pigment present n them called chlorophyll. There are even carnivorous plants that eat insects and animals. Today plants are used in a wide variety of materials humans use.

Plant Trees Save Trees Essay in English

We use plants to make medications, we have them in our kitchen such as basil leaves, we use them in our food, and plants are used in cosmetics and medications that heal us. Plants provide shelter to both humans and animals and most importantly they are responsible for giving us an environment in which we can breathe and stay alive.

One single tree in a desert can be home to many insects, birds, and animals. It can provide shade on hot days to passers. People who lack greenery know the value of plants and trees. In India, we worship trees and plants such as tulsi and pipel.

In India, we have the majority of the homes having tulsi planted in their front yard.  Indians worship tulsi as it is a holy plant for us. Plants have their role in our culture and history. Hanuman Ji brought Sanjeevni Booti to save his friend Laxman. 

Plants are definitely lifesaver and we entire Veda on plants which are known as Ayurveda. Charak is the father of Ayurveda and has given us a book on Ayurveda benefits called Charak Samhita. For every disease old or new there is a solution in Ayurveda.

Today people are again towards Ayurvedic medicines because they know they don’t have any side effects. There are many helpful medications in Ayurveda that are made from just using plant properties.  We have thousands of plants that can be used in different forms to cure illnesses.

Essay on Uses of Plants and Trees

Plants give us life in many ways and we must respect Mother Nature. Without plants, we cannot survive and we must start paying attention to this fact. Today humans are getting cruel towards Mother Nature knowing the unhappy fate we can suffer.

Humans are disturbing plant life which causes damage to the environment. Harming earth gets back to us in a bad way and it is time that we realize its importance. We must plant different types of trees in our homes. There are both outside and inside plants available. 

In cities, people must have green space. They must introduce plants in their home to get fresh air. Plants can also increase the happiness level in the home. There are many ways by which we can raise the level of greenery. Planting trees, expanding parks, and awakening people about the importance of greenery.

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