Old is Gold Essay in English

Old is Gold Essay in English It is a short proverb saying that Old is Gold. This proverb has ultimately profound meaning and lies deep down. When we understand and use this proverb correctly, then it has greater importance in our lives. When I was a 10-year old, my elders said that they had olden days like gold. Even if I see someone around me, then they are also saying that old is gold.

I always wonder why everyone says this thing. People say that their old days are far better than their present. There is something logical in this saying.

Old songs and music were brilliant. Of course, old movies were also extremely perfect. If we see old clothing, then these were also of better quality. Everything in the older times was worthier like old craftsmanship, old silk sarees, food, old vessels, and many other things. Not only this, even old teachers were exceptional.

old is gold essay in english
old is gold essay in english

Old is Gold Essay in English

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If we talk about old schools, they were also ideal places to learn and make a better future. Old furniture items also looked appealing at that time. Old houses were also better than today because of their user-friendly, well-ventilation, and airy features.

Not only this, but old games were also worthy, still they were in less number. But when we played those games, we felt more enchanting and thrilled. The old All India Radio was also the best entertaining thing because of its high-quality programs.

The best thing about old times is that old friendships and relationships were more reliable as compared to the present ones. Old wine was tasty and pure. We cannot wipe off old things from our minds because they have a special place in our lives.

Old is old and that too experienced like gold. But why? Have you understood this concept? Have you ever tried to think about this saying that old is gold?

Today, it is the world of speed, money, technology, and no time. People are running here and there to find something better for them. Times keep on changing at a fast rate, but the worth of things is eroding day by day.

The sense of goodness and kindness has been replaced with some other assets for many years. Now, people measure goodness by smartness and other features to move forward in life. People have become excessively touchy, vigilant, and more suspicious without any reason.

At present, people frisk everyone, secretly at least. They take things with a pinch of salt. Of course, if we see the comfort zone we have today, we could not even think about it even a decade ago.

Along with greater comfort and the modern era, things have changed a lot. But is there something missing in our lives? Do we have happiness? Do we live with peace and inner happiness? I don’t think so.

Peace triumphed earlier, despite wars. In past times, there was trust. People liked to trust each other for no reason. There was relaxation and hope in past times, which made people live like a king. There was no glamor for things.

People were not running behind anything. The absence of those, that were not believed essential to own, never developed any difference to a satisfied and happy life.

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Essay on Old is Gold in English

In the previous ages, people stayed contented. There was less or no competition anywhere. Rather than cruelty and competition, there was affection, concern, and true bonding. People had a sense of togetherness. The best thing about people in the past times is that they were much more patient and caring.

Without any doubt, it can be said that there were scarcity, poverty, difficulty, and paucity everywhere in the older times. But people experienced a sense of beauty and commitment in life among all these things.

Disputes were sorted out in an immediate manner without the intervention of courts. There was a scarcity of many food items, but people liked and knew how to manage with fewer things whether it is food, clothing, or any other thing. People supported and helped each other at those times.

Talking about the places of worship, these were tranquil and serene. There was no fear of terrorism, violence, and abuse either in the mind or for real. Different communities lived peacefully and people liked to wait for better times.

They were familiar with the tolerance power. They accommodated shortcomings, pitfalls, and idiocies of others. There was no superiority or rankings in their minds.

In the older days, families were huge and they loved to live in a joint family. They thought that it was their pride to live in a huge family. They had a sense of sharing and caring. Rains were original at that time, while smiles were natural.

The environment was fresh and unpolluted. Of course, there were few privileges to enjoy, but they were happy with what they had. Yet life was meaningful, wholesome, and complete. People prefer lending money to needy people without paper and documents.

It means that there were no formalities at all. Debts were written off without contests and protests. Times were ageless. People valued everything they had in their bags. Even, principles were ageless.

There were no crowds, too many vehicles on the roads. There were a give-and-take policy people relied on at that time. There were real tears of sorrow during hard times. On overall, in the older age, people had a feeling of freshness, purity, calmness and kindness.

If we think about today’s situation, it is the age of use and throws. Everywhere, something is related to meaning, be it anything. Now, respect has been forgotten. Donations to orphanages and charities are bountiful these days. We can see temples in every colony, but at the same time, humanity is decreasing day by day.

Talking about divinity, the less said the better will be. There are diseases everywhere in today’s times. People see everything in terms of benefit and do the same with their family, friends, or relatives. Our present is unbearable. Today’s time is worse than in the past. This is why it would be good to say that old is gold.

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