Our Headmaster Essay in English

Our Headmaster Essay in English School is like a temple. But in order to manage school, it needs very courage, responsibility, and smartness. This is why the headmaster has a very significant role in the working of the school. He is a person, who is solely responsible when it comes to the functioning and improvement of school education. Headmasters should maintain the standard of education in schools. This is why he or she is the central figure in the school.

our headmaster essay in english
our headmaster essay in english

Our Headmaster Essay in English

Essay On Our Headmaster

Today, I am going to talk about our headmaster, who is Mr. Gouri Pathak. He is the headmaster of my school. He is an elderly individual and his age is 55 years old. Despite his age, he is still very vibrant and responsible. He is tall, stout, and strong. His personality is very awesome.

He has a well-maintained body with attractive features. He has a very good and charming personality, which is quite vital to becoming the head of any school or college.

He meets all the eligibility criteria to become the headmaster of an educational institution. This is why he was appointed as the headmaster of our school.

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More about his personality

He is very well-dressed. Everyone in the school whether it is a staff member or student, respects him a lot due to his acts. He commands respect and appreciation from teachers, pupils, and guardians. He is a qualified person. He has done master’s degree in arts. Holding a master’s degree in education is the prerequisite of becoming a headmaster. Due to this trait, he has got the responsibility of handling our school. And he does his duty very well.

Before becoming a headmaster, he has taught many classes, which made him an experienced and versatile teacher. Not only this, but he also has written a number of textbooks.

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Responsible and hardworking person

Along with his attractive personality, he has got all the skills and features. He is very hardworking and dutiful. He takes a complete interest in his work. He is very punctual. He never comes to school late. It can be said that he is the friend, guide, and philosopher of the teachers and pupils at school.

He holds high esteem in the eyes of pupils at schools. Besides being a very good teacher, he administers everything well and in a planned manner. Now, he takes English tuition classes at his home. He has made his impression as an outstanding teacher of English in our city.

He has also got recognition from the President of India and was awarded the National Award for his kind acts.

He is greatly appreciated for his techniques of teaching the English language as a second language. When he teaches us during the tuition classes, we enjoy his lessons greatly. He knows how to make learning easier and more effective.

He knows a number of teaching tactics, which give students a chance to learn well. He teaches us from his deep heart. We understand each and everything he teaches us. We never get a chance to feel bored or stressed during tuition classes.

He also helps us in scoring better in our examinations and school tests. He is also known as a perfect English enthusiast because of his different teaching knowledge and skills.

He has immense love for his school and pupils at school. We always obey him with our deep hearts. We never disobey his orders as we know the orders he takes are for the benefit of students and the entire school.

There are people who teach to live, but he is a person who loves to teach and help students. He performs regular inspections at classes during school hours to avoid any mishappening. He wants to make sure that everything in school is going well.

He sees that students and teachers are doing their work in a proper way. He is a kind-hearted person and very devoted to his work. He also gives a piece of advice to pupils to become good and honest people. He makes all possible efforts to make us good citizens of the country so that we can have a secure and better future ahead.

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Not only in teaching, but even he is also very active at sports. He loves to play football. Even at this age, he is a very fit and healthy person all because of his dedication and commitment to his health. He plays football every day in a school playground for one hour.

Along with that, he also pays attention to sports and games. It means that he encourages students and teachers to take part in some kind of sport or game. He gives lessons to us regarding the benefits of sports and games.

It is his dedication and encouragement that our school has won a number of awards in different competitions at different levels like a school level, district level, national level, etc.

Being the headmaster of our school is not an easy thing. But he manages all things very dedicatedly and confidently. It is wisely said that the progress of a specific class is based on the respective class teacher. The same is true for the entire school. The progress of the whole school is based on a single person, which is none other than a headmaster.

All school activities and tasks are supervised and controlled by our headmaster. He has to examine a number of things like the performance of students and teachers as well. On every Thursday morning, he attends the prayer in the ground and gives us good lessons.

He regularly attends meeting sessions with teachers for the sake of the betterment and improvement of the entire school. He maintains discipline at the school. He controls all things starting from classrooms to laboratories, from the common room of teachers to the whole school premises.

When it comes to the annual function at school, its opening ceremony is carried out by him. Once he cuts the ribbon, then the annual function starts. He is the moral support of our school including teachers, students, and pupils. We admire him very much.

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