Non Violence Essay in English

Non Violence Essay in English Non-violence is one of the divine assets. Make sure people should understand that nonviolent people stay closest to God. This is why it is important to understand what non-violence is and why it is necessary. A lot of freedom activists had raised their voices against non-violence in those times. Fools simulate non-violence, but wise men appreciate it. Even, there are great men in the world who practice non-violence.

Even Mahatma Gandhi said that non-violence is the weapon of a strong and honest person. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, our country, India won freedom. He was the person who followed the path of non-violence and helped India to let free from the British government.

Non-violence acts as the force of love. It seems to be a stronger weapon than anything else in the world. Non-violence is one of the greatest forces at the disposal of humanity. This weapon had been devised by the ingenuity of Man. According to the Tibetan spiritual guru, he said that religions focus on the significance of compassion, which is a tool to reduce violence.

non violence essay in english

Non Violence Essay in English

Essay On Non Violence in English

We can see violence everywhere, in different countries. Many people are killed in the name of religion. The killing is justified by the custodians of religions in Dharma. They proclaim that it was for a righteous purpose. Non-violence is an old policy.

Since time immemorial, non-violence has been practiced in different places all over the world. In the East and West, non-violence was appeared to be an article of faith and philosophy of life. The middle ages have been unusually violent, no matter whatever the reason could be.

In the last two centuries such as the 18th and 19th, there have been periods of aggressive wars and unembarrassed imperialism. A man had become selfish. In this selfishness, people had nearly forgotten themselves.

This is why he came very dangerously in front of others, which made him believe in the superiority of dark forces and materials. There was cruelty everywhere in the past times. It was a man named Mahatma Gandhi who fought against the violence. This is why he was remembered due to the call of reason, as well as courageous faith.

There is a World Non-Violence Day on 2nd October. This day has been decided by the United Nations so that people can think about the significance of non-violence. Of course, it has become necessary to think about it and do something about it because of the excess violence going around at different levels in the entire world.

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Violence offers many demerits for people, communities, and even countries. Millions of people are killed or mutilated because of physical violence on a large scale. The extent of non-violence reaches the point where children become homeless and orphaned. Not only this, even people are displaced and they do not have jobs at all and turn out to be refugees.

The major drawback is that when people start displacing themselves from their places and entering refugee camps in large groups, there is an outbreak of diseases. All this suffering is all because of violence created by a group of communities or people against fellow individuals.

Aside from that, people who are affected by violence of any kind get traumatized mentally because of the shock of suffering from such different violent inhuman acts. If we talk about violence at an individual level, violence given to anybody harms them in multiple ways.

Peace and Non-Violence Essay

If someone thinks that there are advantages of violence, he is absolutely wrong. A big no! Even people responsible for creating violence do not live peacefully after letting it happen. A violent person lives in constant fear of being punished or caught for what he has done, of course, wrong. They also fear revenge by their victim. The result of violent acts makes the perpetrator constantly stressed and unhappy.

Due to all these things, it has become very important to make the world a better place, where people can live peacefully and happily without any kind of fear. So, it is vital to avoid violence and realize why non-violence is necessary.

If there is peace all around, then people tend to work for long hours without any fear of anything. They will not live under any kind of stress. It will make them look and stay healthy and happy. As a result, it will give enhanced productivity in the society, happiness, and prosperity among people. So, why not! People should adopt an attitude of avoiding violence in any manner, it can be materialized.

To get started with fighting against violent acts, we should understand the types of violence and how a particular type of violence can be overcome. There may be 3 types of violence. Violence can be happened through speech, actions, and thoughts.

  • Violence by speech: A person can hurt the sentiments of another person by using harsh words. It leads to riots if a person gets obsessed by a hate-filled speech. This type of violence acts as physical violence.
  • Violence by action: Another type of violence can be done by actions. It is the one, which a person mostly interprets as violence and comprehends.
  • Violence by a thought: In this type of violence, a person may not get hit by any other person directly, not speak any harsh words. It is all about affecting the mind of another person. A person can abuse or hurt somebody by his thoughts. Of course, this violent act does not hurt anybody but can be considered as violence of any kind.

Greed, ego, and jealousy are 3 major causes behind the act of violence. This is why people should control these things so that they may not become a victim of non-violence and can hurt other people in any way.

It is because their violent acts may impact the community, society, and the entire nation. This is the main reason why the government should act in the support of non-violence and implement some laws to punish those people who create violence in a particular group or on a large scale. Every person should take the initiative to control violence, giving birth to non-violence.

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