Pollution Due To Urbanisation Essay in English

Pollution Due To Urbanisation Essay in English These days, the rate of pollution has been increasing at an alarming rate. It is a problem that has become more and more stressful over the last few decades. We can see different types of pollution around us. These are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and soil pollution. All these types of pollution are incredibly dangerous to the environment and human beings.

It is important to control pollution spreading due to any reason so that we can have a healthier and polluted-free environment. Before finding any solution to control pollution, it is important to understand its causes.

pollution due to urbanization essay
pollution due to urbanisation essay in english

Pollution Due To Urbanisation Essay in English

Essay on Pollution Due to Urbanisation

Introduction to Pollution

Pollution is a contamination of the air, water, or soil when something enters it that is harmful to them. Different types of pollution have different underlying causes. Our mother earth is clogging and we are helpless. We could not help our earth because there are some things, which are not in our hands.

We suffer from many challenges and pollution is one of them. When any contaminating substance gets added to our environment and pollutes different natural resources on earth is known as pollution. Of course, there are many reasons behind the occurrence of pollution.

Our activities to enhance our living style and business opportunities have affected our natural resources and depleted to some extent. It is our natural habitat that is affected by urbanization.

How urbanization is creating pollution?

The most important and primary reason for pollution is urbanization. Today, we see development everywhere, which is to improve the modern world. When humans began to establish urban and rural areas, then it has started increasing the level of pollution.

Industrialization is the main culprit of pollution. The harsh reality of urbanization is that our nature including hill stations, mountains, beautiful valleys, and forests have been transformed into vessels of pollution.

Our needs are increasing day by day due to the higher number of population in the world. To satisfy the needs of people, the exploitation of mother earth is being done. To develop more and more buildings for different purposes, trees and land have been compromised. This is how lakes and rivers have been contaminated and natural reserves have been misused.

There are different levels at which pollution due to urbanization is happening. We should understand these types of pollution and know how urbanization is affecting us. Here is the list of some types and causes of pollution because of urbanization:

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Air pollution

The type of pollution, which impacts air is known as air pollution. Due to this pollution, the air in urban areas has been becoming polluted for many years. The addition of harmful substances to the air creates air pollution. The air is becoming lethal day by day to breathe.

People get a hard time having fresh air. The smoke from factories, automobiles, and power generators makes the air polluted and unhealthy. Of course, there are other factors such as chemical spills and toxic gases, which are responsible for the contamination of the air.

Water Pollution

At present, our natural water resources are depleting, especially in urban areas. There is only less natural water in urban areas. Even, it is getting polluted day by day. There is a lot of disposal of contaminated substances in the water bodies like rivers and lakes, along with industrial and household disposal.

Apart from that, a lot of waste gets combined with rain and washed into the water bodies. This is how the developmental activities related to the industries and factories are impacting the water bodies and creating water pollution.

Noise Pollution

Urban areas like cities are one of the noisiest places. There are numerous sources of noise pollution, which include loudspeakers, traffic noises, and other undesired noises. Due to noise pollution, many health issues are occurring to people.

Soil pollution

Soil pollution occurs when the soil gets contaminated. The mixing of toxic substances in the soil is known as soil pollution. This pollution is disturbing the ecosystem.

Radioactive pollution

The type of pollution caused by accidental leakage from nuclear power plants is called radioactive pollution. This pollution poses a big threat to the ecosystem.

Visual Pollution

For the development of cities and advertisement of products in cities, people use screens, signs, high-intensity lights, billboards, etc. The over-exposure of visuals in the cities is quite disturbing for people.

How to prevent pollution due to urbanization?

pollution due to urbanisation essay in english

It is high time that we should adopt methods to enhance the health of the environment and prevent the extent of pollution because of urbanization. These methods are:

Energy conservation
In urban areas, people use more energy as compared to rural areas. The more use of energy creates different types of pollution. All we need to do is to save energy and it will help to reduce pollution. There are many things we can do on our behalf. We need to understand our duty and take some initiatives to curb pollution.

Plant more trees
In urban areas, there are fewer trees and greeneries. It is important to plant more and more trees. Vegetation should be done in cities. We can do it on our own in our surroundings. The government should develop more parks and green belts in cities.

Consume less water
People waste a lot of water on a daily basis. Of course, it leads to many bad consequences. To protect our natural habitat and resources, we must pay attention and try to utilize less water as much as we can.

Avoid using plastics
Plastic substances are the most deadly substances that can pollute soil, water, and air. Try to say no to plastic use and try to consume it in less quantity.  

We can use less loudspeakers, public transport, and other things that contaminate our natural resources. The factory owners must try not to dump the industrial waste in the water bodies. Try to walk more and use less transportation to control pollution.

It is also advised to use the structural methods of garbage disposal in urban areas. Pollution is something that is not good, rather than harmful to the environment and even human beings.

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