National Integration Essay in English

National Integration Essay in English, The country with national integration is the strongest country. No war, no economical challenge, a natural disaster can take away the strength of the citizens if they are united. National integration means unity which means a feeling of oneness. India is a home of all the religions, thousands of castes, color, culture, etc. but here all of them live together with the feeling of oneness.

National integrity is something that brings peace and prosperity to the country. In a nation where people live brotherhood goes in the direction of development and success. A country where people do not have the feeling of unity lacks everything.

There is no success, employment, happiness and that country never enjoy development. Government can do a lot of things to make their people united. Government must take essential steps to invoke the feeling of unity among the citizens.

national integration essay in english
national integration essay in english

National Integration Essay in English

National Integrity Essay in English

National integration can be linked as a psychological process and the entire society can be knitted in one thread that is loyal to their country. This is something which is very much important for the all over development of that nation and can be said that the entire existence depends upon how well people can live with each other along with their differences.

In India we have huge diversity there are different climates in India. India has many faiths and beliefs; there are different cultures, food habits, and even crops. If we talk about clothing every culture has different dresses. There is even a vast and varied variety of customs and conventions. There are different religions in India and even the land of India is uneven.

In the northern region, there is complete fertility, in the south, there are plateaus deserts and barren lands and there is even mountain and hills in India. India is absolutely colorful because of its diversity. There are many uncommon things in India and still billions of people live in the different states of India.

National integration is not important for just one or two countries as it is important for every country existing.  When there is integration among people there are peaceful societies.  All other countries see them as one because of their unity. 

It is hard to threaten a country with national integration. It is not just the duty of the government to promote unity in the states, but the citizens must also realize its importance.  When people live in peace along with each other it gives a safe society to the people and next generations. Every human on earth wishes to live in peaceful countries. 

In recent times people are living their homes and country due to wars, inequality among genders, no national integration. People always wish to live in countries that live in harmony. There is no human on this earth who wishes to raise their children in a country that has no safety. People can only grow and prosper in countries where integration is seen. It promotes the overall development of a nation.

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Article on National Integration

India is a country with a huge population, cultures, religions, languages, etc. there are millions of people who are living with each other in society but are also pulling each other down. Jealousy, bad intentions, lack of unity is taking down the growth of Indians. There are many issues which are rising in the countries. People are fighting with each other on useless issues.

If they will keep fighting they are not aware of the fact that they are hurting the entire nation. The nation is above all. They are causing insecurities and threats to others who wish to live peacefully with each other. There is a small group of people, politicians, and people from every arena who are not in the favor of national integrity. Using their powers they provoke people in involved in fights, riots, and other issues which hurt the national integration of India.

If everyone will understand the outcomes and objectives of national integration it will be heaven on earth to live. Unity brings a good environment for the citizens living in one country. It can help build a country where cultures and traditions are different.

When integration is developed among the citizens it multiplies brotherhood in the communities and societies. When people are connected with each other through a bond of integration they make their nation stable and add more development towards their country. People are not in the favor of dividing them because they understand that fighting and castes will bring nothing but destruction.

Everyone who realizes the importance of national integration must promote it, especially in India. There is a huge group of people in India who will not understand but on the other hand, there is another group who will wholeheartedly participate with each other to boost national integration.

When the number of the integrated section will increase the other group will become weaker. No matter what it takes we cannot let the other group win. There should be respect for other religions, there should be patience and support to other castes and religions only then we will be able to build a strong nation where people live in harmony with each other.

It is time that people understand that skin color Is not the real thing from inside we are all the same. We must feel equal, people should be educated, and there should be social unity and willingness to keep societies together.

When everyone will join hands this will be a successful mission because the mission is to join hands without looking at the color, religion, caste, or financial status. We are all one and with our power, we will make our India stronger and better.

Today India is craving for national integration so it is time that we unite the nation and promote social harmony on our part. This will not only increase our economic growth but will also provide a safe environment where we and our children will grow in prosperity and safety. natural integration can bring a lot of what humanity needs to develop and prosper.

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