Natural Disasters Essay in English

Natural Disasters Essay in English, Natural disasters are very powerful and can take many lives away. The extreme events caused by the nature is called natural disaster. Cyclones, disease, floods, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions all are natural disasters and can affect any part of the earth.  Natural disasters are something that we cannot control. Some natural disasters occur due to humans and others are natural. There are many sensitive areas where earthquakes can totally destroy cities and countries.

natural disasters essay in english
natural disasters essay in english

Natural Disasters Essay in English

Natural Calamities Essay

There are different types of natural disasters and there are even subtypes of these natural calamities.


Earthquakes are natural and we do not have any control over it. Earthquake takes place when there is a sudden release of energy inside the earth’s core. This energy release makes seismic waves that come to the surface of the earth and cause shaking vibrations and even bottom displacement. Earthquakes are geological faults. The starting point of the earthquake is called the epicenter. It is a rare event but if it’s huge on a reactor scale it can totally wipe out life as well as buildings.

Earthquake is the secondary event that can trigger earth so much that it can cause fire, collapse even the biggest buildings, and cause volcanic eruptions. Today with the aid of technology we can figure out the strength and timings of earthquakes and with careful planning and early warning, many lives can be saved.


The overflowing of water can completely submerge the lands completely and is called a flood. The water covering the land is not just water alone comes with lots of debris like broken trees, concrete, poles, and many other things that can be dangerous for any human being stuck in the flood. Floods occur due to deforestation, climate change, etc. heavy floods can cause lots of destruction. Till now India suffers from floods and people have to bear lots of trouble due to floods.


Avalanche is not just snow ranging from the mountain. On a downward slope when an abundance of materials from slopes like soil, rocks, trees, and water come downwards is also called an avalanche. In world war I it is reported that about 40-80,000 soldiers died due to avalanches while they were campaigning in the mountains within the Alps.

Avalanches occur in mountain areas and they can occur naturally or due to human mistakes. Those soldiers died because cannon firing caused an avalanche.

Volcanic eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are very destructive. Underwater volcanic eruptions can also lead to tsunamis. Volcanic eruptions also cause earthquakes in nearby areas. Humans cannot control this natural disaster. There are many active volcanoes on earth and from time to time they get erupted. Lots of rocks and lava come out of volcanoes that can be dangerous for animals, humans, and oceanic life as well. 

Volcanic eruptions also cause volcanic ash which can form thick clouds in many locations. Windows, glasses break, roofs, and many buildings collapse. The fumes from volcanic eruptions can cause breathing problems in people. Volcanic eruptions are very harmful to humanity.


Tsunami comes from a Japanese word and its meaning is seismic sea wave. Tsunami occurs due to volcanic eruptions inside the oceans. It also generally occurs in outsized lakes and under oceans. Landslides can also cause a tsunami. It is another dangerous natural calamity that can destroy land near the oceans.

A tsunami can destroy all the communities which are dwelling near the ocean. When a huge water wave comes inside the city area it can flood the area. There are many tsunamis in the past which proved very dangerous for Indians. Today we have technology that can warn us about tsunami storms.


There are different types of cyclones which are natural calamities such as typhoons, hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and cyclones. Cyclones are heavy winds and they can destroy anything that comes in their path. Mostly cyclones take place in tropical areas and oceans. Hurricanes cause a huge amount of destruction every year in many parts of the world.

Many villages, towns, and cities have been a victim of hurricanes and cyclone storms. Cyclones have also taken many lives in the past. It is impossible for humans to control cyclones. We can get cyclone warnings and people can hide in their hideouts in case of cyclone and hurricane warnings.

Forest fire

Forest fire is manmade due to global warming and people while campaigning or conscious mistakes can cause a forest fire. The common natural cause of forest fire is drought and lightning. Global warming is a serious threat to all the humanity and other lives we share our planet with.

Recently in Australia bushfires many animals and forest life got completely destroyed.  Forest fire is also the cause of the 1700 people Peshtigo fire. Forest fire also destroys a huge part of the forest which again leads to floods and other natural calamities.


Drought is caused due to loss of rain in that particular area. When there is no rain the entire land gets unfertile and no crops can be grown on that land.  Drought areas have to suffer from lots of heat and there is no water even for drinking.  In drought areas scarcity of water is a never-ending issue.  There I solution to this problem and that is to plant more and more trees.

Natural Disaster Essay 200 Words

A natural disaster is always life-threatening for humanity, animals, and birds. A huge population can be wiped out due to natural disasters. There are many other natural disasters such as solar flares, disease, airbursts, etc.  Many we can detect and warn and some we cannot control. Global warming is the major cause of natural disasters. Many calamities will be controlled if we start paying towards global warming.

It is a serious issue that can take the life of the earth and destroy it completely. Deforestation, land mining, consistent human development, and abusive use of natural resources are leading to natural disasters. Natural disasters are a threat to humanity and can be controlled if we take care of global warming.

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