My School Library Essay in English

My School Library Essay In English, Every school and college is having a library which is the most peaceful place where students go through different books. Here we find different types of informative material which helps in gaining knowledge. In every library, there are books about different topics. There are different sections in the library where students can find the book of their every interest.

Schools have libraries to develop an interest in students for reading. In my school, I also have a library and I love spending my free time reading books here. Every day we have a library period and this is my favorite period. Actually, my school library is the place from where I generated the love for books.

my school library essay in english

My School Library Essay in English

School Library Essay

I was amazed to see such a big library in my new school. There were many sections like science, fiction, general knowledge, history, extraterrestrial, nature, and many more. Every book in my library attracts me to read them. It is a happy place for me where I find peace.  I feel great after completing every book I choose to read in my library period.

The atmosphere of our library is very interesting, peaceful and relaxing.  Here naturally a mood is developed to pick up any book and get lost in them. My school library is very big and the librarian takes care of this place very responsibly. Our librarian mama is an old lady and the experience she holds in her life regarding books can be totally seen on her face.

She likes every student who comes to her to issue books. She is also strict with the students who do not return their books on time. She has her favorite students and I am one of them. The best part is she recommends good books to me.

A library is a place where reading buffs can get lost and confused; this is where my librarian mam comes to my rescue. I love reading books on science and space and she recommends me books that are easy for me to read and understand.

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I have a huge interest in space exploration and luckily we have some best books about science and space. Actually, I gained interest in space and the universe from our library. When I attended my first library period in this huge setting I was amazed.

The first book that caught my attention was space. Since then I love to read books about stars, galaxies, nebulas, and everything about the universe. There are books of all levels and this is why I take suggestions from the best person and that is our librarian.

In our library, we have all sorts of educational material. Libraries are for the benefit of students and it is a great opportunity for students to develop an interest to read. People who love reading books can travel to places without being physically present there. This is the power of the books. I have realized it and I am blessed because I love reading new things and our school library fulfills this demand of mine.

The best thing about school libraries is that there are books for kindergarten students to no other level.  I have seen books of popular authors in my library.  It has many books on history and other interesting subjects. Our library has huge space and is open.

There are beautiful plants decorated in the library which makes it more attractive and welcoming. We have two librarians in our library. It has beautiful interiors and walls have quotes regarding books.

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I have made many friends while reading in the library. Actually, the library is a place where we can find people with similar interests. My library friends always recommend me good books and ail so share my knowledge about books with them. 

A library is a creative place and without talking to each other we can share our thoughts in a library. I wish to read every interesting book present in my library however I know it is not possible. Still, I can get recommendations and build interest for the future.

While studying in my library I get many creative thoughts. I also wish to write a book one day.  I hope my book will also be part of the school libraries one day and students will read it with curious interest.  

Our School Library Essay

In our library period, we can read any book in the library.  We have no limits on how many books we can study. We can issue two books and if not returned on time we have to pay fines. Thankfully I am always punctual and have issued more than 50 books till now.

There is an amazing collection of books in my school library and I wish to read every one of them. I am always waiting for the library period in school time. I can relax my mind by going through storybooks and books on space.

Our library is fully air-conditioned and has many windows. I love sitting by the window in natural sunlight. There are comfortable seating arrangements for students in or library. There are both combined and individual chairs and tables available so that students can find their favorite place and read with attention.  The library should be peaceful so that students can read without any distractions.

There is pin-drop silence in our school library and everyone has to maintain library silence. Our Liberian is very sweet and gentle. She can instantly eliminate our dilemma of choosing books. I love discussing my interest in reading books with her.

She is full of knowledge and knows about every book present in our library. I have developed a sincere interest in books since the day I put my foot in our school library. Everything about my school library is interesting and tempting. 

I love the colorful; all-size books in our school library. Not everyone can afford to buy books and read. A library is a place where every student is welcome to expand their knowledge and fulfill their interest in reading good books.

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