If I Were a Class Monitor Essay in English

If I Were a Class Monitor Essay in English There are 30-35 children in every class and every one of them wishes to lead all the others. Well, this is the confidence not all will bear, but a wish all the students have at some point in their schooling days. I am not different and I also wish to be a class monitor one day. Thinking about being a monitor is one thing, but being is definitely not that easy.

There are not many who are born with leadership skills and the stress you have to deal with at such a young age is not everyone’s cup of tea.  It does not mean that you area topper in the school and you get to be a monitor.

You need to be healthy, strong, and good in your studies as well.  If I were a monitor I have so many good things in my mind that I would do to display my leadership qualities. Well, not all get the chance as teachers have their favorites in schools too and it is a pretty good chance that they will get to be a monitor more than others. You need to be in the good books of your teachers too.

if i were a class monitor essay in english
if i were a class monitor essay in english

If I Were a Class Monitor Essay in English

Essay On If I Were a Monitor of My Class

One thing that everyone expects from the class monitor is to keep everyone in discipline when the teacher is not present. This is very challenging because students of your same age don’t like to follow this. Monitors are also sometimes left out because they are the monitor of the class. There are many fun things we have to deal with in school life and this is one of them.

The boys section is the hardest to deal with because they fight with each other and have a plucky attitude which monitors have to deal with. There are many naughty students in the class who indulge in mischief, fights, and pranks.

They are going to most often do this to their friends and class monitor is on the top list. If I were a monitor I would have to keep my eyes always open for this. I would have shown full control over the class and made fun of things so that everyone shows interest in what I am expecting from them.

No matter what my class fellows named me, I would always inform my teachers about the bad behavior of my classmates and boys who trouble others. This is the job of a monitor and I would have completed it with great responsibility.

Class Monitor Duties

There are many things that can happen against the rules and interests of the school and if something like happened I would have directly gone to the principal and reported about everything.  In school, we are there to make friends, to learn things, and to be in discipline so there is nothing wrong with reporting bad things to teachers and principle.

Some students are afraid of this and never report to the teachers and these are the ones who often get bullied in school. If I were a class monitor I would have made sure that every bully gets his/her punishment because at school we are there to learn and not to make fun of others.

I know that we cannot create a disciplined environment by threatening to tell teachers or using force. There are some good ways by which we can maintain discipline. This is one of the biggest qualities of a leader and I would have displayed them all well.

I would have definitely been the best student with ideal monitor skills in the classroom. I would have never disrespected my teachers, fellow classmates and even the peon and other people who work in my school.

I will always show respect to all of them and obey what we are meant to. I should have set an example for all the others. I shall be helpful to all the students and teachers of my school. I would have been always regular and punctual in my class and performed all my duties.

I always had an interest in becoming head boy not because I was good at studies, but I knew I had all the qualities of being a monitor. I would have done so much for my class and my teachers. Monitors’ job is not just to keep the class quiet when the teacher is not present and this is why I liked this job.

I would have helped my classmates who were weak; I would have helped everyone who needed it the most.  There are many students who are shy in the class, they wish to participate in the activities, but because they are too shy they just ignore it. I would have pushed them because being their classmate would ease them. 

If I were a class monitor I would have been the best among all the other monitors because I think I have unique capabilities. There is so much that we learn in schools. It is the foundation of what we are going to be in the future.

I would have enjoyed being a monitor and learning as much as I can at that time. I would have taken full advantage of my position to be a better person and also help others.  There is so much experience that being a class monitor I could have gained and applied them in the future.  Being a class monitor I would have been the favorite of all my fellow classmates as well as teachers.

It just gives a student confidence to well in everything and this is why monitors are so special and also get special treatment in the school. I would have enjoyed every moment in my school being I think if I a monitored and gained sweet memories and experiences.

I think if I were the class monitor everyone would have appreciated me and liked me for being well mannered, a leader, and a sweet boy who can handle everything without being unlikely to those who are jealous of class monitors. I would have been the best class monitor of my time.

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