Save Water Save Life Essay in English

Save Water Save Life Essay in English, Water is out of the four elements humans are made and this is why without water we cannot survive for long. On earth, water is life-giving in fact when scientists search for life on another planet they first look for the signs of water. If any planet has water it definitely has life. For everything we need water, to cook, to clean, to run factories, to produce products, and to run cities we need water.

Every life on earth needs water to survive, humans need water, animals and even plants cannot survive without water.  In our oceans, we have oceanic habits and earth is 70 percent water. Water is limited on our earth and this is why we stress saving water. There are many countries in the world that are struggling to survive due to a shortage of water.

There are many villages in India where people have to travel miles to bring water home.  Rajasthan like places which are desert lack water and their villages are crying for water. For such people every drop of water is imperative and they respect its importance.

save water save life essay in english
save water save life essay in english

Save Water Save Life Essay in English

Essay On Save Water

In cities also we have started encountering problems of shortage of water supply. Though earth consists of most of the water as compared to land still we humans are facing water issues. This is due to the fact that water present in our oceans is salty and is not suitable for drinking. The ratio of drinking water in the world is short. Water comes from natural resources, rain, and water power plants. 

After air-water is important. We can survive for 2-3 minutes without air and we don’t get enough water we can die in just a few days.  People in India are dying due to the lack of water. There are many areas in India that are not getting fresh and clean drinking water. They have to use dirty and polluted water to survive. 

Conserve Water Conserve Life Essay

Our entire agriculture is dependent on water. There are many industries that need water every day to fulfill the consumer’s demands. A person who is roaming thirsty on the streets knows how important one glass of water is. This is the state of every village and dry area where there is a shortage of water.

It is a precious element and we must preserve it. Fresh drinking water is not available everywhere and this is why humans have to rely on manmade sources. Man-made sources are also prone to eliminate which means a threat of losing water from the earth will be always there as the population will increase.

Everyone needs water to survive from humans to plants and this is why we must take responsibility to protect water reservoirs, to keep them clean, to go green so that we have enough rain, we must use water in our house with responsibility.  

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We must also educate the people of India to use water with responsibility.  If everyone will realize its importance we will be able to reserve water for our upcoming generation as well.

Humanity is facing one biggest challenge which they are not taking seriously and that is global warming. With the threat of global warming, water is also depreciating from earth. There are many places where water is being used inappropriately. Not everyone in India is serious about this threat and using water inappropriately. 

Many societies and even people leave their tap on, there are water pipes which are leaking on the roads and no one paying attention, people are also polluting natural water resources.  Humans need pure water for everything.

Water can also create life-threatening diseases and this is why we need clean water to survive. In India, there are many cities and villages where people have started facing the scarcity of water. There is a lack of rainfall in cities and groundwater is also getting dry day by day. 

In the majority of the areas in metro cities groundwater is getting polluted and also being overused. Many farmers are facing issues of water scarcity. They are not able to produce enough crops due to lack of water, global warming has decreased the supply of water as well.

Lack of water cause drought issues and there is a shortage of crop supply. Rapid industrialization and urbanization are also the reasons behind the water issues. The population is also increasing which means water is also required more.

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There are millions of people in India who are not having access to safe drinking water.  There is a huge crisis of safe drinking water in India. If this problem continues we are going to lose many lives.  We must take immediate action for this problem. By taking strict measures only we will be able to save water for us and for the upcoming generations as well. 

Save Water Save Life Writing

Water is extremely vital for every life and it is time that we start taking it seriously. Conservation of water is something that needs strict vision and action from the government.  We already have many initiatives regarding the conservation of water. We should make more and more people aware of water conservation. 

People living in villages already know because they have a limited water supply. In cities, people are also suffering water scarcity but not paying attention. If every Indian starts paying attention to how much water they use and how much they can save every day we soon will be able to eliminate this issue.

The only government will not be able to save water for all the Indians. Everyone must lend a hand. Freshwater is very limited and this is why we must be serious about saving water. We must conduct more and more campaigns to save water.

Because we are not just saving water but we are saving lives. If we have access to safe drinking water we must use it diligently. We must do a competition to stand in front of everyone else when it comes to saving water. In India, we worship Mother Ganga which is a river. We must not forget our culture and participate wholeheartedly to save water and save a life. 

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