My Dream Robot Essay in English

My Dream Robot Essay in English, Till now I have seen many robotic movies, and all of them are thrilling. Every time I learn about robotics or see a related movie I wish to have a robot of my own. Robots don’t have life, but their capabilities can go beyond imagination. They are similar to the devices we use at our home. Even a mixed grinder in our kitchen can be regarded as a robot that runs on electricity and eases our work.

Robotics is the future of this planet and one day we will be living with robots. The world and technology is advancing and countries are doing competition with each other. Everyone wishes to make a better robot than others and we have seen many till now.

my dream robot essay in english
my dream robot essay in english

My Dream Robot Essay in English

My Robot Essay in English

Robot is a creation of man and it has both their merits and demerits. I wish to pursue my carrier in AI so that one day I can have my own robot. A robot that will save humanity and will work on my command.  Just imagine how helpful a robot can be when we need the help most for instance in the case of accidents.

Robots are definitely going to make the life of humans easy. Today we have technology everywhere and countries like Japan and North Korea have robots working in a variety of sectors nowadays. They have robots in restaurants where social contact is prohibited. 

Robots can be of great help at times when the entire world is fighting with the enemies like Coronavirus. If I had a robot I would have helped society with its assistance.  When the entire countries were in lockdown drones and robots were helping people reach their daily needs.

Drones were used in many countries to maintain lockdown. No matter what critiques say about robots that they can be a threat to humanity, the fact is if things are done mindfully robots can save the lives of many humans.

I wish to have a robot because it can be used in many sectors. They can fulfill tasks that are dangerous for humans. There is going to be a revolution in robotics soon and we will start seeing robots more often. 

If I have dream of having a robot, I can say it is not an impossible dream. One day I might be sitting with my dream robot that is going to be friendly, huge assistance, and fun to be with. Robots are certainly fun as there are many people who are living lonely lives.

Having a friendly robot y our side can remove all the stress of being alone. A robot can help me find solutions to my problems; can help me with my homework and even duties from the adults.

Robots can work in any kind of environment. They can jump in the fire and save people, they can dive in the oceans, they can complete tasks of many machines in just seconds, they can do cleaning, can perform surgeries and anything you can imagine can be done with a help of robot.

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I have seen many people working in hazardous conditions. They work in such conditions their whole life and when it is their time to rest they get affected by disease and lose their rest of life. We can implement robotics in such sectors and save humans. 

Robots can handle any type of temperature, weight and can never get bored of doing repetitive tasks. Robots are going to save a lot of time, effort, and money. No matter I wish to have a robot one day humanity will be running smoothly with AI one day.

I wish to have dream robot just because many lives will be saved. There are many tasks that are impossible for humans, but robots can also travel in space. My dream robot will surely travel to other planets and will send pictures of the magical universe.

I will send my dream robot beneath to oceans, close to volcanoes and every place where I can never be. My dream robot will not only serve humanity but will also fulfill my impossible dreams.

My Dream Robot Essay in English Std 10

My dream robot is going to have human face and voice. Being able to talk to your robot is the coolest thing I can imagine. My robot will be able to lift up heavy materials, will be able to run faster than a bullet train, and will also assist people in help.

My robot is going to be fun-loving, he will be able to dance, sing and eliminate all the errors from my life. I am going to be proud of my robot because one thing that I wish to do with my robot is to prevent accidents.

Robots are the hope of future and future generations are going to be totally dependent on robotics. In 2022 we have started noticing the advancements and there are people who are living with robots today. 

For every work, we can depend upon a robot, but I also fret there should be limits. If all humans will have robots, then there will be fewer job opportunities. Humans will become lazy day by day and this can affect their life. My dream robot will help me stay healthy and active. I wish to play games with my robot, get out in the public and gain attention. 

My dream robot will teach me and expose me to new things with technology. My dream robot will turn into a car and take me to school, can turn into a pet, and can do things that will aww everyone.

There are plenty of meticulous things which I will do along with the companionship of my robot. My dream robot is going to be a hero of humanity. He will save people, will provide medical assistance, and make friends.

I have similar imagination as any young boy in the movie with a robot by his side. He will be able to save me from any type of danger and will also be by my side as my friend.

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