Essay On My Father My Role Model

Essay On My Father My Role Model, Fathers play a pivotal role in a child’s life. Every kid has a different father with a different personality and behavior. Fathers are of different types and the same is true for their relationship with their kids. A father has a crucial impact on a kid’s life. Both mothers and fathers are important to kids. Both sons and daughters have a unique relationship with their fathers.

When it comes to daughters, they feel a sense of security with their fathers. And speaking of sons, they learn from their fathers’ behavior. This is why it can be said that fathers are a vital part of a family.

Like mothers are important for everything, fathers are important too. Along with mothers, fathers teach us essential skills and values. They influence different relationships in a family. They have a great influence on kid’s life.

A kid and a father make great relationships as they grow. Every person would describe their fathers in a different manner. They all have different experiences and equations. Fathers are said to give a sense of safety and security among kids. Today, I am going to talk about my father, who is my role model and best friend too.

essay on my father my role model
essay on my father my role model

Essay On My Father My Role Model

My Father a Role Model Essay in English

My father’s name is Mr. Ashok Kumar and he is a teacher in a government school. He teaches English to students. My father is an individual, who is honest, caring, and loving. He is the one, who takes care of my family and loves us a lot.

He has given me each and everything I want in my life. He has added everything to the space and comfort zone I want and need. My father acts as a pillar of strength and support for my family. He is my role model too. I follow all of his paths, directions, and experiences in my life, which make me a good and courageous person.

My father is the one who I admire the most in my whole life. He has given me the best memories since my childhood. I have the best time of my life with him. It is ideal to say that he is the major reason behind all of my joys and happiness.

He is the reason for what I have become in my life. It is his influence on my life, which made me courageous and determined to achieve my goals and dreams in life.

I appreciate the values he has in his life. He is a fitness-lover. This is why he goes to the gym every day. He has a nice and fit body, which is all because of his passion and willpower towards his health.

After a day at school, he regularly spares time for his fitness and never skips visiting the gym even for a single day. He also encourages his students at school and every family member at home to spend some time from busy schedules for health. His influence on my mind is great and I also take care of my health completely.

He always has time to play with me. I share my thoughts, emotions, and feelings with him. He follows all the events of my life, even after a hard day at school. My father is a unique and caring person. I always feel blessed to have a father like him.

I always feel proud whenever I remember that he is my father. He has done everything good for me in my life. I feel grateful to be his daughter and a wonderful part of this family. He is a person who loves peace a lot.

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He always tries to be calm and polite. He rarely gets angry with me and I always feel comfortable with him. Whenever I do something wrong in my life, he made me sit behind him and tries to make me realize my mistake very easily and peacefully.

I accept my mistake and promise him that I will never repeat it. He never offends me in my decision. He has added magic to my life.

My Role Model is My Father

Fathers are the leaders and heads of a family and my father is also a leader and head of my family. He is a person who manages all thing in my family. He is always available for all family members, when they need him or his advice and guidance for anything.

Whenever I need him, I always see him standing by me. When we have a problem in our lives or at home, we talk to him and he does everything possible to eliminate all of our problems. Every member in my family shares his/her problems with him.

He also shares his feelings and the problems he has had in the past times. How he managed his life or overcome all of his problems, he always tells us in brief. I learn many interesting things from him. He also tells us all of his achievements in life. He also explains each and everything he did to become a successful person in his life.

Role Model Father Essay

When my father was young, he was very poor. My grandparents were not capable of letting him study in a good school. But it was his patience and courage that made him an ideal and successful individual.

He studied in a government school but did his graduation from a reputed university. He took tuition classes to manage his financial crisis even while studying. This is how he reached his goals and dreams in life. Now, he is earning well and taking care of our family to the fullest.

I always see him as an example in my life. His hard work, life struggles, and patience were everything that I learned from him. He always teaches me to never give up in life. No matter what situation I come across in my life, I must have faith in myself and patience.

Hard work is the only key to success, it is the main thing I always remember. I always consider him my role model, who always stand by me in every situation.

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