A Horrible Dream Essay in English

A Horrible Dream Essay in English Once upon a time, I had gone to a picnic with my school friends. It was a very dark and cold night. All my school friends were gathering at the school. The bus was waiting for all of us on the school ground. Happy faces of all the people were showing excitement about the picnic. Everyone was in the sweeter, cap-covered over ears and hand gloves. Finally, along with our teachers, all friends have seated inside the bus. And our journey had started towards the historical fort.

That fort was quite far from our town, the road seems very calm and silent during the night. Also, this road was going through the dark forest. Our bus was moving ahead quietly into the forest. There were a lot of big trees on both sides of the road. The branches of trees have speeded and bent over the road.

There was no flow of air. Everything was silent outside the bus. I was watching the view of the road in the headlight of the bus.(descriptive essay on a nightmare)

a horrible dream essay in english
a horrible dream essay in english

A Horrible Dream Essay in English

Essay About Scary Dream

‌After two hours of the journey suddenly bus has stopped at one place. I thought that we have reached at the fort, but I was wrong. Driver was trying a lot to start the bus again, but he has realized that there is some problem in the machine. He was checking the engine. Remaining all teachers and students were inside the bus. It was a very silent and horrible place. We were alone in that dark Forrest.

After ten minutes I stepped out of the bus and I felt very cold breeze over my body, my hands and teeth were shaking due to cold air. I thought there will be someone else along with me from teachers but everyone was sleeping so I came alone in front of the bus to see the driver but the driver was not there, so I went back side of the bus. Still, I didn’t find him.

I tried a lot to find him but I failed. I was shocked and confused because of his sudden absence. So suddenly to tell this incident to our teachers I ran into the bus but, everyone was in a deep sleep. I tried hard to wake them up but no one was ready to wake up.

Our bus was in the lonely Forrest, our driver was lost, except me, all were sleeping and no one knew about the situation we have trapped. I was very scared, in that cold, I had sweating and goosebumps. I had an extreme headache. I was not able to find the solution to came out of that situation, again I tried to wake up my friends but no one has responded.

I was thirsty but I didn’t get a single drop of a water, because all water bottles has been disappeared unknowingly. Being afraid again I came out of the bus I tried to find whether there is someone else to help us, but no one was there. In that silent place, everything became invisible because of the dark night. Only a few part of the road was visible in the headlight of the bus.

I decided to go some distance away from the bus in that headlight. After waking a few distances, a heard very dangerous sound of a wolf from the forest. I got scared I turned back to run inside the bus but I realized that I’ve come very far away from the bus as a miracle. I ran towards the bus but very unexpected things were happening with me.

As I was going towards the bus, the bus was going itself away from me. Even as after 15 minutes of running I wasn’t able to reach to the bus and I became tired and I stopped myself. Finally, I sat down on the road. I became helpless. I was able to see headlight of the bus from very long distance. After some time, I noticed the headlight has been put off and shocked about the situation.

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  • A Scary Nightmare Essay

    Then again after few seconds I heard sound of engine of the bus. The bus has started and headlight has been put on. I stood up, suddenly the bus has started moving on and was coming towards me. At that time, I didn’t understand what to do. I was shocked, afraid and little happy.

    Now the bus has geared up and coming very fast towards me. At that moment I was on the center of the road am me I wasn’t able to move My legs. I fell down and then I realized that the bus has passed over my body within Naan seconds. My heart was beating rapidly, my breathing rate has increased and suddenly someone came.

    It was driver he has kept his hands on my shoulder and he tried to wake me up. When I woke up I saw that it was my mother not a driver and I am in my bedroom. My mother noticed that I was very afraid and I realized that it was just a horrible dream. So I got relaxed but my mother said, “dear son, please get ready! Today you’re going on picnic with your school friends.”

    Essay On a Horrible Dream

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