Kargil War Essay in English

Kargil War Essay in English, India has gone through many wars and battles at different times because of conflicts with neighboring countries, especially Pakistan. Today, in this essay, we are going to talk about the Kargil war. By reading this essay, students will come to know about how Indian soldiers fought against the enemy. So, begin reading: Kargil is located 240 km eastwards of the beautiful city of Srinagar.

It has a population of around 81000. It covers an area of more than 14036 sq. km and is situated 110000 feet above the level of the sea. This is the main reason why it is covered with ice for 8 to 9 months of the year. If we talk about the town of Dras in Kargil, here, the temperature goes down to -50 to -55 degrees Celsius.

This place has a significant history in India. It is known for a popular tragedy in 1999. Kargil war happened between India and Pakistan. There is a lot to know about this war. This is why this essay focuses on what happened during that war. Students should know.

Kargil War Essay in English
Kargil War Essay in English

Kargil War Essay in English

Essay on Kargil War

Kargil war was one of the toughest times India went through. Apart from that, the situation of the crisis took place in the country, which followed a feeling of patriotism, nationalism, and unity among every citizen of India. There were many developments that took place during the war. The most important thing is that there were after-effects too. It is important for every citizen to be familiar with the consequences of this war.

Know the background of the Kargil war: Short Note on Kargil War

We all know that Kashmir is a paradise for our country. It is a beautiful area, which is situated in an extremely mountainous area. In Kashmir, there are many highest peaks in the world. This is the main reason why it has been kept as a constant battleground between two countries of the world, namely India and Pakistan. In this war, many soldiers were killed and some were injured.

The first Kargil war took place in 1947 and it got ended in 1948. It was because of the dispute between the 2 countries. This dispute from 1947 to 1948 led to the establishment of the LOC or Line of Control. It is a known fact to all of us that LOC is a line that still separates the land of Kashmir between Pakistan and India.

There were many controversies that happened because of the attainment of Kashmir. Pakistan wanted to own the Kashmir as they think that it comes under their country. This is why they make all possible efforts to grab Kashmir and Kargil’s war was one of them.

There was a Simla agreement that occurred in 1972. Based on this agreement, it states that neither Pakistan nor India would try to attain the border with the use of any military means. Since the inception of this agreement, both countries started protecting the border for the majority of the year.

When cold winter months come, the guards or soldiers of both countries leave their posts because of intolerable exceedingly cold winters. They tend to go back in the spring season only.

This is how the Pakistan army got the benefit to enter the border during the winter season of 1998 to 1999. They attacked India surprisingly and achieved success in entering the border by crossing the LOC. They entered the Kashmir position, which is in the territory of India. In addition, they moved slowly to capture one post and then another. Slowly and slowly, they went on attaining one outpost of India after another and made their position in Kargil.

At the same time, the Lahore Declaration was signed between both countries in February 1999. This declaration was based on peace. But this declaration did not serve its purpose. After a few months, this war started between these 2 countries. Moreover, there were lots of battles in a series, which were fought between two countries of Pakistan and India.

Kargil War Information

During the war, there were many challenges that came across the Indian armies and forces. The reason was that they had to fight against the enemy in a difficult mountainous landscape. The armies of India accepted this challenge and tried to overcome all hurdles.

They had shown wonderful bravery and intelligence to fight against the attackers. After a difficult and long struggle, the Indian army got success in pushing back the forces of the attacking country across the LOC. The Indian army played well in this war and got succeeded in making the Pakistani forces go out of India.

It is also seen that there were lots of heavy casualties on both sides by July 14, 1999. But at the same time, the sacrifice of soldiers in Indian forces was not in vain. Their act of bravery and hard efforts were being appreciated by every Indian citizen. The great struggle of the Indian army has secured a place in the heart of every citizen of India. People in India still remember them for their act of bravery.

When the war was ongoing, this entire duration was a time of nervousness and tension for all people in India. This is how the spirit of nationalism got active. Every Indian citizen succeeded in developing the spirit of national pride when they saw Indian soldiers fighting against the attackers in very tough conditions.

The best thing about the Kargil war is that it served as a chance to unite all the citizens of India together no matter what their caste, religion, color, or background is.

Kargil War Details: Conclusion 

To conclude this essay on the Kargil war, it can be said that it has turned out to be an unforgettable event in Indian history. Every Indian citizen remembers the act of bravery and difficulties faced by Indian soldiers to free the country from those attackers. This is how the Kargil war will carry on to be a motivational factor for all residents of the country of India. This event showed the feelings of unity and patriotism in the heart of the citizens of India.

This is kargil war essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information regarding kargil war details. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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