Essay on Kabaddi in English

Essay on Kabaddi in English, In India, we have many games and some of them originated in our country. One game is kabaddi.  Tamil Nadu is the state where people started playing kabaddi and then from all over the country it is now even played internationally by Indian players. Kabaddi is 4000 years old and it originated from the southern part of India.   From the Vedic period, the game is being played where players can show their strength.

Kabaddi is fascinating both playing and watching it. This game is in our blood and every child grows up playing this game.  It is an amazing physical exercise that keeps children active as well as entertained.  It is also believed that even Gautama Buddha used to play kabaddi as a recreational exercise. 

In the year 1938 kabaddi got its place in the Indian Olympic Games after which in the year 1950 all India kabaddi federation was also formed.  In the year 1990, the game was included in the Beijing Asian Games and now it is very popular and known everywhere.

essay on kabaddi
essay on kabaddi

Essay on Kabaddi in English

Kabaddi Essay in English

Kabaddi is a team game and there are two teams who play against each other. There are 7 players on each team. The game is very entertaining and requires lots of strength.  From one team a single-player comes as an offense to run into the opposing team’s court. After that, he needs to tag out as all the defenders from the opponent team stop him from returning to his own court.  There is a 10-13 meter long field in which this game is played.

The game is played for about 20 minutes and there is a toss at the start of the game.  The points are given for tagged players and even to stop the raider.  When the game is being played the single-player on offense keeps on chanting kabaddi kabaddi.

This game is very exciting as well as thrilling at the same time.  Every team wishes to have players who are heavy and have strength. Kabaddi is all about strength because one player makes the entire team win the game.

The method of playing the game is very simple. When the game starts one of the players from a team chants kabaddi and tag the opponent team player and he has to return quickly to his court.  If the opponent team players get successful in stopping him then the tag gets disqualified and there is no point. 

Essay on Kabaddi Game in English

The game looks very simple and easy but the reality can be seen in the kabaddi court. It takes lots of effort as well as energy to score points for the team. Kabaddi is one of the oldest games in our country. This game teaches us lots of things.

It teaches us about strategy making, team efforts, dedication, and how important energy is.  Every player is having sportsmanship and now more and more people are getting attracted to this game.

Kabaddi almost lost its charm because of the Smartphone and other distractions. Only kabaddi was left confined to villages and rural areas.  Bollywood has played a role in making people learn more about this sport. There are movies based on this game. 

Students must watch these movies. Today we also have kabaddi on play stations and smartphones. Kabaddi might not be as popular as hockey but it has gained its place back.  With time the game started evolving in other countries like Nepal, Korea, and Japan. Kabaddi is a national game of Bangladesh and is even popular in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. 

Paragraph on Kabaddi

In Asia kabaddi is a popular game in recent times and there are many competitions held in the parts of Asian countries. Kabaddi is a part of SAF games, Asian games, and even the World cup.

Children love to play this game as it includes lots of fun.  Parents must introduce these games to their kids so that they can enjoy their benefits.  There are many advantages to these games and even I like to play kabaddi with my friends. 

Humans have to deal with many fears like frustrations, fears, and everyday challenges but playing kabaddi can help them overcome all the fears. Not just kabaddi but every game which we play on the field has lost of advantages for the players.  If started from a young age nothing is going to be better than that. 

When we play kabaddi it enhances our presence of mind. When we play kabaddi we make strategies and also have our full attention on the opponent’s strategy.  It feels great playing kabaddi with friends and we also learn lots of things.  We pay attention to even small things like who is the best player on the opponent’s team, what are their quick responses etc.  One thing that I have learned from kabaddi is team management.

I am the captain of my team because I am tall and I have strength better than others.  We all come together to prepare defensive skills which are fun.  I have made many new friends who join us on the field because they watch us having fun while playing kabaddi. 

It is an attractive game and once we see it playing it is very hard for the sportsmen to be far watching. They just cannot ignore the urge of playing just one match. Professional kabaddi has some rules but when we play on the ground we hardly follow any rules. Kabaddi is a fun game that teaches us many things and prepares us for the future.

Kabaddi is becoming popular and even stadiums are full of spectators because this game is fun to watch.  Parents must encourage their kids to get outside and get indulge in the games like kabaddi.  There are a number of benefits that children get if they start playing kabaddi at an early age.

This game is full of fun, endurance, skills, and challenges.   We also have colony kabaddi matches and everyone comes to see this match.  It is mentally refreshing for the viewers and for us children it is our future preparation.

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