International Yoga Day Essay in English

International Yoga Day Essay in English, Yoga is a practice of staying fit and healthy. To celebrate yoga, there is a yoga day, which is celebrated on the 21st of June every year. In this essay, we are going to talk about the international yoga day, which is celebrated with enthusiasm. It is known to have different names like World Yoga day, international yoga day, and International day of yoga.

No matter what its name is, it serves the same purpose of keeping people aware of the importance of yoga and its benefits. It also helps us to become informed about why we should do yoga on a daily basis.

international yoga day essay in english

International Yoga Day Essay in English

Essay on Yoga Day in English

Yoga has brought many changes to the lives of people. Yoga is a typical word that we come across in our daily life. It has carried out into the world a lot of years ago before ancient times. It is believed that Shiva is the chief Adiyogi or yogi and the primary guru of yoga.

Many years back, on the banks of a popular lake in the Himalayas, Kanti Sarovar Lake, Adiyogi shared his vision among the great seven sages. But it was not easy to keep all their vision and information in one person.

History of International Yoga Day

In September of 2014, there was a proposal designed to observe international yoga day. And this proposal was made by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. This is how many yoga experts and pioneers in different parts of the world respected this proposal. And finally, the United Nations announced the 21st June of every year in the form of international yoga day and this decision took place in December 2014.

This is how the beginning of international yoga day took place and people start celebrating this day with energy without a model for the year 2015. There are many places where people like to rehearse for this day and Rajpath in Delhi is one of the ideal and famous places. Millions of people gather on this day to mention the importance of yoga in our lives.

On the day of international yoga day, the prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi practiced and performed different asanas accompanies by many celebrities and well-known faces of India. Since then World Yoga Day was observed and celebrated with happiness every year on the 21st of June all over the world.

Significance of International Yoga Day

Now, the main thing to know is why this day is celebrated and memorized? Before getting started with this understanding, make sure you realize the importance of yoga in your life.

In the past times, yoga was considered in India on old-fashioned occasions. But these days, the roots of yoga have reached the premises of the international countries, as it has traveled so far. The importance of yoga is extending day by day. It is all because of its benefits for our health and body.

Yoga is a perfect way to live life to the fullest. There are different asanas present in yoga and every asana has its own benefit for the human body in different ways. For like, some asanas are important for the physical well-being, while others do a great job for mental health. Like other forms of exercise take care of the physical conditions of a person, but yoga is a form of exercise that helps us to control our mind and body side by side.

We can perform a wide range of yoga asanas or postures to stay fit and healthy. There are breathing exercises or simply known as Pranayama in yoga form, which assist us to rejuvenate our soul and mind. It is believed that when anyone starts his or her day with pranayama, it helps him or her to think in a better and calm way while strengthening the calmness in mind.

Today, we lead a sedentary, unhealthy, and stressful lifestyle, which makes us a victim of diseases. But with the help of yoga, we can overcome all these problems and diseases. As there are many benefits of performing yoga asanas, declaring a particular date for rehearsing yoga was a great initiative by Narendra Modi in India.

Paragraph on International Yoga Day

On this day, people all come together and understand the importance of yoga in tier lives and start practicing with each other. Baba Ramdev, a yoga guru also promotes this day in different forms. When the proposal of this day was made, many international leaders supported the decision of Narendra Modi.

The celebration of this event or international yoga day is assisted by many global leaders and personalities. More than 170 countries like Canada, China, the USA, and many others took participation in this event when it was celebrated for the first time.

International yoga day was celebrated on a global level. There are different activities and programs being organized by people all over the world like yoga training campus, competitions, and many others. All such programs are dedicated to promoting awareness about yoga.

It is important to beware of the countless benefits of yoga. After learning these benefits, we can start practicing yoga regularly and keep the benefits stored for our body and mind.

Yoga can be also taken as meditation or dhyana, which teaches us how to make our minds disciplined. Through the systematic practice of yoga, anyone can get rid of negative thinking and start engaging in positive activities, which as a result, give a kick to their confidence. At the same time, people will get benefited from enhanced mental power and physical well-being.

When the international yoga day is promoted in different parts of the world, people including adults, kids, and teenagers come to know about the benefits of yoga for their health, mind, and body.

In the end, it can be said that the international yoga day has played a great role in the life of people worldwide as many people have come together and started rehearsing different asanas of yoga, which are dedicated to improving their overall health, physically and mentally. So, we should also promote international yoga day as an important day in our lives.

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