Kasturba Gandhi Essay in English

Kasturba Gandhi Essay in English, There is a long list of freedom fighters in Indian history. Not only men but there were also female freedom fighters. Today, we are going to talk about Kasturba Gandhi, who was the wife of the leader of the country, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. She was a nice soul. Let’s read more about Kasturba Gandhi, her life history, and much more:

kasturba gandhi essay in english
kasturba gandhi essay in english

Kasturba Gandhi Essay in English

Essay on Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi was born on April 11, 1869, in Porbandar in India. Her full name was Kasturba Mohandas Gandhi. She was married to Mohandas Gandhi when she was just 12 years old in Porbandar. She was a woman who followed the sayings and footsteps of one of the greatest leaders of the country till her last breath.

She was a very intelligent and wise woman. She was also known as Kasturbai. Kasturba Gandhi was an Indian political activist and also a leader in the fight for civil rights. She also worked very hard to fight for the independence of India from British rule.

Who is Kasturba Gandhi ?

Kasturba Gandhi was born to Gokuldas Kapadia, who was a wealthy merchant. Her mother’s name was Vrajkunwerba in the city of Porbander located in the state of Gujarat along the Arabian Sea coast. Her family and the family of Mohandas Gandhi were friends. She turned to be 12 years old, and she and Mohandas Gandhi were married.

After that, she went to reside in the Gandhi home which was located in Rajkot. She had done no schooling before her marriage. This is why her husband took it upon himself to provide her with elementary education. In 1885, she gave birth to a child but unluckily died shortly after birth.

A couple had a son, named Harilal who was born in 1888 after 6 years of their marriage. Kasturba Gandhi’s husband left shortly after the birth of Harilal so that he could study law in London. At that time, she stayed behind with the new baby. Mohandas Gandhi returned in 1891.

She also gave birth to 3 more sons, named Manilal in 1892, Ramdas in 1897, and Devdas in 1900. Again her husband went to South Africa in 1893, then she also stayed alone. But he returned for his family in 1896 and the entire family reached South Africa early the next year. In South Africa, their last 2 kids were born. The whole family returned to India in 1901 before deciding to shift to South Africa in 1903.

It was in South Africa when she first got involved in social activism and politics. In 1904, she helped her husband and others launch the Phoenix Settlement near Durban. Later, the whole family stayed there for many years.

The moment came when she got arrested in 1913 and sentenced to 3 months in prison as she participated in a protest against the treatment of Indian migrants in South Africa. After that, the family left South Africa for the last time in July 1914 and then traveled to England before going back to India in early 1915.

After some time, Kasturba Gandhi started facing some serious medical issues while she was in South Africa. This is the main reason why she was often in poor health. However, she was also completely determined and had a strong will, which made her participate in the rising number of civil actions and protests throughout India that were organized by her husband with other people. When her husband was in prison, every time, she used to take his place.

Sometimes, Kasturba Gandhi had to undertake some activities against his wishes because her husband was concerned for her health. She used to spend most of the time managing many ashrams, where she assisted Mohandas Gandhi found. In ashrams, Kasturba Gandhi was named Mother because she served as the mother of various ashrams in India.

She experienced a situation of disapproval from her husband, where they both were against each other for treatment of the total ashram and the treatment of their kids. Kasturba Gandhi educated the girls in different aspects like discipline, hygiene, reading, health, and writing.

In the middle of 1917, Kasturba Gandhi showed her concern for the welfare of women in Bihar, while her husband was working hard to enhance the allocation of indigo farmers in Champaran, Bihar. She was very active in many freedom movements. In 1922, she was a lady to take part in a non-violent civil disobedience movement, which was simply known as the Satyagraha movement in Borsad, Gujarat.

Even though, she was not a part of her husband’s popular Salt March happened in 1930. But at the same time, Kasturba Gandhi joined many other civil disobedience campaigns in the early 1930s. This is why she was imprisoned and went to jail many times. She became a part of non-violent protests in early 1939, which was a protest against the British in Rajkot.

This protest happened after the women in the city pleased directly to her. Due to this protest, Kasturba Gandhi was arrested and remained in solitary imprisonment for a month near the city.

During this time, the health of Kasturba Gandhi further weakened. Again, she took part in the Quit India movement in 1942 and was dealt with imprisonment in the Aga Khan Palace located in Pune. This time, she went to jail with her husband. They both were accompanied by many other independence leaders and freedom fighters.

When she was in prison, the health of Kasturba Gandhi got weakened. She suffered from chronic bronchitis. At that time, she contracted pneumonia. Kasturba Gandhi dealt with a series of heart attacks before her death in early 1944.

Kasturba Gandhi had a contributory role in the independence of India as her husband also was a part of the Indian freedom movement. As she went to jail many times, but it did not affect her courage and determination to work as a volunteer and freedom fighter. This is how she fought against many protests and was a part of many freedom movements. Kasturba Gandhi was a lady of huge courage, dedication, and hard work. 

This is the kasturba gandhi essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information regarding kasturba gandhi biography. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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