Generation Gap Essay in English

Generation Gap Essay In English, It is a common thing that humans have been living on this earth for a long time. As time passed on, humans have developed in each and everything. As the world has developed, mankind has also developed a lot. Different generations come and go. This is why each generation sees new things and changes every time. Older generations would not have seen such things, which today’s generation is seeing. Here comes the generation gap. This is exactly what develops a generation gap between different generations.

From the term, ‘generation gap,’ is the difference between two generations. It often creates conflict between kids and parents. Today, the young generation has a huge difference from old generations. This term can also be explained in the form of the difference in ideologies and opinions between two generations.

generation gap essay in english
generation gap essay in english

Generation Gap Essay in English

Article On Generation gap

It is also to be seen that the views can also be different in two generations when it comes to attitude towards life, religious beliefs, and political aspects. People belonging to different generations are different from each other in numerous aspects of life. We can see many examples, which give an idea of two different generations easily and clearly.

For a glance, people who are born before independence are different from generations in today’s times. The thinking of both generations is different to a great extent, like two opposite poles apart in terms of the cultural, economic, and social environment. As the world keeps changing with time, it makes a huge difference between two different generations.

Paragraph on Generation Gap

It is not easy to match the generation gap. And at the same time, our society also keeps on changing at a fast rate. When society is moving at a fast pace with different thinking, opinions, and beliefs, then it affects people’s minds in terms of beliefs, ideologies, opinions, etc.

It is also common to see that these changes bring modifications to our society by breaking the stereotypes. But many times, it has been seen that it turns out to be a cause of conflict between two generations many times.

It is quite usual for a generation gap to exist. Why? It is because it shows that manhood is developing and changing for the better. But, sometimes, this generation gap affects our lives wrongly.

Is there any impact on relationships?

The generation gap exists in the world. We should always welcome new and fresh ideas. When we accept new changes in our lives, it signifies that we are developing and advancing significantly. If we talk about the old generations in our society, they do not tend to accept new challenges.

This is how there will be a clash between the views and opinions of both generations. When the clash occurs, it leads to distanced relations. When the extent of the clash gets too much, then it may become a matter of worry.

Parents and kids deal with the generation gap to a great extent. Parents typically wish to follow the norms and traditions. But at the same time, they expect the same thing from their children. As we are living in the modern world, kids have broad thinking.

Due to their broad thinking and attitude, they refuse to accept such customs and traditions. They want to live their own life in their own manner. Kids do not want anyone to interfere in their lives. This is how both parents and kids fail to understand each other, which may turn into clashes sometimes. It is considered to be one of the primary reasons for a fight between kids and parents.

Distancing may develop between them when both of them fail to reach a solution. This is how they may deal with lots of misunderstandings. Parents should not execute their expectations on kids so that they may not deal with any kind of conflict. Similarly, the children should also make efforts to understand the situation of their parents, as well as where it is coming from.

What are the reasons for the generation gap?

It is important to understand the reason behind the conflicts occurring between two generations and how they are different from each other. Where the conflict occurs and why it has occurred. A generation gap does not mean a difference because of the age gap. It means the overall difference in the opinions and views of parents and kids.

At the same time, the style of living and way of talking is also different for both generations. Even, there is a huge difference if beliefs towards traditions and cultures of old and new generations. There are many reasons for this generation gap between the two generations. The most common reason is the communication gap.

Other reasons may include the old mentality, advanced technology, and the nuclear family concept in today’s times. These days, kids and grandparents merely get time to communicate and share ideas and things. This is how the generation gap exists between two different generations.

Ways to bridge the generation gap

There are plenty of ways, which can help you bridge the generation gap between kids and parents. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Communication is the best way to reduce the generation gap. Lack of communication between two generations leads to this gap. This is why it is important to spend time with each other and share daily routines, ideas, feelings, etc. With it, both generations can come to know about feelings, emotions, thinking, and ideas. The feeling of affection will develop stronger.
  • Another way is to show genuine gestures. Effective gestures are proven to be successful. Gestures can convey more than words. One can give gifts to each other on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, special days or events, etc.
  • Acting responsibly also helps to reduce the generation gap. Parents feel delighted when they see their children behaving like grown-ups. When kids grow up, their responsibilities also get bigger. It would be better for kids to understand this thing as fast as possible.

Lastly, we can say that the generation gap occurs because of constant changes in the world. Each individual must respect and care for everyone and talk to each other to decrease the generation gap.

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