My Grandparents Essay in English

My Grandparents Essay in English, Decades before people used to love to live in joint families. In the modern world, western fashion is being open more and more nada also taking families away. In India still, there are a huge number of families who are living together. In a joint family elder people who are our grandparents is the head. They have huge responsibilities on their shoulders and that is to keep the family together.

In India majority of the children live with their parents no matter they are small or adults. Children love to have their grandparents close by. Grandparents are the pillars of the family and they keep our traditions, cultures, and happiness alive in our families.

my grandparents essay in english

My Grandparents Essay in English

Essay on Grandparents

Everyone loves to spend their childhood under the love and protection of their grandparents.  Sometimes people have to live away from their parents in such cases their kids wait for vacations desperately so that they can meet their grandparents. Grandparents tell us stories, share their experiences with us which are like magical stories we grow up listening to.

Grandparents do not just love but they are also a huge inspiration to the kids. They provide their children and grandchildren with lots of support. Often kids who live within a joint family are the most humble and responsible. 

Children become what they see and learn in and from their families. In such cases, grandparents play an integral role. Grandchildren are closer to their grandparents than their parents. They get lots of love and sweets from them.

As the advancement is taking place even India has started facing the culture of breaking down the families. Now joint families are fading away and nuclear families are being set up. Children no longer wish to live with their parents. Now there are many elderly even in India who are living away from their grandkids. 

The lack of love of the grandparents can impact the psychology of a kid. Kids have to live alone and most of the time they are unattended. This is due to the fact that both the parents are working. Families having grandparents have the happiest and most lively children. The love and care that kids get from their grandparents are unmatchable.

Grandparents are more like friends to their grandchildren. They share everything with them and support them in case their parents don’t. Grandparents are the gifts of gods which every grandchild appreciates and love to have. They build the root of the families stronger. Within their presence, we feel blissful and blessed. When a kid is growing it is the critical stage. This is where he starts learning, observing, and being curing.

A kid always needs love above everything else.  In modern times the world is hectic. Parents don’t have time to spend with their children because they have to earn to provide food, education, and good life to their kids. 

In such cases, children can learn the core values and morals of life from their grandparents.  When kids interact with their grandparents they learn everything excitedly because elder people have their own way of teaching their grandkids.

They also help in developing good habits in their grandkids. They keep them closer to spirituality and religion. They teach them about respect, strengths, and humble importance in life. In case their parents scold them grandparents are always there to support their grandkids. Grandparents are the biggest supporter of their grandkids.

Grandparents nurture the life of their grandchildren and this pays off when they become responsible adults. Grandparents always bless their kids and wish happiness for them. They are the kid’s biggest support, inspiration, and favorite people on earth. They have endless and selfless love to offer.

No human in this entire work can survive without love. Grandparents love each and every member of the family. They make everyone feel special with their love and care. Families who live with their parents are the happiest. They have respect, experience, love, and support in their family; they can support their parents when they need them the most.

My Grandparents Essay 150 Words

Grandparents are the mature people in the family. They have huge life experiences. They can give the best advice and help families out of challenges with their guidance. My grandparents also play a huge role in my life. My grandfather is 70 years old and my grandmother is 68 years old. I love them both and cannot imagine my life without them.

They are my lucky charm. I have learned a lot of good things in life from them. Their love is unmatchable. I always wait to meet them and get my gifts. They never let me leave without gifts and I think this is the biggest pleasure in life.

The gifts I get from them are always useful for me. I got my first Smartphone from my grandfather. I always seek their advice whenever I am in confusion. Even my friends talk about their grandparents and I have even met some of them.  Every grandparent is wonderful no matter it is mine or yours.

Now I don’t live with my grandparents but I visit them every vacation. This is the best time of the year. My grandparents live in the hills and they have beautiful houses in the mountains. My grandparents also have a dog. I am lucky to have healthy grandparents because they live in nature.

I always wait patiently for vacations so that I can live with them and learn from them. My grandmother tells me stories and I enjoy them with my cousins. We all love our grandparents like any other grandchildren. Grandparents are the toughest roof on our heads and without their presence, we can lose so much in life.

They have important lessons and experiences for us which help us in building a stronger future. They even bless us from heaven after they leave their body and turn into souls. Our ancestors are always there to show us the right path. Grandparents are the blessings and lovable gifts for their grandchildren. We must always show gratitude to God for our grandparents and our parents without them we are nothing.

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