Essay on Sun in English

Essay on Sun in English, The sun we see in our blue sky is the biggest star in the solar system. There are 8 planets which are revolving around the sun among which earth our home is one of the planets. The sun has its own gravity and this is what keeps our planet floating around the sun in the infinite universe. There are billions and zillions of stars in our galaxy but what we as humans need to survive on earth is the sun.

The sun is made of hot plasma and it is breathing fire every second.  Scientists have a scientific explanation for the sun but as humans, it is what is responsible for life on our planet earth.  There are three planets that are closer to the sun and these planets are very hot.

Then there are other planets which are far from the sun and these planets are very cold. Only earth is one planet that falls in the habitable zone and this is why life thrives on earth. Earth is neither close to the sun nor far from it.

essay on sun in english
Essay on Sun in English

Essay on Sun in English

Paragraph on Sun

According to scientists, sun is as old as our solar system because of sun there are other planets. All our planets are formed from the material that came out of sun when it formed. According to science, sun is four and a half billion years old. The sun is a huge ball of fire and contains hot gases. This giant star is what glows in our sky every morning and gives us light tills it sets on the horizon.

The sun is made from helium and hydrogen which is its fuel. There is 28% helium and 70% hydrogen that make sun. There are other gases present in the sun’s core and those are nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon. There are other elements like magnesium, sulfur, neon, and silicon. The sun is very bright and it is 4 thousand times brighter than a full moon in the night sky.

When the sun rise it can engulf the darkness on earth and starts a new day on our planet earth. Without sun life is impossible on earth because to flourish everything needs the light and warmth of sun. Without sun our planet will turn into an icy planet and it is impossible for life to take place on earth. The magnitude of our star is 26.74 and this is really very bright.

The brightness of stars is measured using magnitudes which prove the sun is really very bright. We can see it with our own eyes every day when we get up. It is easy to see sun with our own eyes but sun is many light-years away from us still it is not possible to stare at sun because its brightness can blind us. We can see sun when it cools down and that is the evening time.

Sun Essay in English

Sun is vital for our life and even for our solar system. We enjoy sun’s energy every day and this is what gives us life as well as energy to survive. In fact our bones need sun’s natural energy to grow and develop strong. Solar energy is natural light and electricity is the alternate source of energy.  

On earth, we have crops on which we feed and crops grow when sunlight falls on them and initiate the process of photosynthesis.  Our trees, crops, fields everything needs sunlight to grow. Sunlight also keeps the planet warm. The sun’s energy also enables the water cycle in our atmosphere.

When sun’s warmth touches the earth it forms vapors and when it reaches the earth’s atmosphere it turns into clouds and this is what causes rain.  Without rain, we would not have fresh water to drink and keep ourselves clean. Ocean water is salty and not ideal to be used for humans for their everyday requirements.

This is why sun is important to enjoy rain on our planet. Without sun everywhere we could see is just ice. All the planets which are far from sun are cold and not that lighted.

For humans, sun is the natural and primary source of vitamin D. we get vitamin D from food we eat but that is not enough. There are many people who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D living in the cold regions.  

Vitamin D comes from ultraviolet rays that come from the sun rays. We can either fill up our vitamin D requirement with sun or supplements. When our body gets vitamin D it promotes calcium absorption. It is also what balances phosphate and calcium and prevents hypocalcemia tetany.

Talking about Hindu culture sun is significant to us. We worship sun as a god. Not only in Hinduism but almost every culture signifies sun as God. It has always been a supernatural entity. In our Vedas and Upanishads, we can clearly see stories of sun god. For everyday life on earth sun is an essential component.

We cannot exist without sun and our entire planet will go into the grasp of darkness without sun. There are many benefits that we reap from sun and this happens every day. Just imagine one day you get up and there is no bright warm star in our sky. It is going to be a nightmare and slowly all the life on the planet will vanish in the absence of sun.

Scientists are curious about sun and wish to know more and more about it. The more we are going to know about the sun the more mysteries will be unveiled about our solar system. We know very little about our solar system and sun because we are limited by technology.

Still, scientists are keen to know about sun outside of their boundaries and this is why we have sent solar probes and missions to sun. In future, we will be unfolding many secrets about the brightest star in our sky.  Sun is a God and life-giving energy on earth? We must not take sun for granted and appreciate it for its life-giving energies.

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