Essay on Fish in English for Kids

Essay on Fish in English for Kids, Fish lives in water and there are thousands of different species of fishes in the world. Fish might look like simple living water organism but it plays a very important role in humanity.  Some like fish because they are cute, some think keeping fish in their home brings good luck and others just like to eat them because they find them delicious. In fact, there are some species of fish like tuna which are sold for huge money. 

For fishermen, fish is not less than treasure. Many like fishing and this is their favorite hobby. They even teach their kids about fishing, especially in western regions. In India, a huge population is dependent on catching fish. Fish is not just for hobby and eating but they also keep our ecosystem healthy. 

essay on fish
essay on fish

Essay on Fish in English for Kids

Fish Essay in English

It is a great source of energy for some people. Some people like fish so much that it is a part of their daily diet. The world would have been boring if fish was not there. Our oceans, rivers, and other water bodies are beautiful because of fish. Fish falls in the category of vertebrates which means they are having cartilaginous skeleton and they also have a swim bladder that allows them to breathe air when they are outside water.

They have gills that help them breathe inside water. There are different kinds and types of fish. They are available in all different sizes, shapes, features, etc. There are both friendly and dangerous types of fish. Friendly fish is a dolphin and dangerous fish is a shark. 

They can even be microscopic and huge such as whale fish. Fish are available in oceans where they enjoy free-living aquatic life. Then people can see different types of fish in aquariums. In the world, there are many amazing fish aquariums where people can see fishes of different species and kinds. 

Fishes that get hurt in the wild are brought in captivity as fishes that have lost their fins or tails and cannot survive on their own are brought to aquariums where they are taken care of.  Fishes are cold-blooded and they are available in different types of environments. They can live in an aquarium in our home, and then there are fishes which are found in the deep sea.  Their existence varies according to the surrounding environment.

Fishes are very much important for humans as they are a great source of proteins. Fishes are a major part of the human diet. Fishes are available all around the planet and people also eat them everywhere.  In fact, there are special types of cuisines that involve fish as a major ingredient. 

Without fish, some meals are impossible such as fish curry which is a favorite curry of nonvegetarian Indians. There are around 2 billion people around the world who are dependent on fish for their protein intake.  Fish is not only used for preparing meals, but fish oil,  whole fish, and fish fillets are also some materials created with the fish. 

Fishes are not only part of the human diet but they are also used as animal feed such as cows, chickens, and pigs. Animal feed is also made up using fish. Fishes are important as they maintain a healthy ecosystem.

They eat plants in the areas such as which are less productive or polluted environments.  If fishes will not clean these areas a huge amount of waste built up will take place which is going to be hazardous for both animals and humans. 

There are many other purposes served by fishes such s they provide oxygen through their respiration process. They also enhance the quality of water and in some parts, fish are kept to clean the water.

Today in farming also fishes play a very important role. They save crops by eating insects. In India fish farming and fish is used in huge numbers to save crops from getting infested.  They can filter the pollution in the water bodies such as rivers and lakes. They help in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and this is why they are important for human life.

About Fish in English

Fishes are an integral part of the water cycle because they are participants in creating fertilizers that can improve the quality of the soil. This is why they are used in farming such as rice farming. They not only provide healthy fertilizers for growing crops but also keep the insects at bay. Fishes provide food for all animals as well as humans.  It would have been tough to survive if there were no fishes on the planet earth.

Fish farming is also done where fishes of different species are bred and this is why fishes also help humans earn their daily livings. There are many parts of India where fish breeding and fish farming are done. Birds also like to eat fish; there is a huge species of fish that are totally dependent upon the fish for their food. Bears in the wild like fish so much that they eat tons of fish in just one day before they go to hibernation. 

Bear likes to fish so much because they are a great source of protein and fat.  There is a huge ratio of aquatic life that also eats fish. Even some huge species of fish eat small fish. This is the food chain in aquatic life where big fish eat small fish and even small fish eat microscopic fish.

We love to keep fish at our homes in an aquarium for enhancing the beauty of our home. There are many resorts, public places, and commercial places where we can easily see a fish aquarium. This is due to the fact that everyone likes to see fish because they are beautiful.  Fishes are also related to religion and spirituality. 

Fish plays important role in the daily lives of humans and we must be thankful to god for this beautiful gift of nature.  We all love fishes in our own way. Some like eating it and some like to decorate it.

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