Essay On Ozone Day in English

Essay On Ozone Day in English, Our earth has many things that keep humans alive. The earth itself is alive and constantly performing many processes. We as a human with civilization and our own way of doing things celebrate earth processes in our own way. Ozone day reminds us about the most important shield that protects our planet and that is called ozone layer. This is the day when more and more awareness is spread regarding ozone layer.

For instance, what is ozone layer, its importance, to what extent it is depleting and how we humans can protect this vital shield?  Every human must know about it so that we all together can protect our mother earth.

essay on ozone day
essay on ozone day

Essay On Ozone Day in English

Ozone Day Essay in English

What is the Ozone Layer?

It is a protective layer spread all above the earth.  It protects us from many things like asteroids and meteoroids falling from the sky and inner threats like hazardous gases.

Without ozone, layer humans will not be able to survive on earth and we will be extinct soon.  Ozone consists of a trioxide inorganic molecule that is blue in color and has a pungent smell. 

The formula of ozone is O3 which also protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Overall ozone layer is very important that shields the life below from many dangers.

This vital shield is depleting and the cause is human lifestyle. There are many things in our daily lives that we use that produce chlorofluorocarbon that harms the environment. This compound is used in electronic gadgets like AC and fridge.

The more humans are advancing and turning to gadgets the rapid is the pace of creating a hole in the ozone layer. Scientists have already detected a hole that is expanding as we are. It is a major threat that humans know about. The problem is that depletion of ozone layer pace is very high and if not maintained can cause huge quos.

For humans ozone day is a very important day and it is celebrated everywhere both locally and at the international level. Every year humanity celebrates ozone day on 16th September. On this day many big events are conducted in schools, colleges, by government agencies, organizations, etc. 

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The objective of the day is to make more and more people aware of the threats of depletion of ozone layer. People are encouraged to protect mother earth, to use eco-friendly protect and go green. Today we have ozone-friendly products but many are not aware of them. Awareness is the only way we will be able to heal our ozone layer.

Speech on World Ozone Day

Everywhere ozone day is celebrated especially in schools. On this day several competitions are conducted all around such as slogan competitions, poster making, speeches, and debates. All this help in educating young minds who are going to be the future generation living on this planet.

Students learn in a fun way about what is happening with the environment and how we can mend it. It is a great reminder that we are at the peak of the threat that can vanish the entire human race.

Nature is very powerful and we should respect it. The rage of nature can be sad for humanity. This is why ozone day-like days are celebrated so that humans can pay attention to the threats we are causing ourselves.

On this day we should aware more and more people about the importance of ozone layer. It is time that we all take action together or future generations will have to pay a high cost. There are many places and laboratories where solutions are being generated.

Science is advancing and we can find solution, but till then everyone will have to willingly protect this important shield in our atmosphere. According to the research, hydrofluorocarbons are found to be less harmful to the environment as compared to chlorofluorocarbons.

Companies producing these compounds must switch to things that are less harmful to the environment. It is going to make a huge difference. Researches will keep on finding best solutions to protect the ozone layer.

Till then we must collectively participate in the job of protecting what protects us from invisible threats. There are many things that can be done on an individual level. This is why ozone day is conducted everywhere to make sure everyone reminds their part.

Protecting mother earth should be our prime duty because it is our only home. Depletion of ozone layer is more threatening than we can imagine. Once it reaches it extent it can eliminate all the life slowly.

There are many dangers in our environment like hazardous gases. If ozone layer disappears humans will never be able to see another sun on the earth. Humans are creating huge amount of pollution every day.

We must pay attention to the things we buy and appliances we use at our home. Customer needs to be aware of things because if every house will prefer green, it will get easy to protect our precious ozone layer.

Importance of Ozone Layer

On ozone day people take oath of protecting earth and promise to take care of rules as well.  Ozone layer protects us from harmful rays that come from sun. Without it, humans will develop skin cancer and many other health issues.

It can hurt our vision and also cause breathing issues. If ozone depletes it will also affect the growth of the crops. Rice is very sensitive to UV rays and its exposure can cause total damage. There is a pretty good number of the earth’s population that feeds on rice.

Ozone is important for the survival of human race. Manmade chemicals are highly responsible for the hole in this protective layer.  Everyone must take ozone day seriously not only on 16th September but every day.

Together we can repair everything and fight every challenge. It is we who caused the damage and now it is time that we repair it. Let’s promise to aware more and more people about this threat. If everyone will take their job seriously we will soon be able to find a solution to repair our ozone layer and maintain it in the future.

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