Essay on Importance of English in Our Life

Essay on Importance of English in Our Life, There are many different types of languages spoken all over the world. Among them, there is one language that is common and compulsory. This language is the English language. We can say that it holds an important place among the languages. This language is spoken in the maximum parts of the world and this is why it is important. 

As the world is advancing the English language is getting more and more imperative in human life. To connect with the international market English language is important.  In India also more and more people are preferring learning this language because you cannot get a good job or build a good imprecision if you do not know this language.

essay on importance of english in our life
essay on importance of english in our life

Essay on Importance of English in Our Life

Essay on Importance of English Language in Our Life

English is like any other language which people use to communicate with each other.  By speaking in English they can stay connected and this is how their world runs. The English language has set a common ground for multiple countries that have different native languages. For some countries, the English language is their first language.

For some it is second and in some countries, it is a law to have knowledge of this language before you enter their country. No matter whether it is the first language or second it is a common tool among millions of people to communicate with each other. It is a major and one and only tool of communication.  In the modern world, the English language is the most popular and common language spoken among the different worlds that exist on this planet. 

We can say that we are living in an English-speaking world. There are many skills involved with the English language which are listening skills, speaking, writing, and reading skills. In the modern world, English is a skill that is a must to have and this is why many subjects are in English for children in school.

Essay on Importance of English Language for Students

The importance of this language can be easily seen in the modern world. We can see it in families, schools, education, social dimensions, and many other areas. In the modern world, English is a universal language and we can see its impact on our everyday life. 

All over the world, its impact can be easily seen. Today we use gadgets that have English as a first language. The majority of the websites present on the internet are in the English language. The smartphones we use are in the English language. On TV English channels are the most common and popular ones.

There are much literature and books that are accessible to the world in the English language which means English is important to learn or we will get unskilled in many ways.  When a book is published it is mostly in the English language which people all over the world read and buy from book stores. The material that is published on the internet by government agencies or non-government agencies is also published in the English language. 

We give examinations in English and also write letters in English. In India, it has become very important to speak the English language. If one speaks English he is considered more educated, and sophisticated. Hindi is our first language but today people prefer the English language when speaking to each other. It has become a must. 

In the sports area and also we can see the impact of English. The commentary we listen to on TV is in English. People who don’t know English language get embarrassed in front of others. There are many places where English speaking is a must to have a job in India. In India, we can easily salesmen and even local vendors speaking in English. This clearly shows how important English language has become in the life of modern men.

English movies are very popular in India. We have many English movie channels and modern kids just prefer Hollywood movies. Even small children in Indian families talk in English when communicating with the guests and people they meet.  When it comes to career opportunities candidates having fluency in English are always preferred. It is a skill that can take you further in your career.

Paragraph on Importance of English Language

In the modern world, the majority of the people prefer themselves to be educated in English. It has become a necessity. English language gives us the confidence to deal with the world.  Social entertainment, social media, and social events everything need English language because we are living in an English dominating world. It has become necessary for the recent generation to learn English, to read, write, and speak in English.

We have many convent schools in India where speaking in English is a rule. In multinational companies we do not see people speaking in Hindi. In everyday communication English is the major language. To expand business in the international market knowledge of English is important or one can lag behind. There is a  competition and English communication can help ease the market competition. 

It gets easier to communicate with the international clients and this way Indians can expand their business easily.  English language is having a huge influence on the life of common men.  People judge each other by this language.  When asking each other names they communicate in English showing they are fluent in this language. It has become a status symbol in India.  People who are not aware of this language are considered on the lower level. 

In the upcoming future, English language will become more and more common. Today we can see children from 1-to 2 years speaking in English language because parents make them learn. They know how important it is for their children’s future.  Learning English language is definitely fruitful for everyone. Not only in India but there are many other countries that are advancing in English language because it has become a need of the modern world.

To travel international, to communicate with foreign people, to connect with the outside worked English language is important.  In our daily life, English is as common as our breathing. It will become more important for the future world.

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