Self Introduction Essay in English

Self Introduction Essay in English, All human beings in this world are different from each other. Even the identical twins have a few differences in them.  It is important that we discover our skills and abilities so that we can build a healthy future for ourselves. Discovering ourselves is important because it helps build up our personality. If we know each other, we will know what we want in our lives and how our capabilities can help ease the challenges.

Humans are complex and they are responsible for both the positive as well as negative.  Humans can easily pull themselves down by concentrating on the negative qualities and reflecting on them on a higher note. Today everywhere you will look you will find such a people. Everyone wants to get bigger than the other.

Everyone wants to prove that they are better than the other for which they speak lies, get negative, and embarrass themselves and there as well. It is upon humans how they choose to live and what goals they need to set.

self introduction essay
self introduction essay

Self Introduction Essay in English

My Introduction Essay

My name is Advik and I am from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. I belong to a simple Pahari and Hindu family and I am a student in the 6th class. I am the youngest in my family and this is the reason why I am so pampered and everyone in my family has something for me all the time. I have my mother, father, elder brother grandparents, and a pet in my family. I am an obedient child and everyone loves me not just because I look cute but everyone says I talk interestingly which attracts them a lot.

My father is having a shop in the town and my mother is a housewife. My grandparents look at our fields and animals on the farm. In simple words, if I say we live a village life and I am grateful for this. I love everything about my life. I have a beautiful family and I live in the heavens because Shimla is called the queen of hills.

It is the most beautiful place and the capital city of Himachal Pradesh.  I love nature and I have a huge passion for it. I am glad that my relatives also belong to mountains and this gives me a chance to visit different parts of Mother Nature in our mountains.

I also have cousins in Delhi like metro cities but I hate visiting them. The pollution, the noise, and the heat everything irritate me. I live in the mountains where I travel to school by foot, I meet Sheppard and their herds in between. The life of the village is very simple and people love it. I have a huge passion for painting. 

I love to paint on Sundays when I am free. I go in open with my sketchbook and colored pencils to draw the mountains. I am the most skilled artist in my school and this is also my villagers and people love me and appreciate me a lot. They always say that I am going to become a big artist one day. I also love singing but I know I am not good at that.

It is just my favorite pastime. I love playing with my friends. We often go to river banks or temples on the tipoff the mountains as a part of our play games. I am an intense nature lover and I learn a lot about everything from this environment.

Sample Essay About Myself Introduction

I am a dedicated student and I always complete my homework on time. I am also determined and if I have decided something I am going to make it happen at any cost.  My teachers always have good things to say for me. I am consistent in my school and studies. I often get a compliment from my teachers for being so dedicated and punctual. They often give me the responsibility of school because they know I am ideal for it.

I am a child and I love to spend time with my family, friends, and pets. I have 2 dogs, one cat, pigeons, sheep, buffalo, and cows. I love spending time with them. Every evening when I come back home I play with my animals. Everyone who knows me also knows how much I love nature and animals. I also help my fellow villagers take their animals to the vet for treatment. 

They say that their animals get instantly healed when I am near. I am a popular bog of my village who loves his land and animals. One thing is for sure I am never going to get out of my village to earn. My village needs lots of things and I have decided that when I am going to get older I am going to make my village abundant. 

We don’t have good medical facilities. Students have to leave their homes to get a better education or to earn. More and more young people are living in their village to earn good, but I am never going to abundant my family and village instead I am going to stay here and work for my people and village. This is one motive that does not change the rest of my goals like becoming a singer or painter might get replaced by an astronaut or a scientist.

There are many times when I get discouraged but my family is always there to support me. They help me get up and motivate me to explore the world. I know they think world of me, but I love nature and simple living. My parents have big dreams for me, but I know what I want.

I wish to live in the lap of Mother Nature. I have qualities that will help me achieve my dreams. I know my parents will always support me because they know I have good things inside my heart. I know I am at a very early age to decide, but some things cannot be changed and I know what I wish for in my heart.

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