Essay on Uttarakhand in English

Essay on Uttarakhand in English, In the northern parts of India, we have a beautiful state called Uttarakhand. This is the state of the divine. Many holy pilgrims and Holy rivers like the Ganga and Yamuna flow through the mountains of Uttarakhand. It is a beautiful state with lots of temples. Uttarakhand is also known as The Land of the Lords.  Why Uttarakhand is an important state of India because it is mentioned in the Vedic times and also in the Mahabharata times.

Uttarakhand was not independent until the independence of India. Earlier it was part of Uttar Pradesh and was separated after independence. Uttarakhand came out from Uttar Pradesh and it is the 27th state of our nation.  Earlier Uttarakhand was called Uttaranchal and its official name was changed keeping the emotions of the locals intact.

essay on uttarakhand in english
essay on uttarakhand in english

Essay on Uttarakhand in English

10 Lines About Uttarakhand in English

Uttarakhand is a big state and it shares its territory with many other countries like China and Nepal.  It also shares its borders with Indian states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and it is a major and the largest city in the state.

The future capital of the Uttarakhand is going to change and the proposed name is Gairsain which is a small town. Uttarakhand is a very beautiful state as it is covered with hills and mountains. There are some plain regions also present in the state. There are many sanctuaries and beautiful forests which adds more to its beauty.

The state is loaded with natural beauty and this is why people from all over the world love to visit this holy place. There are many small and big rivers flowing through Uttarakhand. Ganga and Yamuna are some of the major rivers that flow in the state. Because of its holy nature and history, it has become a famous tourist destination. There are many places in Uttarakhand that are worth visiting. Haridwar is one of the most important holy pilgrims to Hindus which is present in Uttarakhand.

The official language of the state is Sanskrit and Hindi. There are two groups of people who speak Garhwali and Kumauni. There are more than 13 languages that are spoken in the state and January is one of them. There are thirteen districts and two divisions in the state which are Kumauni and Garhwali.

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Uttarakhand Essay in English

Uttarakhand is one of the unique states of India. It has enriched the culture and history of Vedic times and is also a reflection of modern culture. The majority of the people are Hindu and share this state with other religious people as well. In Uttarakhand, one will also observe religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism. 

In India, Uttarakhand is the 2nd fastest growing and its culture is a prominent pillar of its economy. There are many major hydropower plants located in the state and it is also a major source of the state’s economy. Locals gain lots of benefits from tourism. Both locals and foreigners find this state worth visiting.

There are many festivals celebrated in Uttarakhand such as Harela, Kumbh Mela, Jageshwar Fair, and Kumaoni Holi which Kumb Mela is known worldwide.  It is one of the biggest festivals of the Hindu religion. It is a three-month-long festival and people from all over the world come to participate in this festival. 

Kumbh Mela comes once in four years when Hindus take a dip in the holy Ganga. Every Hindu wishes to participate in this holy festival of India which is held in Uttarakhand after four years.  Kumbh Mela is a kind festival where the entire place is filled with millions of people who come to find peace and divine blessings.

There are two cuisines in Uttarakhand which are Kumauni and Garhwali cuisines.  The cuisines are delicious with simple taste and no spicy flavors are used in making them. Some of the mouth-watering dishes of Uttarakhand are Bhang ki chutney, chainso, phanu, urad dal k pakode. There are many other flavors that one can enjoy in the streets of Uttarakhand.

Paragraph on Uttarakhand

Every city of Uttarakhand has something to offer those who visit these beautiful places.  The people are very friendly and one can feel connected to the divine here. The Ganga aarti is one of the most popular events that happen every morning and evening on the Ganga Ghats in Haridwar. This is something which visitors cannot miss. 

The sight in the evening is absolutely divine when many diyas are flowing in the river Ganga and Ghats are echoed by the beautiful voices of Ganga aarti. Haridwar is a gateway to gods and this is why when people plan to visit Uttarakhand they also include a must to visit a place and that is Haridwar.

Uttarakhand is so special because the four pilgrims are based in the state which is Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath. This does not end here as there are many Hindu pilgrims which are located in different parts of the state. Every year Uttarakhand is flooded with visitors. Apart from Hindu pilgrims, there are many other appealing places to visit in Uttarakhand.  There are places like the valley of flowers which is world-famous.

Then there is Auli which is popular for ice-skating. There are many national parks like Ganga Devi national park, Jim Corbett National park, and many others. These parks have their own beauty and wildlife that attracts tourists from all the parts of the world. Uttarakhand has 80% of the mountain terrain which makes this place majestic and loaded with natural beauty.

In winters its beauty gets more enhanced. All the mountains a recovered from snow and this place takes shape of another world. Uttarakhand has sacred land and every Hindu finds peace here. Many travelers visit this place in search of peace and Moksha.

Here we can easily see sadhus and holy people everywhere. Uttarakhand has supernatural beauty and is also touching new heights when it comes to state development. Uttrakhand is land of lords and also reaching new heights. it is a must to visit the place.

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