Essay on Haryana in English

Essay on Haryana in English, Do you know there is a state in India where people’s wealth is judged by the number of cattle they have? Yes, of course, there is such a state in India, which is none other than Haryana. It is a place where the golden rays of the rising sun enter the verdant fields and the peeping of birds lend a piece of sweet music to the ears. There is a lot to know about this state.

The milk, the cows, the hookas, the paddy fields, the khaats, and the colorful festivals are some of the identities of this state. It is known as an Incredible Haryana. This place is called The Home of Gods.

essay on haryana in english
essay on haryana in english

Essay on Haryana in English

Let’s read more about the beautiful state of India, Haryana:

This state shares its borders with many states of India such as Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. It is a perfect place for visitors due to its pleasant climate, friendly people, beautiful fairs, lush forests, ancient monuments, translucent lakes, serene landscapes, lip-smacking food, and a lot more. It does not end here as we can have many things to do and see in Haryana.

When you come to know about these things, it will make you feel cherished and you go deeply love in with this state. Haryana has gone beyond leaps and bounds over the years. We can see the advancement of this state by a huge number of travelers visiting this state.

There are many tourist attractions in Haryana, which are known for their historical and religious significance. These places are maintained and developed in an effective and advanced manner by the tourism department of the state. This is how Haryana can capture the attention of travelers coming from different places and backgrounds.

History of Haryana in English

The state is situated to the south of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. It lies in the northwestern plains. This state was created on 1 November 1966. Previously, it was a part of the state of Punjab. This state covers an area of 13% of the nation. Talking about the land of this state, it is also very fertile like the state of Punjab.

This is why agriculture is the major occupation in this state. Another main occupation of this state is cattle rearing in its rural part, due to which it is well-known in the whole country. It is also famous for its large industries, which are present in different cities or towns. Panipat, Faridabad, Bhiwani, Sonipat, and Gurgaon are popular for industrial purposes.

Sonipat is popular for a variety of bicycles. Many industries in this state belong to the IT, automotive, petrochemicals, and agriculture sectors. It is preferred by automotive component companies. In this state, two-thirds of all passenger cars, 60% of all motorcycles, and 50% of all tractors are produced. It means that it comprises big production coverage as compared to other states of India.

At the same time, it is also considered to be one of the third largest exporters of IT software in the country. It also has a significant IT sector, which is appreciated by IT or ITeS facilities in different parts of the world. As mentioned above, agriculture, especially food grains, is one of the key industries of this state. This state has great involvement in agricultural exports. It is also accountable for producing more than 60% of basmati rice used in India.

It is also the fourth-largest producer of cotton in India. It gives around 6% contribution to the cotton’s total production in the country. It also provides raw materials for textile industries, which made it a big player in the textile sector as well. Petrochemicals are also an essential sector that plays an immense role in the economy of the state.

Few Lines on Haryana

Haryana shares its capital with Punjab and the name of the shared city is Chandigarh, which is a union territory.

Haryana has 22 districts with Karnal, Gurgaon, Panipat, Faridabad, and Kurukshetra being the major districts. It also has 9 districts that are situated within the national capital of India, Delhi.

Based on the census data of 2011, Haryana consisted of 5.96% of the population of the country. There was a population of 25.35 million in this state, out of which 13.5 million were men while the other 11.85 million were women. If we see the data from 2017 to 2018, the literacy rate of this state was 75.5%, which was greater than the national average of 73%.

Write About Haryana

Speaking of the tourism industry, Haryana provides a huge range of landscapes from natural and man-made lakes to mountains. In addition, there are pilgrimage and cultural sites in this state, which are associated with the Hindu epic Mahabharata. We can also see historical sites in this state.

According to the State Tourism Policy published in 2008, the government of the state looks forward to promoting golf tourism, exhibition, heritage, pilgrimage, agriculture, heritage, adventure, eco-tourism, and medical tourism. Based on this policy, there has been a great increase in tourism revenue by 10% per year.

When it comes to the major food of Haryana, it is wheat chapattis, pulses, and vegetables. Hindi and Haryanvi are the two main languages to be spoken in Haryana. Men like to wear dhoti and kurta along with a turban on their heads, while women in Haryana prefer wearing kameez, ghagra, and odhani. Hindus are the majority religion to be found in this state. Muslims and Sikhs both form a small, yet significant minority.

Christian people also live in different cities in this state. The Sikh population resides in the northwest and northeast of this state, whereas Muslims are found in southeastern districts that adjoin Delhi. Haryana has jats, which are members of the peasant caste and form the backbone of the agricultural economy of this state. They have also secured their places in the armed forces of the country.

In the end, it can be said that Haryana is a lovely and developing state in each and every sector. It has been contributing a lot to the country for many decades.

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