Essay on Gautam Buddha in English

Essay on Gautam Buddha in English, Gautama Buddha is also known as The Buddha or the Lord Buddha was one of the religious leaders in the ancient periods. Today we have one religion called Buddhism and it is because of Gautama Buddha. He founded Buddhism and it is among the most followed religion on the planet. Followers of Buddhism are called Buddhists and the meaning of which is the one who is enlightened. 

People who follow Buddhism are more spiritual than worldly. They have discovered the freedom path that begins with the ignorance and craving of the rebirth and suffering cycle. Buddha was a rational prophet and he never favored blind faith. Buddha was born in 563 BC at Lumbini in the state of Kapilvastu. His father was the ruler of the state.

essay on gautam buddha in english
essay on gautam buddha in english

Essay on Gautam Buddha in English

Short Note on Gautam Buddha

The childhood name of Buddha was Siddhartha. Since childhood Buddha was very compassionate and he used to love nature. Since his childhood days, he liked t live a life in solitude. He was the son of the king which means he had a luxurious life, however, this does not please him at all and he gave up everything in search of enlightenment.

There were many kings but no one was like Lord Buddha. He was more a saint than a king’s son. Because of his enlightenment to humanity, we still know about this name and he is worshipped as a god in the Buddhism culture. It was predicted that the king’s son will become a saint, teacher, or king. When Siddhartha grew up he was a very smart and handsome boy. 

He was the son of a king and had all the amenities and luxuries of life. He was great even as a child and his teachers used to get surprised by his knowledge because they never taught it to him.

His father had many questions in his mind because Siddhartha was not like any other prince to him. He was different and this used to trouble his father. Siddhartha did not like to do the tasks of a prince. He was never out for hunting but he know how to use weapons and he was great at that.

Gautam Buddha Essay in English

Siddhartha was very compassionate and kind towards other’s life and did not like killing animals. He also used to save the life of animals and like to spend time in solace. He never liked hurting any other life form. He also used t sit under a tree and used to meditate for hours. He also had many questions about life and death. Because of Siddhartha’s different behavior, his parents decided to marry their son. Siddhartha was married to Yashodhara.

His marriage did not change anything but soon he was blessed with a baby boy. Even the birth of his son could not make him happy.  One day without speaking a word Siddhartha left his kingdom, his wife, his parents, and his son. 

He started living a life of a saint and started finding answers to questions he was having in his mind.  While his journey he saw beggars, old people, and poverty which disturbed him more. He was totally distracted from his princess’s life and did not like to enjoy the pleasures of life. There was so much suffering around him that he changed his path totally.

Paragraph on Gautam Buddha

Gautama Buddha had a different focus on life. He was keen to seek knowledge. One day he was resting under a tree and went into a state of trace where he found peace and got enlightenment. 

After his enlightenment, he decided to share his enlightenment with the world. Now he knew everything about the unfortunate things like suffering, life, and death. When he became enlightened and started sharing it with the world he was given the name Buddha.

Buddha did not reach here easily. There were many puzzles and challenges that haunted him about life and death. He had everything and still, he left everything behind. He even left his child and wife behind and went to find the true meaning of life. He is a great example of sacrifice that left everything to make people aware. It is clear that it was fate that Buddha took birth on earth to enlighten humanity.

There is so much we can learn from the Buddhist culture. India also we have a Buddhism religion and many followers. The Buddhist literature is abundant in knowledge and those who are looking for enlightenment can find answers in this literature. Buddhist people live very simple life and mostly live in monasteries. 

10 Lines on Gautam Buddha in English

They have big Buddha statues and they spend most of the time meditating. There are many monks in the Buddhist religion who are well known even after their death. Monks are ideal to all humans and they have achieved enlightenment in their lives. They teach people about how they can get detached from worldly temptations and still live a happy and wonderful life.

He became a religious leader and taught the world about many good things. He taught people that there are so many temptations in the world that are the root cause of all the troubles in life. Attachment is the biggest enemy. A person must overcome all these attachments and materialistic things which are going nowhere.

He satisfied people with spirituality and how it can change their miseries into pleasures. There is a religion that was pronounced by Lord Buddha and today also he is having millions of followers. Lord Buddha was having very powerful messages for the world and his words also spread fast. 

He traveled to many countries like Korea, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, and Japan. He gave the message of equality and peace. There are so many things that we have today because of Buddha. There is so much suffering in the world. He taught people what causes these problems in a men’s life. Buddha is given the title of Mahatma because of his right efforts. There are many countries where Buddhism is followed and it is also a national religion in some countries.

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