Essay On Christmas in English

Essay On Christmas in English, We all love Christmas and every year we celebrate Christmas on 25th December all over the world. There are no religious boundaries associated with this festival.  It is a winter festival which we all celebrate with our family and friends. Winters is remarkably celebrated because it brings along happiness, peace, and joy. On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and this festival lasts for twelve days from the birth of Jesus on 25th December to an epiphany on 6th January.

essay on christmas
essay on christmas

Essay On Christmas in English

Christmas Essay in English

This festival is so special because it gives a beautiful message where there is a birth of Jesus who is worshipped as a god in Christian religion. It is a time when we celebrate the presence of angels and lots of happiness is all around. It is a time of abundance and sharing affection with our loved ones.  

When Jesus was born angels announced his birth and he was visited by 3 magi the wise men from the east and brought lots of gifts for the baby Jesus. The story behind Christmas is that Jesus was the son of God who took birth on our planet to spread a message of brotherhood and love. 

He was a messiah who was sent by the god himself to protect the world from unholy and sins.  In the AD which was the first few centuries when Jesus was not born yet, the time when the church only celebrated resurrection festival?  Today Christmas is celebrated as the winter solstice.

Write a Paragraph on Christmas Day

People are always excited when this festival is near and there are lots of preparations done for this day. It is a cultural festival which makes everyone so excited about it. On Christmas, it’s a public holiday and people also enjoy Christmas break for 12days to celebrate it.

People start making preparations for this festival early and on Christmas Eve it is at its peak. There are many activities in which families take place to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  The whole day families prepare for Christmas Eve and people prefer doing it in their own ways. 

There are many things which are common such as visiting a church and decorating a Christmas tree. Kids get excited because they get lots of gifts from their family members.

People start with shopping in which lots of food items and Christmas decorations are involved. Markets are full of people who are shopping for the festival. People buy gifts for their families and friends.

It is very common to see people wearing Santa outfits in the Christmas season. There are many events held in schools and colleges. Children perform singing rhymes and performing plays of Jesus’ birth. It is a time to celebrate in whatever way because it is a special event. Everywhere churches, dwellings, malls, and shops are decorated with Christmas decorations and lights.

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People also prepare light decorations and people from all over the world come to see them. Christmas is very big even in the western world where everyone celebrates it with joy and great enthusiasm. Families also plan trips like visiting families and friends. They make new friends. Flights are overly booked at the time of the Christmas season.

People plan for the Christmas holidays before so that they reach their loved ones on Christmas. Everywhere in the world events on Christmas takes place where people travel from all around the planet to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Eve is the night for celebrating the time when we welcome the arrival of Jesus on the earth.  Families prepare meals, Christmas trees are decorated with gifts wrapped under them. People visit their families and friends on Christmas Eve to share gifts, love, and have dinner together.

This is a day full of excitement for everyone especially gifts who wait year long to celebrate this festival of love and lights. All the neighborhoods are sparkling with different colors of lights.  People decorate their entire homes with lights and Christmas decorations.

On many roofs, we can also see Santa clause riding his chariot with dears. Everything is beautiful and pleasant in the winter season. On Christmas Eve we also expect snowfall which adds more to the fun and is taken as a blessing from heaven.

For Christmas, everything is prepared in advance and in the midnight Christmas celebrations get started. We sing songs, dance, eat our favorite foods, and enjoy. There is food, music and gifts are exchanged. There is happiness all around and Christmas is also the festival of light the time when Jesus was born. 

In many places, people dress like Santa which children love the most. Toy stores are flooded with parents and their children. It is common to see Santa all around giving our blessings and gifts to people. Santa clause is an integral part of the Christmas festival.

It is hard to imagine what Christmas will look like without a Santa. Fathers and grandfathers especially wear an outfit of Santa to surprise their kids and grandkids. This makes children very happy and they also pledge to be more disciplined and kind.

Essay On Christmas 150 Words

In India, Christianity is one religion but the celebrations of Christmas are not confined to them. In fact, in India, every state celebrates this festival in its own way. Churches of India are decorated and even Christmas events are held everywhere where Indians actively participate and celebrate it. We decorate our homes and invite families to have dinner together.

Many people also visit orphanages to give gifts to the children living there. Christmas is also a festival for kids where every kid deserves happiness in terms of gifts or any other gesture. There is no religion associated with Christmas because in every religion it is celebrated with peace. There is no religious difference connected to it.

This festival brings people together no matter in India or the western world.  Everyone loves Christmas and waits for this festival desperately everywhere. Not only children but adults are equally excited about this festival. It is a festival to share love, to remember the birth of Jesus who once came on earth to protect humanity.

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